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    Post [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-18.1 [tissot]

    Thank you for the new build, it is really fast! The only problem is regarding the random freezes: my phone in few hours of normale using completely stucked first time on magisk manager and second time on telegram. Clean flash from los17.1, nikgapps core, magisk 21.4, I will try to take same...
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Most probably you will have to format Data as well (factory reset from recovery, no need to install stock). Make a backup (I suggest you the app Migrate for it), perform a clean install and enjoy LOS 17. 1 ?
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.1_9-0 [jflte]

    Is 3.4.0 working as expected? Is it safe to install? Thank you
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    I solved installing HyperCam E4 (it is a gcam mod as well)
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    Post [JDCTeam] Optimized LineageOS17.1 v9.0 [10Dec]

    side you are one of the best xda dev! Your work in S4 is great, we have official and optimized roms with the latest android version, working great in our ancient phone. Thank you, you are an example!
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    Post [Official][RECOVERY][tissot] TWRP 3.2.1-2 (Oreo)touch recovery [2018-03-06]

    Actualy the latest TWRP recovery for Tissot is Giovix92's one with treble support and Tissot Manager: TWRP by Giovix92: Nov 10, 2019 Official TWRP: July 16, 2019
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Did you try to update the firmware and/or change kernel? My wifi seems to be ok, i will make some more test but I didn't notice any problem yet (jannuary 2020 firmware and Lightning Kernel 5.1 on LOS17 20200213).
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Thank you for the new build! :good: In my case I had bootloop with dirty flash, my suggestion is to make a backup and perform a clean flash.
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Yep, Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8. Quite old release but I didn't have any crash or problem with it during 15 days of usage.
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Yes, they are usually quite unstable in our device. My suggestion is to use the gcam included in the rom, it works well and I had no crashes.
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    Post PX5 4G ram with Android 10, someone already tested them?

    Once installed in the new car, I would like to keep it for the next 10 years approximately. I guess that Android 8 will be prehistory in 2030 :D Before to buy an Android 10 unit, I will wait for the first reviews and (fingers cross!) first root/mod experiments here in xda.
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    Thread PX5 4G ram with Android 10, someone already tested them?

    Hello, I saw that in Chinese online markets are available car auto heads with Android 10. The hardware specs are the usual (cpu PX5, 4 gb ram etc), is safe to buy them or we should wait or choose an android 9 radio in order to have stability? Any way to root them in near future? I searched...
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    By the way, the latest January firmware (modem) for Mi A1 is available here: . Tested with this fantastic LOS17 rom, all is working great :good:
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    Post [Kernel][Tissot] LightningKernel-V9.5 [02/03/2021]

    LightningKernel-V5.1 on latest unofficial LineageOS 17 by abhinavagrd_1129 : it works great! Many thanks for the update :good:
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1[tissot]

    Yeah!!!! Thank you abhinavagrd_1129 !!!!!! Just downloaded and ready to install, is this rom Treble or Non Treble?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.0 for Xiaomi Mi A1

    searching for a hero Waiting for a new official maintainer, there is somewhere a hero able to build an unofficial lineageos 17 build, with updated Security Patch and latest upstream LineageOS changes ? :) DerpFest works very well but its too Googlish for my taste, has too many googleapps...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Xiaomi Mi A1

    flex1911 can we donate you some bucks in order to buy a new Tissot device and let you maintain LOS16/17 for this great phone?
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    Post [ROM] [9.0, 10.0] [OTA] LilBlinx's LineageOS Releases

    With the Clean version of LilBlinx rom, the GPS is working perfectly here. If you are not able to fix the satellites in short time (within 2 minutes), reboot the phone and it will fix immediately. I used this workaround some time ago, with another phone and rom, anytime I had GPS fix issues. I...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] LOS 16 Anderson Mendes

    Dirty flash from August build (with Magisk) to the September one: all good here. You don't have to re-install the Magisk zip when dirty flashing, it will be automatically re-installed.
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    Post Android 10/Q?

    Mido is still 10th LineageOs most used phone, I am sure that developers will that care of a such huge number of users providing Android10 releases ;) We also have treble that keep the implementing easier....I am confident we will receive first Android 10 AOSP builds...
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    Post [JDCTeam] 🥧 Optimized LineageOS16.0 🥧 v14.0 [5Feb] [Pie_r46] & Go Version - v3

    After clean install of 12 June build I had heats and battery issues. Reinstalling the same build without gapps I have solved them. Gapps were opengapps pico. Hope this helps
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    Post [SHARE][MIDO][GCAM][v6] One of the best GCAM so far

    No force close issue with this build?
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    Post [PIE][OFFICIAL]LineageOS 16.0

    I am using this one: it works quite well. Any gcam 6.x I tried crashes, we have to use the old 5.x versions. If someone found a better 5.x than the one I have linked please let we know ?
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    Post Night Sight working in Mido

    The last one I have tried was this one: Now I am back to gcam 5 since I have ForceClose problems with all 6.x versions I have tested...
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    Post Night Sight working in Mido the 6.x builds have green fix for frontal camera on Samsung sensors, great photos but I have FC after few shots.
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    Post Pixel™ 3XL GCAM [V15]✓✓¶ 19.04.19¶

    The latest gcam 6.1 (3.4.2019) from the telegram group is working very very well on my samsung sensors! After one day testing it seems it is the first gcam version 6 that doesn't crash on my Mido!!!
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    Post [KERNEL][Mido] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r21 - 27th Aug - custom roms, Pie and treble

    Same here with CrDroid latest build clean flashed. The standard governor is interactive and not conservative as expected.
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    Post [ROM][PIE 9.0]*crDroid*[Redmi Note 4/mido][WEEKLY]

    wifi working well for me (both 5g and 2.4g) with 02.12 version! Dirty flash from the previous one.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0.0][mido] LineageOS 16.0

    Perhaps another dev will take his place. We have great devs for Mido and the migration to Pie is easy for our device (we received quite stable Pie released only few days Google released it). We are also a huge number of users using Mido so I am confident we will have somehow stable LOS16 releases ;)
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    Post [APP][FEEDBACK] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    I triee it and it works also with 28.10.2018 Crdroid 9.0 pie rom!!! Mido, Samsung sensor and 3GB,32GB version. I am making lot of photos and no FCs until now, the only defect is that the HDR processing is much slower than previous GCamera versions
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    Post How to play x265 4k/UHD video files on Mido?

    Ok, many thanks for your answer!
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    Post How to play x265 4k/UHD video files on Mido?

    My idea is to use the phone to play x265 4k video in my 4k television though hdmi cable but it is out of topic. The question is how to play them since our SoC should support HW accelerated hevc reproduction.
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    Thread How to play x265 4k/UHD video files on Mido?

    I've read that our snapdragon chipset should support hardware acceleration for hevc but I am not able to play in a decent way x265 4k samples. After several test with Mx player, Kodi, VLC and an alpha version of MPV, I realized that none of them is able to play the file with using HW...
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    Post Changing between ROMs and kernels without losing Data

    Lineageos 15.1 official for mido is a perfectly stable, battery friendly and lightweight rom. The best camera you can find is google camera mod, for 100% stability use Saneklic releases. In order to change rom without losing data use...
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    Post [mido] Unofficial Resurrection Remix ROMs discussion (eg, LineageOS eXtended etc)

    From the today's changelog: "08/28/2018 - Added item "History of changes" (Settings - System - About phone) - There will be no more" Changelog translated Perhaps Alexey71 is cutting the support for Lineageos 15.1 Extended in order to develop an Extended 16.0 rom! :fingers-crossed: From one...
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    Post Google Camera with HDR+ working on mido! (Updated 171226)

    The previous arthur's version works great for me. The latest one if I make any change in settings both front and rear camera became black and the app freezes...
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    Post [20-Aug-2018][mido] Battery Life / Performance Benchmarks - ROMs & Kernels

    Many thanks for your accurate and useful tests! I have just a question: It exists a xda thread for Inferno kernel? Using the search service I can't find it
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    Post Google Camera with HDR+ working on mido! (Updated 171226)

    2018/05/02 – GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod ChangeLog : Fix Motion photo 4:3 Fix SlowMotion for Oreo (Works on some devices - OnePlus5t does not work) Add 4k front camera for the device (Op3t,Op5,Op5t) Code cleanup and Improvement Version without any config, just to enjoy. This...
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    Post [KERNEL][Mido] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r21 - 27th Aug - custom roms, Pie and treble

    francisco Franco: could you please be so kind and update the changelog for r6? Thank you!
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    Post [Discussion] How long until we start seeing Project Treble ports of Android P?

    When the source code is usually released? With the official release of the new Android version? In this case we should wait September 2018 for android P...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0][treble][mido] LineageOS 15.1 [Weeklies]

    Great guide, thank you! I think it is a good idea to put the link to the guide into the OP, all the information already are in the discussion but we can't read >300 pages in order to find all the info needed.
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    Post ElixirOS 1.0 - MW - 8.1.0_r20 - Redmi Note 4X

    It is not so easy but after max two tries I am able to take the call. (I am using the last Elixir with Franco kernel)
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    Post Project Treble for nr4?

    It would be a dream to have project treble implemented for RN4 <3
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    Post [CLOSED]Firmwares for Mido Stable & Beta[CLOSED]

    Many thanks for this useful thread. I am using an unlocked MIDO device with oreo custom roms but I didn't update the firmware/modem yet. Just 2 questions: - Can I simple flash the new firmware .zip from recovery, reflash the custom rom and reboot or there are other actions needed (for example to...
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    Post [KERNEL][Mido] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r21 - 27th Aug - custom roms, Pie and treble

    Greeeeeat!!!! Many thanks franciscofranco to take care of our device, we are honored! Now just waiting for the oreo version in order to flash it :)
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    I have solved the FCs issue with ElectraBlue kernel, maintaining a great battery. No tweaks needed, just flash and enjoy it ?