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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][2021/02/19] Fluid 1.2 for Miatoll

    Thanks for having a version without GApps.
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    I have been on AOSiP since it arrived, and is the best ROM so far, sadly there is no more development on AOSP ROMs... About your issues I havent experienced them. For the first one I guess it is related to power saving. If your phone is rooted maybe you can try installing Kernel Adiutor and...
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    Post Bike holder

    I bought these in Aliexpress costing less than 4€. They are made of aluminium and are holding the Mi MAX3 perfectly.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][BETA][10] LineageOS 17.1 [curtana]

    I like this ROM cause it is simple and doesn't include GApps. Not only bluetooth audio doesn't work, neither 3,5 mm jack. Also a better cam would be nice, I cannot install GCam and make it work. Thanks for your effort. I hope you keep working on it.
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    Post Best rom nowadays?
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    Post Redmi Note 9S... youTube without adds?

    I use Newpipe and dont see any ads. I have AdAway installed.
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    Post Best rom nowadays?

    AOSiP if you don't want Google or Xiaomi services on it.
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    Post WHY is it that only OUr Xiaomi phone has no native Roms?

    I had the Mi Max 1, then the 2, which the day I first used it, I crashed the screen. The Mi max 3 had just been launched, so I bought it. After two months of not getting any ROMs I decided to buy another Mi Max 2, which I totally love. Development is really good. I keep my Mi Max 3 until...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][UGGLITE][V3.2.1-027] Red Wolf Recovery Project

    As stated previously, this recovery doesn't work. Try the one on post number 4.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2][HYDROGEN/HELIUM][OTA][OMS][FINAL]LineageOS 14.1 r.09-15-2018

    Hi, Is there any way to add shortcuts on the home screen, like files, webpages, contacts...? Thanks.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2][HYDROGEN/HELIUM][OTA][OMS][FINAL]LineageOS 14.1 r.09-15-2018

    Hello, I just installed it. I flashed the ROM, and after the firmware. Everything seems to work, as far as I have tried. But I don't find the root. No program is installed, nor I do get root permissions. Is it that has to be flashed? I think I read that it was already included in the ROM. Thanks
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    Post [ROM] ► [7.1.1_r28] ► [HYDROGEN] ► Nitrogen OS N ► OMS (Substratum) ►

    I installed Kernel Adiutor which has an option to enable it. And it works. I use an old version before ads were introduced, by the way... ---------- Post added at 04:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:20 PM ---------- It works really well, except for "Android System WebView" that crashes...
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    Post Some chance to get AOSP for this ''little'' boy?

    Would be great having AOSP, but Huawei phones are rubbish at ROM development. After having so much trouble rooting I won't repeat with a Huawei phone. Lesson learned.
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    Post Deleted

    It has worked for me. I have a P8 Max.
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    Post Use the computer's connection to internet

    That's exactly what happens to me. My previous phone was a WindowsMobile (rubbish) and I used this feature quite frequently. I hope I can do it with Android. By the way, I'm using Ubuntu.
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    Thread Use the computer's connection to internet

    Hi! Is there a way to connect to the internet using my computer's connection via USB? That is: Streak>USB>Computer>Internet I don't want to use too much 3G data and my Wifi isn't strong enough to get a good signal in my room. Cheers!