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    Thread What new things have you excited? Seems like things have slowed down.

    Seems like we used to have new and exciting things coming all the time. Things like PIE navigation, shortcut ribbons, great themes, interesting software tweaks and hardware modifications, media delivery methods, gaming accessories... It seems like it's been a long time since anything new has...
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    Thread Low DPI landscape nav bar replacement?

    I like to run Exodus ROM at 420 DPI but that leaves me with no landscape navigation bar. Do any of you guys use an alternate nav bar app? Maybe there is a fix I don't see? I've google but only found some patches for Lollipop... Thanks!
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    Thread Why not include the vendor file in the zip?

    Just curious why I need to flash the vendor image after a ROM instead of just having it flash as part of the installation? Not that it's a big deal, just wondering if there is a specific reason. Seems like it could just be put in the zip and save a step. Thanks!
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    Thread Black screen after Lg boot logo...

    I tried to update to cm13 and flashed the 35B modem and kernel. I then wiped and flashed cm. It didn't boot so i tried Resurrection Remix. I finally got it to boot by selecting safe mode. It didn't boot into to safe mode but booted normally. Now I only get passed the lg boot logo every 5 or 6...
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    Thread Not the normal headphone jack issues...

    I'm having trouble with my headphone jack. Audio only comes out if I start the sound on the speaker and then plug in. If I start with the headphones in I get nothing. Its odd. Running the new AOKP. Has been an issue since before that though. Not the usual static or tight jack problem.:confused:
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    Thread Decompiled .9.png's?

    Can anyone post the decompiled .9.png's from the 3.1 system/framework/framework-res.apk and the system/app/*.apk they've decompiled? I'm having a heck of a time going back and forth from xp to win7 trying to get apktool or apkmanager to work for me. I need the guides to edit the .9.png's...
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    Thread [Theme] Minimal Type Green 3.1 !!!WIFI only!!!

    Updated version coming soon. WIFI ONLY!!! Here's a theme i'm working on. It's not nearly done but very useable. Feel free to dissassemble, rape it any way you see fit. Just credit me if you post it. Show me what you did. Just adb everything in place. Be sure to backup so you can go back to stock...
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    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION] Green Droid Terminal

    I made this last night to go with a green theme ive been working on. enjoy.:D Everything is working. Thanks to everyone who liked this!