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  1. xd1936

    Thread [Q] [XT1053] Moto Skip Dots no longer work after update to Lollipop?

    Hello! I have a few Moto Skip NFC stickers that unlock the phone when tapped. These worked great in KitKat, but now in Lollipop, no longer work. They just say "NFC Tag collected" with the ID of the tag. Has anyone else had this experience?
  2. xd1936

    Thread [Q] As someone who just wants a stock Android Z3C, should I look into building AOSP?

    Hello! I love the Z3C hardware. This phone is great. The camera drivers, the sound card firmware... it's all so good. What isn't great is XPERIA ZONE, XPERIA Small Apps, XPERIA Connectivity, and all of the useless garbage bloat that comes on the phone (even the unlocked one!). All I want is a...
  3. xd1936

    Thread [Discussion] Why is it that we don't see more AOSP Z3C ROMs?

    With Sony's awesome commitment to having buildable AOSP ROMs for many of their phones hosted on Github, you would think that the ROM community would be abuzz with development. Why is it that there are only a few AOSP choices? I would love a Google Play Edition-style ROM for the Z3C. Anyone else?
  4. xd1936

    Thread [Q] Stock Verizon HTC One M7 Starts Activating Car Mode when Charging

    Hey guys! I have a stock Verizon HTC One (M7) that just started doing a fun new trick. When I plug it into any MicroUSB Cable, Car Dock Mode launches and the phone refuses to charge. This is with multiple cables and chargers, and happens inconsistently yet frequently. Anyone else have this...
  5. xd1936

    Thread [XT1053] 4.4.4 OTA Update Zip

    Below is the stock 4.4.3→4.4.4 update for the T-Mobile/Unlocked GSM Moto X, extracted from an unlocked XT1053. Download Link [] - Edit: Removed due to DMCA Copyright Infringement Filing. Download Link [Google Drive] MD5: daace181a1fd92fb81f4fac677785061 Kernel: 3.4.42-g65e64e4...
  6. xd1936

    Thread [XT1053] 4.4.3 OTA Update Zip

    Below is the stock 4.4.3 update for the T-Mobile/Unlocked GSM Moto X, extracted from an unlocked XT1053. Download Link [] Download Link [Google Drive] MD5: 0c562266b106d07234257fc31f9f3296 Kernel: 3.4.42-g2aa9ea5 [email protected] #1 Sat May 17 01:08:42 CDT 2014 System Version...
  7. xd1936

    Thread [Q] Can you flash factory images on the unlocked Motomaker Moto X?

    The title says it all. Motorola only publishes "Developer Edition" factory images. Can you flash those images onto an Unlocked Motomaker Moto X? Thanks! Edit: Answer below
  8. xd1936

    Thread [Q] New Moto X, Random Reboots and Bugs

    Hello! I have a coworker with a brand new Moto X GSM Dev Edition. He doesn't have a SIM in it, and intends to use it like an iPod Touch. If he opens the Google Voice app and opens settings, turns on Do Not Disturb, and hits the back button, the device crashes hard and shows the boot logo. If...
  9. xd1936

    Thread [Q] Best Online Superbowl Scoreboard

    I'm looking to make a secondary display for my Super Bowl party on Sunday. Something to have near the snacks. I've got a small display with a Raspberry Pi, and it's built with Raspbian to act like a Kiosk Mode browser. What online website has the best online stats and scoreboard? This can...
  10. xd1936

    Thread Shipped DNA 2.04/.06 ROM

    Does anyone have the shipped 2.X ROM in RUU or ZIP form? The link from the all-in-one is down.
  11. xd1936

    Thread [Q] Verizon 8X GSM Unlocked for Europe?

    Hello all! I know that the Verizon 8X is factory unlocked, and is usable on AT&T and T-Mobile in the States, but what about England? I'm going to London in a couple of months and am curious if this device has any of the bands needed for a prepaid SIM in the UK. If so, what prepaid carriers...
  12. xd1936

    Thread Bare Minimum Shell

    Hey guys! I've been looking for a while, and was just looking for feedback... I really like the home screen of SPB MS, espically Greatbal's, but don't want/need the rest of the features (weather, programs, contacts...). Just looking for the clock/calender, and status bar, of the home screen. Can...
  13. xd1936

    Thread Activesync Connected Icon

    Yes, I've searched, but must not know the correct term. Is there a place in the reg to get rid of this stupid icon? The "Activesync Connected" notifier?
  14. xd1936

    Thread Mortscript in CAB?

    Is it possible to add a custom Mortscript to an install, that runs in the install_exit quarter? If so, can it be relatively simply done with WinCE Cab?
  15. xd1936

    Thread Pocket PC Shortcuts

    Is there a desktop program that creates Pocket PC shortcuts? Just enter what you want it to point to, and the icon for it, and it spits out the file?
  16. xd1936

    Thread Quick Script/Sounds Question

    If I wanted to include in a mortscript a change of what sounds are used for notifications (such as the new txt message sound), how could I achive this? Is it a Reg setting?
  17. xd1936

    Thread Moto HT820 Earpads

    Hey all... Quick question. I lost one of those foam earpads from the MotoHT820's a while ago... I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get replacement pads for a couple of bucks anywhere. Anyone?
  18. xd1936

    Thread Hold hack?

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, I did some looking around first... Is it possible to have a program written that takes over the "hold" key during a call, and when you put them on hold, mutes the mic and plays a sound file (mp3, midi...)? Is this a plausible concept from a...
  19. xd1936

    Thread Mortscripters, please? Quick Question

    I'm trying to write a simple script to put in the startup folder to ask if I would like to launch the Dell GPS program... so, anyone? What am I doing wrong? I know it's gotta be something simple... RunOnPowerOn Choice( Question( "Would you like to start the Dell GPS?", "Click OK to Continue"...