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    Thread XtremeGuard Screen Protectors 85% of + 15% off *Free Shipping* offers 85% off Any Screen or Full Body Protectors when you apply coupon code Cyber85 at checkout. Additionally, they are offering another 15% off with promo code Mystery. Be sure to apply promo code Mystery after you apply Cyber85 to receive additional savings. Thanks to...
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    Thread Better ir remote app?

    So I got to play with a LG g2 for a couple of days. I have to say LG's remote app called quick remote is quite impressive. Hoping someone can come up with an app like that one for the remote. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using xda app-developers app
  3. chdrummerdude

    Thread In browser screen flicker

    Has anyone noticed how much both chrome and stock browser flicker. Since i spend a lot of time inside i don't really crank up the screen brightness. I noticed last night that when scrolling in the browser the screen will often flicker. Its driving me crazy cause I don't have a way to test on...
  4. chdrummerdude

    Thread Restore stock transitions?

    Is there any way to revert back to stock jelly bean transitions? Currently running liquid smooth v2.9 and the app transitions are just a bit much for me. Thanks for the help in advance! Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  5. chdrummerdude

    Thread Boredom +Rainy Day + Beat up Shift

    So it was raining today and I noticed that the shift is just a little too beat up. Its not perfect, but it was pretty beat to crap. Wish I would of had a before pic lol.
  6. chdrummerdude

    Thread Root/Recovery/Custom Rom for Noobs

    This is literally a step by step guide to get you rooted, flashed over to a custom recovery, and get you running a stable rom. I take no credit for the work of the devs. I also take no responsibility for any damages incurred to your cellular device, SD card, or voidage of thy warranty. Thanks...
  7. chdrummerdude

    Thread F/S Brand new 2150mah HTC Extended Battery

    I recently Purchased this battery for my evo, but the battery is only compatible with the older htc phones. The battery is brand new. price is $15. that includes shipping!!!!
  8. chdrummerdude

    Thread Need Help: Battery problem

    Ok so i bought a "new" Touch pro2 2150mah battery, and i get a unknown battery status. I wiped my battery stats and reflashed still no luck. So what you guys think bad battery? I am running CM7 RC4. I tried under Stock sprint rom still same issue. I think its a bad battery mainly cause i get a...
  9. chdrummerdude

    Thread [Q] Yet another battery thread

    Ok, i believe that i read some time back that you could use a touch pro 2 battery in the evo. correct me if im wrong, but if the stock battery that we use is as true to 1500mah, wouldnt the HTC manufactured 2150 mah be one of the best extended batteries to buy? I have found a couple for sale...
  10. chdrummerdude

    Thread *Unroot 2.2* 3.29.651.5 10/20/10

    Ok, this worked for me as of 10/20/10, i had my phone rooted by unrevoked, I am like many of the people here who kept having issues with all the not working. I have extracted a new from the ruu's and have not had any issues. I also had the dreaded "main version is older"...
  11. chdrummerdude

    Thread Cant get into recovery console

    After many attempts to get into my recovery console, i'm just frustrated. i have flashed and tried at least 1000 times and still cant get my phone into recovery mode. help me please.