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    Thread Samsung Pay issue

    I just bought my Note20. The model # is SM-N980F. I am running Android 11 and One UI 3.0. When opening Samsung Pay, I get a message saying that my phone is not supported. Everywhere I've looked thus far says that it is though. What gives?
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    Thread Root or Update? Both or Neither?

    I have a Galaxy S7 that was originally bought on the Cricket network (SM-G930AZ), but is now on the MetroPCS network. I was wondering if it was worth it to update my phone to Nougat? Also, is it possible yet to root this version? Which should I do first? Can someone give me links to tutorials if...
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    Thread [Q] Simple CWM Recovery & Lollipop install?

    I've looked through these forums and haven't really gotten any clear answers. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 with the VRUFNC5 firmware. I tried to install CWM Recovery using Rom Manager. It looked as if it installed just fine. Says its installed, however, when I boot into recovery, its the...
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    Thread [Q] Please help. Multitude of issues.

    OK. So, I recently installed the KK 4.4.2 update on a stock rom. One of the things I've found (so far) that I hate the most about it is the stupid Goggle Now swipe up gesture. I use Auto Hide Soft Keys. With this new feature, I can't use it anymore. I have searched and searched, tried and tried...
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    Thread [Q] Transferred Files Not Showing Up

    I just recently purchased my Verizon LG G2. I transferred all files from my SD card onto my G2. When I try to find the files on my phone, they aren't there. I was really upset when I first found this out because I thought I lost all my pictures, videos, music, etc... I bought the pro version of...
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    Thread Is there a tether app for cricket?

    I'm looking for a tether app that will work with cricket and get past having to pay their $10 tether fee. My phone is rooted. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] How do I disable/delete the "Droid" notification sound?

    When my phone is fully charged, its really annoying to hear "DROID" all the time. I'd really like to stop this somehow.
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    Thread [Q] Where is this update?

    I downloaded the 6.5.621 OTA update, but didn't install it. After reading through the forums, I've decided I really don't want this update. Where can I find this on my phone to delete it and how can I get it to stop asking me to update?
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    Thread [Q] Contacts issue! Please help!

    I just recently acquired my second DX. While removing bloatware, I believe I may have deleted something that I shouldn't have. Now, I can't view, edit, open, call from or text from my contacts. Whenever I try, it just closes and goes back to the home screen. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly...
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    Thread Best nonroot app backup?

    What is the best backup app that will allow me to backup and restore all my apps with data that doesn't require root? Sent from my DROIDX using XDA App
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    Thread Notifications won't go away...

    I've noticed that since I flashed to liberty 2.0, whenever I download something from the net, I can't get the dl notification to go away permanently. It will clear when I hit the clear button, but whenever I go to dl something else or when I open the market, all the notifications pop back up...
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    Thread Need help desperately! Bootloop!

    Just tried to flash a friends phone back to stock using Now the phone is stuck in bootloop. When I try to go into recovery, I get the black screen with the err:a5,70,00,00,2f line. Please tell me if there's any way I can fix this. I don't have a PC to use. Am I just S.O.L...
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    Thread Need a link to the stock rom, please!

    I flashed my friends dx to liberty 2.0 without making a backup. He doesn't like this rom the way I do and has been having a lot of problems. He asked me to flash it back to stock for him. When I try to open the "stock roms" on cm, nothing loads. Can someone please send me a link to the stock rom...
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    Thread Trying to streamline my 3d gallery...

    I've gone through and sorted all my pictures into folders (family, friends, contacts, etc.) to streamline my gallery. When I open gallery, its still showing pics in multiple folders that are named the same. Upon further inspection, I've found that they are grouped in folders (in the gallery) by...
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    Thread Need some help uninstalling 2d gallery!

    I accidentally installed the 2d gallery using liberty toolbox and now I can't get rid of it. EVERYWHERE that I've tried to uninstall, it just removes my 3d gallery. Once that one is gone, I can't find the 2d one in any of the lists to uninstall it. I'm trying to fix this without having to...
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    Thread [Request] A Beatles themed boot animation.

    I'm a huge Beatles fan and would love to have a Beatles boot animation. Sent from my DROIDX using XDA App
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    Thread Fuzzy camera after liberty 1.5 install

    So far, this is the only thing that I've found wrong since installing Liberty. Haven't tried to revert back yet or reflash rom. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It did work just fine before flashing to liberty. Any help is appreciated. Sent from my DROIDX using XDA App
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    Thread Why is my DX reverting back to old gmail?

    I just FINALLY installed GummyJar 2.5. Got all my apps and settings the way I wanted them. Then, the next day, my phone reboots. When it starts back up, it has the former owners gmail back on here instead of mine. I just don't understand! When installing GJ through CW, I did the clear data and...
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    Thread Please help me fix my droid x!

    I have a droid x that I went into settings on and did the factory reset. When it rebooted, a screen came up that asked for the phone number so it could be activated. Since there is no phone number, because its not active yet and I didn't know how else to get it past this screen, this is how I...