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    Thread Color settings only applying to second screen, game settings the opposite

    Title, pretty much. I change my color settings and they only apply to the dual screen when attached, and not at all when disconnected. It's the exact opposite with specific game settings. I can change a game's resolution and framerate settings and this works on the main screen, but NOT on the...
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    Thread Any way to enable tethering when carrier locks it?

    With StraightTalk. Used to have tethering, now they've locked it to their higher payment tiers, which have way more Gigs than I need. Is there a way to force it to be enabled? I've see it done with other phones, but haven't come across anything for the G950.
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    Thread Multiple issues.

    I was wondering if anyone had solutions to any of these issues: Double clicking the "recents" button doesn't go the last app, it just acts like I hit the home button once, minimizing everything. Likely fixed by a software update (before 4/29). The dual screen does NOT abide by my LG Game...
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    Thread Accessing ADB

    I'm aware there is another thread on this, but his solution was simply switching the cable. For me, adb is currently working on multiple other phones, but on the G8X, it simply doesn't list the device. Any idea? I do NOT have the full Android SDK, only the "minimal ADB and Fastboot" package...
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    Thread SM-T510 disable software update?

    I'm not quite ready to root/unlock yet, so I just want to disable the software updates. I had 3 postpones and I'm down to my last one. I've used adb to uninstall everything with the word "update" in it, but it doesn't seem to have worked. I've also disabled auto-updates though the developer...
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    Thread Verizon V20 (VS995) on Straight Talk?

    In the area that I live/work, Verizon is the best network. I've used MetroPCS (T-Mobile) and the speed was fast, but network availability was terrible, and I've used Boost Mobile (Sprint) with decent connection and speed. So I think I would like to do Straight Talk, but it's not listed on the...