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    Post [APP][4.0+] Apex Launcher

    Wrong font display after boot Every time I boot my Galaxy nexus (i9250, stock IMM76I) apex launcher pro start with a terrible font. It is totally not readable. Apex is the default launcher. After killing apex in task mgr it restart normally. I have this behaviour since at least 6 weeks with...
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    Post Best launcher

    I prefer Apex. Just purchased the Pro version. (Had a while also nova installed but at the end I always used apex)
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    Post More and more disappointed with Samsung and yakjuxw

    On the German Samsung site there was for a while an official download which changed from ITL41F.i9250XWKK8 (yakjuxw) to ITL41F (yakju). In principle it was a automated Odin Update. Later they removed it (probable to much problems with unexpierenced user). Search on the web for it, maybe you find...
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    Post [GNEX TOOLKIT V11.1.0] Drivers, Backup, Unlock, Root, Recovery, Flash + MORE [GSM]

    Did get Fastboot to run Did exactly all these things but didn't any success. When SNG is booted I get connected in adb mode. GNex Toolkit also show SN. But when I try to go into fastboot PC always looks for "Android 1.0" but didn't find it. GNex Toolkit didn't show anything. Tried it on 3...
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    Post DropBox OR Box

    I use both. Normally prefering Dropbox but mobile version are light years behind desktop version. In principle mobile version is not usable.
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    Post [Q]What does AOSP and AOKP mean?

    AOSP = Android Open Source Project -> Google leaded project for Android -> AOKP = Android Open Kang Project -> commonly used custom ROM (ICS Android 4.x) based on AOSP
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    Post Restoring system application

    If you have Titanium Pro backup than probably you will use the widgets on your launcher. SMS should be in backup. I would do another backup beforer flash, so that your data backup is fine
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    Post A warning to all German GS2 owners! Do not get the recent firmware update!

    Flash it with ODIN. Runs perfect. Best firmware ever. Flashed it > 10 SGs2's, rooted or none rooted, without any problems. Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
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    Post [ROM] I9100XWLA4 [17.01.2012][Android 2.3.6] Germany

    Up to now I have updated 9 SGS2 (rooted and not rooted) with the latest Debitel rom (2.3.6 DBT I9100XWLA4 I9100XXKI4 I9100DBTKH1). Either with Odin or MobileOdin. I used the images from Intratech's thread, so that all roms were updated and not new installations. With none of these 9 SGS2 I had...
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    Thread [Q] Download mod did work anymore?

    I have GT-P7500, 3.1 stock + Root/CWM according Now I want to go into download mod by pressing "power on" + "volume down" but nothing happens. Any ideas how I can get into Download modus? Thanks.
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    Hm, tried that before and on display I get HH:07. Maybe a bug in DelayedLock? But found in your referenced link that kk:mm should works. And it does:-)
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    Time format on Simple Lockscreen How do I set Time format on Simple Lockscreen to European format like 18:10? I set time format to hh:mm but that is only the limited US format. Any ideas? Thank you
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    Post [ROM+Guide] Official i9100 Firmwares LPE/Q/7/2/F/S/4/7/G/9/W/D/F Download

    DBT = Debitel is a communication provider in Germany. Because Debitel offers contracts for all 4 German network carriers its firmware is optimized for all 4 German networks. Debitel has replaced the official generic German XEG. In fact I never saw a firmware XEG. It also has no provider...
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    Post [ROM+Guide] Official i9100 Firmwares LPE/Q/7/2/F/S/4/7/G/9/W/D/F Download

    Intratech please can you add new DBT firmware: I9100XWLA4-I9100XXKI4-I9100DBTKH1. ( Thank you.
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    Post [APP] Check Fus 2.0 - The firmware checker. Make you are up to date!

    LuffarJoh can you please support and add GT-P7501 and GT-P7511 to CheckFus Pro Tool? These are the two minor hardware modified versions of GT-P7500 and GT-P7510 for German market (because of Apple dispute). Thanx.
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    Post Can I use a Galaxy Tab 10.1 rom for the Galaxy Tab 10.1N?

    In Germany Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 is banned and replace by Galaxy Tab 10.1N GT-P7501. Now German providers deliver 3.2 updates up to now only for the GT-P7501. I also heard that firmware should be the same and only minor design changes in hardware are the difference. Can I use a...
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    Post [ROM] I9100XILA2 [13.01.2012][Android 2.3.6] Italy

    Sorry for the questition but search didn't work. is German language and swype included? Thanx.
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    Thread [Q] How to search a thread? Search function offline.

    Seems to me that "search thread" functions got lost! tried that with Firefox, Chrome and IE. Seems that search was taken offline. Any idea how I can search a thread? Thanx
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    Post Sgs2 - official update KK1 issue

    Did you clear cache, e.g. in recovery clear cache, wipe Dalvik Cache? If that not helps did you do factory reset? I tried a lot of 2.3.6 versions and all runs fine and faster than 2.3.3-2.3.5
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    Post Louder Volume for S2 from Supercurio * Now released * Market Link Available

    Can someone please provide me with the app? Supercurio put it out of market here because of "Android Market billing situation is not satisfying in Germany which leaved me no other choice than removing immediately this app from German Android Market because of an increasing number of unfair...
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    Post P7500 New update jpkh2 pulled kies

    Normally you don't need pit file for flashing. And it is dangerous! Don't use it. ss_dl.dll is not needed for flashing with odin.
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    Post 10 Billion App Sale [$.10] - Day 6 - Dec 11th

    +1 Too much games.
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    Post I NEED HELP ASAP please - Firmware upgrade Fail

    both are XW ---> Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Nordic, Spain, United Kingdom KK5 vs KK2 -> KK5 is 3 build number newer! As usual there is no version history or build/feature list from Samsung.
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    Post is my tab 7500 or 7510

    Go in settings -> Phone info (don't know the exact english word) -> at the end there will be something base band version + kernel version (again I have not the exact english words). These two should include a P75xx and that it is.
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    Thread Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7501 vs, P7500

    Does somebody knows what the difference between P7501 and P7500 are? As I understand both have UMTS and WIFI? Also rest of spec seems to be the same. (It is not a mistake P7501! Not P7510)
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    Post [ROM] I9100XWKJ2 [21.10.2011][Android 2.3.5]

    I9100XWKJ2 is newer than I9100XWKI4 Same serie because same letter code xW -> KI4 is older than KJ2
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    Post Broken glass of my galaxy tab 10.1

    Send them to the next Samsung Repair Center or to the shop where you purchased it.
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    Post Plume not working on my Gtab 10.1 after update!

    For me it works fine. Kill app than try clear app data and cache data If this not helps try uninstall than reinstall.
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    Post GS2's and Tab 10.1's Chargers

    As I know the pins on Samsungs USB cabel are not standard. So you need an adapter. Search for "Samsung Galaxy Tab - USB/USB Adapter" on web. On German amazon adapter is about 2 EUR.
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    Post Flashing I9103 with I9100 Galaxy S2..

    +1 NO. A ROM depends on the hardware. Galaxy R and Galaxy S2 have different hardware. So they need different drivers for the hardware.
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    Post How to change csc and rom?

    +1 Also need instructions please.
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned in Australia

    But of course you can get it in Germany too. Without problems. It is only not allowed for Samsung to import it:)
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    Post Latest Official SGS2 STOCK (UK) ROM

    +1 Latest provider independent firmware Product code: GT-I9100LKAXEU Last modified: 2011-09-16 Latest firmware: I9100XWKI4/I9100XEUKH2/I9100XXKI1/I9100XWKI4 Version: Android 2.3.4
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    Post USB Jig does not work - Reset Counter

    Which firmware did you flash? New firmware images have a new way of handling the flash counter. The old usb jig didn't work anymore. Was discussed in forum the last 10 days. You can reset when using the old bootloader version
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    Post Automatic backup /sync to pc over wifi

    Try Titanium Media Sync Same author as Titanium Backup. Can sync to FTP, SFTP, FTPS servers and dropbox. I use it to automatically store data like fotos, videos on my home server.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy SII / RSAP Bluetooth and VW BT Units

    I have a Passat and it works like a charm with all used firmware version of GT-I9100 up to several 2.3.4 stock roms. I use currently I9100XXKG3-I9100XXKG3-I9100OXAKG3. Just make you SG2 visible in Settings-Networks-Bluetooth and search with car's multimedia unit for a phone. Car display will...
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    Post Free 50GB Storage @

    I would really appreciate an invite so much. rickg(at) Thank you in advance!
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    Post German SGS2 in the US?

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (international) has support for 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network HSDPA 1700 / 2100 but I believe T-Mobile also suport HSDPA 900 AT&T: Samsung...
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    Post German SGS2 in the US?

    If it your buddy has a "Sprint" network contract he needs a 4G/CDMA phone. Sprint has a specific version of SGS II called "Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch" (SPH-D710) . 2G Network CDMA 800 / 1900 3G Network CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Announced 2011, August Status Available. Released 2011, September
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    Post Wow, so XXKI3 is the 2.3.5 for the i9100.

    Why strange? Take the whole version string. They are two "lines" I9100XXKI3 -> XXKI3 (next is XXKI4) I9100XWKI4 -> XWKI4 (prior is XWKI3)
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    Post New 2.3.4 update rolling out in Europe (Nordic countries)

    Does such a cable exist?
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    Post Market didn't list my installed apps anymore

    I tried to clean data & cache for market app. But didn't help.
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    Thread Market didn't list my installed apps anymore

    Had some problems with new google market app ( So I clear cache & data for this app but now in market app there is no app shown as installed allthough still all of my apps are there. Also all installed paid apps are only listed as not installed. I now wait over 24h but nothing...
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    Location Plugin is installed but not recognized Today I updated DelayedLock and Location plugin. Now the location plugin is not recognized by DelayedLock anymore. In DelayedLock under plugins in the past I had "Location" + "Erweiterung konfigurien". Now I have only "Location" while other...
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    Post ADWLauncher EX or Honeycomb Stock Launcher.

    To my understanding adw is not an overlay but a replacement. You use either stock launcher or an alternative.
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    Thread How to get PDA/PHONE/CSC for tab?

    How do I get the - product code - PDA/PHONE/CSC for my tab P7500 With my tab I can't use secret codes like *#1234# on my phone.
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    Thread [Q] How to input Secret Codes like Galaxy S/S2

    Is there a way to enter secret codes in Galaxy Tab like I can do with the phone S/S2, e.g. *#1234# to get PDA/PHONE/CSC? Or is there another way?
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    Post Apple sues Samsung in Japan

    You can still purchase the Galaxy Tab (all variants) in Germany. Only Samsung is forbidden to import it. All other companies still can. I just purchased the 10.1 (P7500) in Germany. Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
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    Post [CF-Root v4.1][Kernel]

    To my understanding I would try the CF Root which is close to that or (KE7->KE8->KE9->KEA->KEB)
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    At least no automatic one. And normally I don't kill tasks If it would be cause by a task killer it should always not work. My problem is that after booting I need to disable admin look and than enable it again. Otherwise no working lock screen, e.g. I press on widget Lock now but it doesn't...