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  1. revthanki

    Thread 12mp (9-to-1 binning) available on main cam?

    As the title asks, can you set the main cam on this to 12mp mode? Should offer smaller file size and better low light performance)
  2. revthanki

    Thread No Sim even after flashing stock. Assistance required.

    Hi all, I'm pretty experienced with flashing roms but I've run into a problem I cannot fix. I bought a Korean version F320L and it came with stock 4.4.2. I rooted and then tried a few roms. Moved back to my saved stock rom because of battery life. As my signal wasn't great I looked for an...
  3. revthanki

    Thread [Q] How to hide the status/notification bar?

    Hello! Is there a way to toggle on and off the top status bar? Either an app or a hack or anything like that?
  4. revthanki

    Thread 5 reasons why leaving the Galaxy S will be difficult

    0. Our Devs. Rather awesome. The Epic/Vibrant/Cappy/Fascinate devs. Pretty cool too. And the Nexus S devs. We couldn't have done this without you. 1. Wolfson DAC + Voodoo Sound - the sound output on my Galaxy S is better than my MacBook Pro 13" 2. Screen - 4 inches is perfect and I can't be...
  5. revthanki

    Thread [SCRIPT] No-lag solution to CM7/9 "low memory" notifications (STEP BY STEP,FIXED TB)

    [SCRIPT] No-lag solution to CM7/9 "low memory" notifications (STEP BY STEP,FIXED TB) Okay, I've found a rather excellent solution to the low storage problem that plagues the CM7 and CM9 roms - without causing the lagginess of the ".nodatadata" approach. It's not my work but was posted by...
  6. revthanki

    Thread It's been the best of times...

    Dear Desire users, it's an old hand who's watching the clock ticking down on the online sale of his dearly loved Desire. I got the phone the day it came out in the UK and it was mind-blowing: the colours, the speed :eek: And then a few weeks later the annoyances: that start-up sound, the...
  7. revthanki

    Thread Nexus One Gingerbread OTA Links inside. (Developers Only)

    This file is not for Desire users, it should NOT be flashed to your Desire. This is for DEVELOPERS only. And here it is! Update Another mirror, kindly provided by XDA member...
  8. revthanki

    Thread [Q] How to see which applications causing partial wake locks in Gingerbread

    Hi all, I'm using the Gingerbread Oxygen rom by Adam G. It's fantastic. But I have a quick question, whose answer I can't find by searching: My battery life is poor, I think because some app is using a partial wake lock to prevent sleep (grrrr). In my previous ROMs I was able to use the code...