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  1. MystaMagoo

    Thread how to update tsp fw?910C

    screen has become unresponsive to touch,except the very bottom back/menu buttons. *#2663# gives "unfortunately device keystring has stopped" adb shell command gives same error can it be updated with any different commands? putty,terminal etc Thanks
  2. MystaMagoo

    Thread bluetooth and win 10 only goes 1 way

    note 8 950F will not connect to my pc running win 10 via bt but pc does connect to note 8 and can send files,note receives the file what gives? tried clearing cache of bt but that didn't work read I need to clear cache of phone? any other ideas? was working both ways using same pc running win7
  3. MystaMagoo

    Thread How long until it auto updates to BL7....?

    My phone knows there's an update waiting,I know I can't stop it only delay it. Says its bootloader 7 which may derail option to root in the near future? If I root and flash a custom rom now before it's to late.........
  4. MystaMagoo

    Thread kids have been at my phone,how can I...........

    Now when an alarm goes off my screen shows a coloured band around the outside/edge instead of snooze and stop. What have they done and how do I fix it?
  5. MystaMagoo

    Thread Combo file bootloader 6

    Is it available anywhere,I can't find it.
  6. MystaMagoo

    Thread Prevent phone from locking whilst talking?

    Phone is open,using browser or whatever.... Phone call comes in,answer it and talk.... Call is finished but phone is now locked. Have to unlock to be able to use again. Any way to stop it from locking whilst talking?
  7. MystaMagoo

    Thread How to rid galaxy themes/my themes of old deleted themes?

    they are deleted but leave a ghost behind that I cannot get rid of - see pic
  8. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Guide] - How to hide shealth status bar icon

    Go into shealth app notifications (swipe down,swipe across shealth,touch the cog on the left) for me as I'm using steps it's then..... Ongoing and choose silent and minimised for current steps. That's basically it,shealth steps is still active in the drop down but status bar icon is gone...
  9. MystaMagoo

    Thread Step count on aod screen and lockscreen? On pie

    Is it possible? How? Have the icon on screen but not the count.
  10. MystaMagoo

    Thread Note 3,custom rom,supersu issues

    After successfully installing magisk on my Note 4 and getting it to work I thought I'd do the same to my Note 3. Problem seems to be apps asking for su/root rights,nothing ever pops up? SU was on my phone but after flashing/installing magisk it has gone. Not sure if my rom is using tasker,so...
  11. MystaMagoo

    Thread Latest OTA update?

    didn't think my old phone would get an update but right there on OTA is an update. only device manager updates,some security and performance tweaks,no Porridge I'm afraid :(
  12. MystaMagoo

    Thread convert .png to .pio possible or just replace?

    current rom has icons in .pio format. I want to change them with some other icons but these are in .png format. they are systemui icons,wifi,data,sound,bluetooth etc etc google is not much help :( how to convert .png to .pio? or would just swappimg out the relevant icons work?
  13. MystaMagoo

    Thread want to run lollipop on 910C

    Currently rooted and twrp'd and running 6.0.1 Would like to run lollipop because I want the voice/air command features that I had with note 3 lollipop. Can I run lollipop? Presume I need to downgrade to LP bootloader,is possible? Were they even a lollipop feature or it was because it was a note...
  14. MystaMagoo

    Thread glanceview

    anyone has or can port to i9300/i9305?
  15. MystaMagoo

    Thread NFC turns on when connecting by bluetooth,how to stop?

    rom is a stripped down KK rom but has this bug. Any ideas how to fix,where to look etc etc? Just realised it doesn't 'log' phone calls/messages either,related? Thanks
  16. MystaMagoo

    Thread roms fail to install with error ( status 0 )

    Wanting to install slimkat on my i9305 to use as a work phone. It fails to install giving error "location of rom" status 0. googled status 0 but nothing :( I can install other 4.4.4's and other variants,LP,MM and even some nougat. I can install pacrom i9305 but get status 0 when trying to...
  17. MystaMagoo

    Thread Blueborne Fix?

    Running stock default note 3. Probably won'y get OTA fix so is there a different way of fixing it? Thanks
  18. MystaMagoo

    Thread Note 4 still loved?

    I have an ota update available. Probably just modem and bootloader as usual. 600mb though.........
  19. MystaMagoo

    Thread usb tethering widget?

    works fine,using it now to post this. but isn't there a widget? thought there used to be at least a 'settings' widget that had it on it? 6.0.1 910C
  20. MystaMagoo

    Thread play store with the update tab?

    had it on one of my devices but didn't know it was a limited thing and had to factory reset it :( is there a apk out there?
  21. MystaMagoo

    Thread Definitive answer for rooting & tripping knox needed - 910C

    A few methods out there for rooting,I've read they do trip knox and that they don't trip knox. Most methods state android LP used but MM is out for a while now. So I'm a bit confused :silly: I thought custom recovery tripped knox not rooting? Specifically I'm after rooting my 910C on 6.0.1...
  22. MystaMagoo

    Thread 910C FW update

    Is the latest worth it? DPK1 DPI2 DPC1 I think my 910C is Hungarian by birth.
  23. MystaMagoo

    Thread Searching flash browser that will play bbc flash

    So Many browsers support flash but not found one that will play flash on BBC sites. Just seems to be BBC pages :( So looking for a browser that will play BBC flash.
  24. MystaMagoo

    Thread cannot unlock bootloader?

    nexus 7 2013 wifi not sure if it has been usb debug moded from within? anyways it won't unlock the bootloader,just sits on erasing userdata. factory reset and cache formatting bring up errors...... can't open cache can't mount cache can't flash another/same bootloader because cannot unlock this...
  25. MystaMagoo

    Thread slimrom for i9305?

    Having to fire up my old i9305 LTE but having a problem finding slimrom for my variant? Can find i9300 but no i9305? Unless it's known as a D2LTE? didn't want to flash d2lte so guess not
  26. MystaMagoo

    Thread stock weather widget

    "Failed to find current location" Doing it manually........ "Service is not available now" Other apps have no problem getting location just the weather widget. Is the weather provider (who?) down,dead or something?
  27. MystaMagoo

    Thread wifi not reconnecting from sleep

    Keep wifi on during sleep. I use 'only when plugged in'. On 4.3 soon as I opened my phone it would automatically connect. On 5.1.1 it also reconnects automatically. But with 5.0 it does not. I've searched and found similar problem but they used 'always on'. I tried a wifi fixer from google...
  28. MystaMagoo

    Thread where is my bluetooth contacts file?

    using god awfull lollipop not in download folder and there is no bluetooth folder. I can see it in bluetooth files but cannot do anything with it. it also seems it auto installed the bloody thing,never asked it to ffs really starting to dislike samsung phones now
  29. MystaMagoo

    Thread 4.4.2 OTA update to 5.0,where has it all gone?

    Note 3 was running 4.4.2,it has updated to 5.0. Why not 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 or 5.1? Anyway to the issue.............. Where has the ink effect gone for the lock screen? I also had mic available on lock screen but that's gone also? Have they been removed or just 'hidden' away some where?
  30. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] Fonts

    When you install fonts from the market where do they go? If I had a collection of fonts where would you put them so they can be used? I don't see installed fonts in system/fonts ?
  31. MystaMagoo

    Thread what's up with my bluetooth,no FF/RW?

    bluetooth headset used to be able to control audio through winamp. but after a factory reset it only plays audio,cannot control FF or RW? also as soon as headset connects samsung music starts playing,never used to do this. sam music can control FF and RW why can I not use FF and RW on the...
  32. MystaMagoo

    Thread Kies,Knox,USB 3.0 & BL

    So my phone does not seem to enable USB 3.0,no drop down menu. So I installed kies3 to see if it made any difference. Kies3 says firmware upgrade available but I have a tripped knox? Will kies update my phone once it is downloaded or will the tripped knox mess things up? I know I will be...
  33. MystaMagoo

    Thread How to enable usb 3.0?

    When I plug my note 3 SM-9005 into a USB 3 port I get the 'this device can perform faster yada yada' There is no USB 3 in the drop down on the phone just MTP and Camera. Using the cable that came with the phone,running JB 4.3 Ports are USB 3.0 with latest intel drivers.
  34. MystaMagoo

    Thread wifi Channel Bonding

    how to do it on our note 3. is it supported?
  35. MystaMagoo

    Thread 180 degree rotation

    Is this possible? App or otherwise.
  36. MystaMagoo

    Thread play store 4.9 and JB

    Play Store usually updates itself but mine is still on 4.8. Is 4.9 only for KK and up?
  37. MystaMagoo

    Thread Solar Panel Power Bank External Battery

    Tried searching but search is down or something as it gives error..... Any experiences with using these? 10,000 or 30,000 mAh versions? the 30,000 version don't seem to be proper 30,000 though but are they still better than a 10,000? they are roughly the same price on ebay and look the...
  38. MystaMagoo

    Thread hide album art from gallery.......

    I want to hide album covers from the picture viewer so I use a .nomedia file in the 'root' folder where all my music is in per groups folders. It works which is good :) But it is also hiding the music from the music player (winamp). Trying various things to 'get around' it and of course...
  39. MystaMagoo

    Thread Legality of Samsung denying Android updates????

    Because I have a tripped knox I'm not allowed by Samsung to update OTA the Android operating system. I can understand not allowing updating of samsung apps but not the operating system. Do they get around this by us being able to update Android through odin? Sorry if wrong section,just woke...
  40. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] latest firmware needed,going from JB to KK but....

    So I'm going to bite the bullet and go to KK from JB. Once I've KK'd my phone I'll put a custom rom in it. knox is tripped and I'm rooted. Will I need to unlock the bootloader once flashed? Also getting a bit confused as to which is latest stock firmware for my SM-N9005? Been googling and I...
  41. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] bootloader questions.........4.3 v 4.4.....

    I'm on stock JB and wondering if I should upgrade to kitkat. I have a tripped knox so will have to odin to upgrade. is there any advantage in having a KK BL over a JB BL? I'm reading that android and samsung are getting too security minded,knox and bootloaders etc I know you cannot downgrade...
  42. MystaMagoo

    Thread Bootloaders and roms

    Do I need a 4.4 bootloader to install KK roms? I know 1 rom gives you a choice of bootloaders. Not sure I want to change from my 4.3 as yet........
  43. MystaMagoo

    Thread Bootloader JB v KK

    I'm on stock android 4.3,rooted with a tripped knox. Will my bootloader always be 4.3 until I flash official kitkat rom? Will/can custom KK roms change my bootloader? Thanks
  44. MystaMagoo

    Thread How to flash back to stock

    Can we get a sticky on this or even this stickied? I've just had to do this and info was all over the shop. I'll even do a write up on how to do it when I get back from work.............
  45. MystaMagoo

    Thread edge network - what gives?

    my phone just does not seem to like edge. 98 times out of 100 I never get any data when on edge. any reason why? anything I can do to improve it? Thanks pay no attention to sig.
  46. MystaMagoo

    Thread .KubanCache

    searched and googled but found nothing what app makes and uses this folder?
  47. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] memory being eaten

    how does one find out where memory is going? from a power on or reboot I have about 1.2gig. this can dwindle to say 500mb. I can 'reclaim' a couple of hundred mb's but something is using it and not releasing it. probably related to the rom I'm using.......
  48. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen targets-how to?

    I9305 AOKP 4.3 This is also an issue with different roms........... lockscreen targets don't appear when pattern security is used. targets appear if slide is used but then my phone is unsecure :( would rather not install a lockscreen app. some other roms don't have this 'problem'? is there...
  49. MystaMagoo

    Thread ad blocking

    With 4.1.x rom's,host file went to system/etc but with my 4.3 AOKP rom it doesn't seem to be working? Also I have a 'new' emulated folder which some apps use as default? This folder seems to mirror internal storage but there's also 2 folders in there that seem to be the same? These 2 folders...
  50. MystaMagoo

    Thread [Q] Fonts?

    When in settings/display/font style I only see a choice of 3 fonts,choco,helvetica and rosemary. BUT when I look in system/fonts I have a lot more fonts in there? why are those fonts not showing up to be chosen in font styles? I've searched for the 3 fonts but cannot find them apart from their...