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  1. ChattyMatty

    Thread Simple text app launching widget?

    Forgive me, I haven't played with much Android customization beyond the options in Nova Launcher since my Skyrocket days, and I haven't done any coding since the late 80's in BASIC and tiny bit of PASCAL so compiling custom stuff isn't something I'm interested in. What I want is the look of...
  2. ChattyMatty

    Thread Consensus on best old-school ROM?

    So back in my Skyrocket and G2 days I was a fan of AOKP but I haven't flashed a custom ROM in years. I also remember SlimRom being a thing, Paranoid, straight CM etc. Got my N5 inbound and am looking for a minimalist Kitkat/Marshmallow based ROM to run de-Googled but it's kinda tough sorting...
  3. ChattyMatty

    Thread New/refurb Nexus 5's from China on ePay?

    Anyone taken a chance on these? The seller's FB is good, been around about three years so not a total fly-by-night, but the pics look like stock photos. I'll link the exact posting if asked, but figure it's prolly bad form/would appear to be shilling. Suddenly feel the need to correct my...