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  1. bobby janow

    Thread 5G dual sim (dsds)

    Finally with the March update we have 5G with both sims enabled, the eSim and physical. No need to wait for Android 12.
  2. bobby janow

    Thread DSDS - 5G

    It's obvious when using dual sim (physical and eSim) that 5G is disabled since it tells you so. lol. But my question is how do you disable one of the sims in order to get 5G if it's in your area? The is a toggle on each of the networks sim page but I'm chicken to flip the switch because I worry...
  3. bobby janow

    Thread US Version only

    There have been 2 pretty severe problems with the early European devices. Starting tomorrow the US version should hit the shelves and homes. If you can would you please address each of the 2 issues as you can. 1. Google Pay not working at the terminal (you can register the cards but they don't...
  4. bobby janow

    Thread Verizon 5G and Pixel 5

    So Apple announced their iPhone 12 yesterday and the very same day Verizon announces a wide (r) rollout of its fast 5G. Why is it that Apple rules the roost when it comes to mobile technology and that basically what they say goes? Yes, this is a rant. The same thing happened with eSim. Apple...
  5. bobby janow

    Thread Pixel 5 hate thread

    One place for all the negative comments and feelings about Google and the Pixel 5. And just think, if we keep it civil the mods won't close it. And Pixel fans ... allow detractors to vent. (but not too much) Pixel 5 almost Sage - Nov 3 - 4 delivery
  6. bobby janow

    Thread Streak ended June 5 no start again

    I'm not sure what happened but miband will not start a new streak even though it shows over 10k steps each day. Anyone see the same thing and any fixes out there?
  7. bobby janow

    Thread My Verizon Services removal

    There is a service / app (system app) called MVS and listed as when you do a pm list services. Under apps and notifications - show system it can only be disabled. After a short time it re-enables itself and gives back full permissions no matter if you remove them or...
  8. bobby janow

    Thread Missed call / voicemail notifications not showing

    I have a Fi eSim and Verizon physical. Both work as designed except for voicemail notification and missed calls. This is on either DSDS line. I can receive calls, pick up voicemail but it won't notify me in the status bar or anywhere else. I've tried pretty much everything out there. Is this a...
  9. bobby janow

    Thread Android 10 OTA *only* for those on Pie?

    Lots of people are getting the OTA from Beta 6 but I've not seen anyone yet coming from Pie. So please only those on Pie let us know when you get the OTA, the size (no screen shots please) which carrier you're on, which device ( I will not cross post this) and whether you are bootloader...
  10. bobby janow

    Thread Nearly dead Moto Sport 2015

    About a month or so ago my watch just started to drain battery about 20% / hour doing nothing. No apps active on the battery bar. Then I reset it a few times and it came back with the usual battery drain, it could last the day. Then about a week ago it started again. I reset 6, 8 maybe 10 times...
  11. bobby janow

    Thread Beta 4 halted on all devices

    This has been reported here a few hours ago. Not sure if it's still going on or been re-released yet.
  12. bobby janow

    Thread Screen flash and Android Q

    Has anyone had the screen flash and updated to dp2 and then it was gone? I'm on the April update and the phone just went nuts. Had to turn it off let it flash for like 10 min then it went away for now. Oops it just came back. Unusable edit: After a night's rest it seems back to normal. What...
  13. bobby janow

    Thread Link sharing

    Love the phone, battery is killer so far. Feels great in hand, display amazing. Ok but I can't figure out how to get link sharing to work on articles you see when you swipe right. Click "share link" and nothing comes up. On Chrome or web stuff it works fine but not on the news feed. To clarify...
  14. bobby janow

    Thread How can Verizon see what apps on my phone?

    I called for some troubleshooting on my keypad and they told me I had to factory reset. I had done that a few months ago and the problem persists so I called tech support. They told me to reset and I told them I already had but then she said well I see that you have XYZ app installed on your...
  15. bobby janow

    Thread Tilt to Wake

    It constantly turns off randomly. At least a few times / day. Anyone else, any solutions? TIA
  16. bobby janow

    Thread Transfer settings from 7.2 device to 8.1 device

    I have an interesting problem, at least from my perspective. I'm getting a replacement Verizon Pixel tomorrow due to GPS issues and confirmed at the store. I'm assuming the refurb will be running 7.2. My current device is running dev preview 8.1. My understanding is that I can't transfer...
  17. bobby janow

    Thread Verizon Pixel OTA 8.0 received

    I just got the OTA update notification for the VZW Pixel, fully stock, unrooted, locked bootloader. Never joined the beta either. So now we'll see if any of these BT and reboot issues have been resolved. Here's hopin' Update size: 938.4 MB
  18. bobby janow

    Thread Moto 360 Sport AW 2.0 only...

    This is only for the orphan children of the Moto 360 Sport. Just so we don't have to read about what we don't have yet. Once we get the update we can close this thread or keep it separate if any issues are different. Or do I dare say.. "If we ..." ? Also I can stop tapping the green check how...
  19. bobby janow

    Thread Poll: To root or not to root, that is the question

    I'll try to make this simple and clear. This is open to Verizon users as well since there was a way to unlock early on. Please don't justify your answers, there are enough threads about that. This is just for numbers sake. Here we go.. My Pixel / XL is: 1. Bootloader locked 2. Bootloader...
  20. bobby janow

    Thread Pixel US Discussion

    I mean why not? We have a Canadian, and Indian so why not this? Starting it off, has anyone seen the NY Times pull out section Pixel/Google ad today? It covered the front page home delivery paper, was a 3 page fold out front and back ad with Google Home, VR and phones. Also the bottom of the...
  21. bobby janow

    Thread Heart rate display

    Is there a way to have the HR display stay on the face during a run or bike? If I'm on a hill I can't be messing with swiping so I just want to tap to turn it on then tap again for HR.
  22. bobby janow

    Thread Fingerprint scanner randomly not working

    I'm just trying to narrow down why randomly the fingerprint scanner does not wake the phone. It might happen once a day or not for a couple of days, but it seems to always come back. Not a huge deal since the power button will always work, but it is disconcerting when it happens. I'm not using...
  23. bobby janow

    Thread [Q] JB Leak Vol skip / transp request

    Is there any volume up - skip track with screen off for the JB leak? If not, I would gladly buy a 6 pack for someone to make it. Also a transparent dropdown mod with varying percentages of opacity would be quite welcome around these parts. Put both of them together and I'll take you to the local...