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    Thread PX5 4G ram with Android 10, someone already tested them?

    Hello, I saw that in Chinese online markets are available car auto heads with Android 10. The hardware specs are the usual (cpu PX5, 4 gb ram etc), is safe to buy them or we should wait or choose an android 9 radio in order to have stability? Any way to root them in near future? I searched...
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    Thread How to play x265 4k/UHD video files on Mido?

    I've read that our snapdragon chipset should support hardware acceleration for hevc but I am not able to play in a decent way x265 4k samples. After several test with Mx player, Kodi, VLC and an alpha version of MPV, I realized that none of them is able to play the file with using HW...
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    Thread ZE550KL Case fits to ZE551ML?

    Hi all, As per subject, I found a nice cover for ZE550KL, I can't buy it for my ZE551ML? Many thanks for your confirmation :)
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    Thread Why Sony devices(advanced opensource support)aren't officially supported by Cyanogen?

    I know Sony has a very advanced open source support for their devices and an united core to easily make updates for every model (also the older models) but why the CM development is so difficult? The only one Sony phone officially supported from CM13 is the Xperia M... In the Sony's site...