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    Thread Make the double click home button launch google now

    So i got the new leaked sprint Jelly Beans on my S3 and i wanted to know if you could launch the google now thru the home button. right now it launches S voice which sucks real back. i already removed it with titanium backup but now it reverts to google voice dialer. anyone got info on this
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    Thread Keeping Stock music player with widget from playerpro

    I really love the stock music player that comes with the evo lte but since i run go launcher as my launcher i dont have access to its widget. is there a way to hack the playerpro 4X2 widget to control the stock player? i would really love that cause i think playerpro has got the best music...
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    Thread Stock Video Player freezing/not player video

    I never noticed this problem before i rooted. when i watch movies using the stock video player, it freezes on me. it doesnt lock up m y phone, it just does play the movie. its more like the movie is paused or something. i can use a different player like playerpro to play the same movie fine, but...
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    Thread Keeping Clock and Calendar from EnergyRom

    i have decided to keep the Official ATT Raphael US_5.11.502.2 Rom. but I LOVE the clock in the EnergyRom 2/3. and the Calendar Is ther anyway i can get it and add it into my ATT official rom?
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    Thread Include link for App Garmin mobile XT

    First, im a complete noob. i just stumbled upon this site today and already done to my phone in 3 hours than i even ever done to a phone period and i want to thank you guys. Secondly, here is my issue. i have the GPS garmin Mobile 5.0 software for my ATT Fuze. the files for the GPS software are...