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  1. russtyd

    Thread Will only boot to TWRP after fastboot flash recovery

    Hi, picked up my Urbane 6C55 (build LCA44B) yesterday and today have oem unlocked and then did a fastboot flash recovery of twrp-; two issues: 1. Internal storage is showing as 0 in TWRP so can't do a backup; 2. More worrying is the watch only boots into TWRP now, even when...
  2. russtyd

    Thread Enter recovery on 20B?

    Hi, I'm having a major problem getting into recovery via the power-on+vol-down key combination on MM (20A/20B) - under no circumstances can I get into recovery from cold boot - I can reboot into TWRP recovery when the phone's booted, but recently I've had a couple of bootloops which never enter...