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    Thread Erratic wireless charging and swollen battery

    This issue is related to the battery, but not the connector issue others are having. About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing erratic wireless charging. Sometimes it would be fine, other times it would just stop for no reason, or not even start charging at all when I put it on the stand...
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    Thread P3XL display flickering on and off while on Pixel Stand

    I dirty flashed the full Android 10 image last night over Pie. I had not tried any of the betas. Install went completely without a hitch, patched boot.img with Magisk and flashed it. All good. After playing with it for a while I put it up for the night on the PS. After about 30 seconds, the...
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    Thread Now Playing not working on Google Stand

    I love the Now Playing Feature, and it has improved on the P3 with History lists/adding playlists etc. I like using the stand on my desk by the PC all during the day . Previously I had a non-charging stand and the Now Playing feature would display and capture all the songs as I was listening...
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    Thread Root App Folder Permissions and Navigation

    Guys, I'm having a tough time deleting a file or two that were recently installed in the root's /product folder and I guess I don't understand what I am doing wrong, or what security is in place to prevent me from doing this. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions here. I cannot...
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    Thread Lots of functional updates in the Feb. Security Update

    Just updated with the February full image using fastboot, editing out the -w from flash-all.bat. Fastboot booted TWRP, and then queued up TWRP, Kernel, Magisk and let all 3 rip. No hitches and back up running rooted and everything working normally. Be sure and read the entire Security Bulletin...
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    Thread 7.1.2 Final Posted to Google's Dev Site

    7.1.2 Final build posted here. Build version N2G47H. Bootloader (03.67) and radio (03.81) unchanged from beta. Contains April security update.
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    Thread N9 LTE Radio vs N7 LTE

    I flashed the full NPF26F Google image over NRD91N on my N9 LTE (volantisg) . My current baseband version is Can someone please confirm this is the current radio for the N9 LTE version? Also, could someone please help explain the difference between modems in the N9 LTE...
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    Thread PA 6.0 and Nexus Monthly Security Updates

    Love hearing PA is back. I also value the monthly Google security updates for Nexus devices. Obviously PA is not going to release monthly builds, SO the question is has there been any consideration on how to apply the monthly updates to a Nexus device running PA going forward. Otherwise we'll...
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    Thread N9 Nandroid Backup

    I'm looking for a replacement for the Online Nandroid Backup app... an app which allows the user to create a nandroid without having to boot recovery to run a backup. The app's author appears to have abandoned it, and a "Onandroid" script is required for the program to work properly with new...
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    Thread Out Of Space

    I'm starting to get an "Out of space" message when installing apps. It happened a couple of times from Market, and now its happening when I side load apps. From all indications I have plenty of space (11 GB free). I've cleaned cache, force stopped Market and Google Frameworks clearing their...
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    Thread Adfree Fatal Error

    I just started receiving this error on my GSM Samsung GNex when attempting to update the hosts file. "Hit Fatal Error, this copy of Adfree is too old." In searching older xda threads, a workaround was found back then by setting the device's date back to 2010. Tried this method and now AF...