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    Thread Smart World + root Info.

    Only for information: With the latest update of LG Smart World the app will not work, if your phone have root. And for me, this means delete the app.:eek::mad::( Regards mkpcxxl
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    Thread Weather app LG G5 H850 Nougat

    Hi friends, hopefully somebody can help. Since on my H850 is Nougat (first stock V20a-EUR-xx and now Tizen Rom V3 V30b) the weather app don't update by itself. In the setting I put the update automaticly every hour. With MM all worked fine, but now I need to update the weather app manually for...
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    Thread Nougat sytem patition read only - Help needed

    After the flash of V20a EUR-xx I would like to change my bootanimation and make some changes in my build.prop. But it's not possible because the system partition is read only and it's not possible for me to change. Root explorer did not work. For this reason for example the use of faster GPS is...