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    Thread [APP]MobileRemote - Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad Not freeware, but much anticipated. Installed the demo today and got it to work with my laptop. But on the PS3 it just keeps searching and doesn't pair.
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    Thread HELP!! TF3D doesn't startup after softreset

    Is there a way to manually start the TF3D? Sometimes it takes up to 5 resets to start. Really annoying, since I don't want to hard reset the device... :(
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    Thread WLAN + Bluetooth = FAIL

    Why is it that when I have WLAN switched on and try to speak using my BT handsfree I only hear interference??? Man it sucks!! :mad:
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    Thread Spb Wireless Monitor on HD

    I manage to install tje Spb Wireless Monitor, and set up the tariff for my carrier. When I check the stats for the used amount of data everything seems to work flawlessly for a minute. Then suddenly the program hangs and the only way to use the top bar is to soft reset the device. :( Is there...
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    Thread Opera problem...again

    I only have one problem with the Opera browser, but it's really annoying. It doesn't seem to recognize all links. For example I use to set up all weblinks for my everyday browsing. But with Opera I can't log into my account there using the green loginbutton in the upper right...