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    Thread (APP)Vedic Library(all books of wisdom for free)

    A mega library of Spirituality and Hindu Sanatan Dharma stocked with ancient books of the Vedic Bharat with the most accurate translations in English and other languages available. Read the Agni Purana, Vayu Purana, Yoga Vasistha Ramayana and other spiritual books. Understand the magnificent...
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    Thread safetynet fail in stock miui rom

    Safety net is failing in stock miui rom The phone is not rooted,no custom recovery installed, just a plain old stock miui rom Any help, please??
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    Thread Devs and users kindly look into the strange battery issue

    I have been noticing a strange thing on this phone which is, if I install any custom ROM or custom kernel on stock ROM the battery temp is normal but as soon as I reboot the phone by clicking restart the temp of the battery immediately increases by 4°c. Instead of clicking on reboot and...
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    Thread will unlocking bootloader and installing twrp void warranty??

    Hey,does unlocking bootloader and installing twrp on poco f1 void warranty??:svetius:
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    Thread Will the screen bleeding gets rectified after changing display in service centre

    Hey,I noticed screen bleeding on my phone and got a replacement but the replacement too has that issue Will that issue gets rectified if take the phone to service centre and change the display??
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    Thread Governor tweaks to get good sot in pie eas(schedutil)

    These tweaks or small changes can save a lot of battery on pie eas ROMs which has schedutil governor For little cores (1.59ghz) Set down_rate_limit_us =200 Up_rate_limit_us=2500 For big cores(2.15ghz) Set down_rate_limit_us =200 Up_rate_limit_us=4500 Stune top app boost=5 To...
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    Thread How to achieve the best possible battery backup

    Hello I have installed twrp recovery and rooted my phone I wanted to know which custom ROM gives the best possible battery backup
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    Thread (APP) Findry-finds files to directly download

    Hello. Findry-Findry is a tool to better serach google to find the files that you want without hassle It can search videos,music,softwares,torrents etc... You can also download from XDA labs A new Findry 2.0 version is...
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    Thread is there any browser for Android without browser fingerprinting

    Hello Can anyone please help me find a web browser with no fingerprinting (not the tor browser) any other than that??
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    Thread bixby on other phones

    Hello, does the bixby work on other Android phones which are not Samsung??
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    Thread utouch button problem

    Hello, Has anyone experienced any problem with utouch?? cause my friends told that if we use it for like 6 months or so the button will get damaged and the fingerprint sensor will not work. Is it true?? I am a noob:rolleyes:
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    Thread how to contact developers if Lenovo zui

    Hello, can I know how to contact developers of Lenovo zui??
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    Thread how to put tempered glass for this phone

    Hello,the front of the screen is covered by plastic cover which has few air bubbles. Should I tear that plastic before applying the tempered glass or just put the tempered glass on that plastic which covers the front screen?? Please clarify Thank you all:good:
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    Thread ghost touch issue??

    Hello, does this phone has ghost touch issue while charging with the original charger provided?? Please clarify it ,it would be really helpful Thank you all
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    Thread reboot issue after nougat update

    Hello, are users experiencing reboot issues after nougat update?? Please clarify it, cause I am planning to buy this phone
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    Thread any one working solution for screen burn

    Please, can anyone provide the working solution for screen burn on a non rooted moto g4 plus????
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    Thread APP 123Netflix(to watch movie and tv show)

    This is my first app and don't know much about it, but I will learn to make it better and better 123Netflix -this app let's you watch any movie and TV show for free without any tension (☮️) People who wants to support me to buy a beer Download link is,it contains both banner and interstitial...
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    Thread moto g4 plus ota 7.1.1

    has anyone in india got the 7.1.1 upgrade ,cause the motorola people has told that the update are rolling for some of the phones based on imei mapping??:confused:
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    Thread installing twrp 3.0.2 by androidlover without odin or pc

    Hi people, twrp recovery v3.0.2 of androidlover is very good In order to flash this recovery on stock recovery or if cwm was already installed Try this method: download recovery.tar from the twrp recovery thread and then extract to obtain recovery.img .use this recovery.img and flash...
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    Thread help in developing cm13 rom for grand quattro

    please can any developer help samsung galaxy grand quattro (gt-18552) by developing cm13 rom .It is running on jelly bean and no development has taken place for this device. cm 11 is present but it is full of bugs ril not working bluetooth not working any developer can help lot of users...
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    Thread dwui v6 rom data connection problem

    hi, i was wondering if anyone could help with the data connection problem in dwui v6 rom . The problem is, when u switch on mobile data, network goes off and mobile does not get connected to internet . Asking for anybody to how to solve this problem in this rom .Please help.
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    Thread request for custom kernel with undervolting and overclocking

    hello,since the development of new android version from jellybean has been paused .please can somebody help quattro users by making overclocking and undervolting custom kernel which is required by many users,please help us by doing this favour