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  1. elroy944

    Thread [HELP] music stops completely

    Hi there, i have an 2gb/32gb android car radio with hw8227L. When I'm using navigation (tomtom) my music stops completely doesn't matter what music app i use. It runs android go 8. Does anyone know how to solve it? Currently using navigation completely muted else whenever it says something my...
  2. elroy944

    Thread bigger battery huawei watch

    anyone managed or know if its possible to get a bigger battery for this watch? there are several watches out there with more capacity but my huawei watch has only 300mah...
  3. elroy944

    Thread Translucent statusbar mate 7 lollipop

    Sometimes i have translucent statusbar but most of the times not. Is it a bug or is there a workaround? Couldn't find anything on the web about this
  4. elroy944

    Thread [Update] Root MT7-L09 lollypop rom with SUPERSU (should also work on other devices)

    Hi guys, i wanted to share how to root the new lollipop beta rom. This method should also work on other devices and android versions I have rooted lollipop with kingroot apk (latest version) without problem. No supersu or superuser but with kinguser. Works great as i have restored 228 apps...
  5. elroy944

    Thread Who is willing to help me unlock an at&t device

    Hello i live in the Netherlands and got an at&t locked device. I called at&t but they won't unlock it for me because im not an at&t customer. Any at&t user here willing to unlock it for me? The phone is out of contract so it's free to unlock for at&t customers, all can be done online. If you...
  6. elroy944

    Thread Aosp project by Sony

    Great news sony is just like xperia s working on aosp project This would definitely help us!
  7. elroy944

    Thread new firmware arrived for xperia z c6603 (update 05/14/13)

    i was searching the web and found this with a new firmware for the xperia z dated march 19. just wanted to let you guys know Edit: Here it is, all credits to krabappel2548...
  8. elroy944

    Thread xperia z speaker gone to very low

    hello, just washed my xperia z under running water and after that the speakers gone very low... anyone else got the same problem?
  9. elroy944

    Thread [Q] app2sd dalvik cache xperia arc

    is there for this already a script or zipfile out? searched but couldn't find anything the internal memory is kinda dissapointing, got my experia now a couple of days but want to use app2sd with dalvik cache (not an app from market)
  10. elroy944

    Thread full housing (silver) for htc desire

    anyone found a place where to buy an full housing for the desire in silver? i got a urban brown but i prefer silver...
  11. elroy944

    Thread simlock tool xperia x10i

    i'm ready to donate 20 euro's for anyone who can unlock my xperia x10i this week (KPN-NETHERLANDS) I got my phone now and cannot use my simcard with data (no flat-free on kpn), so i'm kinda bored now using only wifi on that.
  12. elroy944

    Thread msn live messenger problem

    who is also having problems with wlm messenger? tried various versions and disabled the proxy settings but still no luck. Through outlook i can sync email, but not the messenger program for chat. i use t-mobile and the wlm gives me an error that it can not connect to messenger and it could be...
  13. elroy944

    Thread touch pro splash

    i lost my touch pro splash while flashing a rom. Has anyone the splash screen that is black with the text "touch pro" ? please can anyone upload it? kind regards Elroy
  14. elroy944

    Thread gps signal is not htc fault?

    hello i have a touch pro and i think the poor gps fix is not an issue from htc, i guess it's a tomtom thing. when i use tomtom with the touch pro it has usualy around the 2-5 minutes to get a fix, with sygic mcguider installed on my touch pro it's always less then a minute on both software i...
  15. elroy944

    Thread touchflow 2D

    Anyone luck with installing touchflow 2d on the raphael? somehow it says i'm not authorized to instal it, i use the latest ROMeOS rom
  16. elroy944

    Thread 32gb micro sd for raphael

    did anyone tried an 32gb microsd on a htc touch pro (raphael)? i wonder if it will work. htc says that 16gb will work.. but 32gb is more interesting for me... who can help me out
  17. elroy944

    Thread touchflow 3d older version

    hello i got yesterday my raphael and it uses touchflow 3d v1.2.34591.1_1813.6 (i guess the latest) this one doesn't have the animated touchflow when you scroll for example from home to weather or contacts. By the htc diamond of a friend of mine the background moves along with the menu. Is it...
  18. elroy944

    Thread did ayone succeed in getting windows on symbian phones??

    i have a nokia n95 with symbian s60v3 version, and i was wondering is it possible to hack this phone and put there windows mobile in? did some succeed?
  19. elroy944

    Thread anyone has a dutch cooked rom?

    hello i'm looking for a stable dutch cooked rom, anyone got one of knows where to get one? thanks
  20. elroy944

    Thread anyone know where to buy the tytn2 black housing?

    i'm looking for the black housing or just the black cover, anyone knows where to get it? on ebay they only have the normal housing...
  21. elroy944

    Thread who can help me getting a cooked dutch rom for my tytn II

    who can help me getting a cooked dutch rom for my tytn II, i guess there aren't any at the moment....
  22. elroy944

    Thread kaiser tytn II front and back cover

    anyone knows where i can order one?
  23. elroy944

    Thread htc kaiser official dutch rom

    can anyone help me with the original htc kaiser dutch rom? only roms i see is in english. please help