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    Post Proximity Sensor Issue

    There is no fix. This is apparently the way AOD works now. I can't remember if it started with the S10s or S20s.
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    Post S20 FE Cases and Covers

    I just picked up this Anccer case in green from Amazon. The color is darker than in the pictures and looks even better imo. Not much drop protection, but it's very light and low profile, which is what I was looking for. There is a slight lip around the screen and camera though I wish it were a...
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    Post Bixby button remap?

    Another vote for Side Actions. From the same developer as BX Actions.
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    Post HDR compability?

    Neither Netflix nor Prime shows in HDR for me on the S20 FE. Youtube detects the display is HDR capable, but does not seem to activate HDR (e.g., by maxing the brightness). My guess is Samsung caught these content providers by surprise with the release of the S20 FE, so they haven't had time to...
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    Post Cheap glass screen protectors

    Don't think so. The camera bump is different.
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    Post [APP][6.0+] NetGuard - No-root firewall

    2.228 works much better. Thanks for the quick fix!
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    Post [APP][6.0+] NetGuard - No-root firewall

    I just updated to 2.227 and certain websites (e.g.,, no longer load at all. They load fine once netguard is disabled.
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    Post [PSA] 7.0 nougat update defaults the screen res to 1080p

    Thanks for the heads up! No lag here either. In fact I'm kind of impressed how buttery smooth everything is so far.
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    Post The Dell Venue 8 7840 has a secret.

    Very interesting... this might be just the tablet I'm looking for, as I use LectureNotes extensively on my various Galaxy Note devices. If you set LectureNotes to "Use stylus (hardware detection)" does the tablet still detect the stylus?
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    Thread Drilling a hole in flip cover for LED notifications...

    Has anyone successfully drilled a hole in any flip cover so they can see the notification LED light on their Note 5? I know this trick worked with prior Note models, but I seem to recall reading somewhere the LED is disabled when the Samsung flip cover is closed. Can anyone confirm the...
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    Post Keep My iPad Mini Or Trade For Samsung Note 8.0?

    If you take handwritten notes, then yay. Otherwise, nay.
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    Post Making Calls on the Note 8 With Hangouts 2.3...

    Weird... I haven't seen anything like that. Are you located outside the U.S. and/or trying to call internationally?
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    Thread Making Calls on the Note 8 With Hangouts 2.3...

    As you probably know, Google just released a Hangouts Dialer that you can use with a new version of Hangouts (2.3) to make VOIP calls. I was curious to see if I could use it with my Note 8 (Wifi). Unfortunately, while I was able to download the Dialer, the Play Store said Hangouts 2.3 was...
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    Post Looking for Google Experience launcher

    The Google Experience Launcher is now available in the Play Store. I installed it on my Note 8 and have been reasonably pleased. The problem is I can't seem to get the "ok Google" detection to work. It works fine if I press the microphone button, but won't recognize it when I say "ok Google"...
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    The problem most people had, and that Kit Kat has fixed (for me, at least), wasn't just losing GPS signal. It was that, when you lost GPS, it didn't automatically reconnect. You had to manually toggle the GPS on and off to get it back. To clarify, are you still having that problem after updating?
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    You're lucky. Many people, myself included, had trouble with the Note 1.
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    Yikes... lol.
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    Post [FIX] Note 3 GPS Issues

    Try re-calibrating the compass again. I find the compass gets out of whack and must be re-calibrated constantly, otherwise the poles flip/freeze causing the bouncing around of your GPS icon. I can connect consistently to 12-19 satellites, but if my compass isn't calibrated, my GPS will still...
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    Post [FIX] Note 3 GPS Issues

    Have you tried calibrating your compass and gyroscopes using a program like GPS Status?
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    Post [FIX] Note 3 GPS Issues

    Out of curiosity, how do you know you're getting a lock? Are you confirming via a third-party app like GPS Toolbox?
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    Post CHEAP Galaxy products

    This is so totally not the thread I was expecting based on the title lol!
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    Post Where to discuss at&t?

    Tell them you're going to leave AT&T unless they give you a free Femtocell, which is like a mini cell tower you hook up to your router. If they try to charge you, then keep escalating up the food chain. Call back if you have to. They may ask you to pay for the Femtocell but refund you the price...
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    Awesome! How long had you had the phone before you asked for an exchange? And did you have to send in the wonky phone for any kind of warranty service before they would send you a replacement?
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    Got the dreaded "GPS signal is lost" twice yesterday. The most infuriating thing is it won't reconnect automatically. I have to back out of maps, then re-enter the navigation info to get the GPS to reconnect, though once I do so it reconnects immediately. One thing I did notice: it seemed to...
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    Post The Google Experience .....

    I'm not rooted. However, I did find that force stopping Knox and clearing data seems to have stopped the alerts. Not sure if using the Google Experience Launcher will bring them back, though.
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    Nope, no root required. You may find you have to recalibrate periodically the first few times. But eventually it should take. My GPS now locks on much faster, even indoors, and I haven't had to recalibrate for some time.
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    Post The Google Experience .....

    Anyone else getting Knox alerts (i.e., "An application has been forced to stop...") since installing the Google Experience stuff?
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    Clear data and cache from Maps. Download GPS Status and Toolbox and use it to calibrate your sensors and to download AGPS data. I had the same issues. After doing this a few times, the GPS on my Note 3 has settled down and works as well or better than my OG Note.
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    Post The Google Experience .....

    Then you have your answer. Nobody cares to test, not even you.
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    Post The Google Experience .....

    It goes automatically to Google Launcher with no Touchwiz option. A little tinkering reveals you have to clear the defaults for Google Search.
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    Post The Google Experience .....

    Unfortunately, mine says "no defaults set" and the "clear defaults" button is greyed out. Weird.
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    Post Calibration compass?

    The Compass issues have nothing to do with S-Cover. I had them, too, when I first bought the phone. There were reports of this problem with the S4, too, IIRC. You have to calibrate your sensors using a program like GPS Status. It's a sightly more involved process than just doing the figure 8...
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    Post [Q]Anyone having issues with GPS?

    I found the GPS a little wonky initially, but it seems to have settled down after a few calibrations of the sensors using GPS Status. I reliably get a lock within 30 feet indoors, and it's even more accurate outdoors.
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    Post Workaround for Google Now access

    Unfortunately, this does not work for me. When I go into S-Voice, the home key option is already enabled. The option to "clear defaults" is grayed out in the App Manager. Disabling and re-enabling the home key in S-Voice does nothing. Same with clearing all S-Voice data in the App Manager...
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    Post Recommended Universal IR remote App?

    Second this. Takes a little time to figure out how to program the thing. But once you do, it's very customizable and works like a charm.
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    Post Extra sensitive screen.

    Ah. I never noticed because I use Google Voice for texts. Sorry for my confusion.
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    Post [Q] Problems unlocking Galaxy Note 3

    Do you maybe have to use different APN settings for the two networks?
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    Post Extra sensitive screen.

    Does the LED light still flash when you have a notification?
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    Post Extra sensitive screen.

    Wait... your phone wakes up when you get a notification? Like the screen turns on when you receive an email or text? My phone stays locked and just flashes the LED light.
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    Post [Q] Google map is using S voice sound !!!

    Saying the street names is basic functionality. The omission is inexcusable.
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    Post Question about At&t Galaxy Note 3

    lolwut? The problem isn't that you put AT&T in the subject line. It's that your subject line is useless because is says nothing about the actual subject of the post.
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    Post [Q] Can you calibrate the gyroscope?

    Download GPS Status and Toolbox. Under menu, tools, there are various calibration tools. I was able to calibrate my compass using this app.
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    Post Note 3 will not connect to AT&T Microcell

    Here's another discussion of the same problem: The final post identifies the problem as an issue with the Android OS: However, based on what I'm reading on this thread, that sounds like...
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    Post Moved to Note 3 from Note - a few customization questions

    Me, too. I think you're really gonna like this device! Don't know if that will work, but one alternative is to use a custom launcher. Probably not, but from what I've read, freezing it causes problems with email. One thing you can do is to go into the app, press menu, select settings, and...
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    Post Turn Animations Off

    This actually is the first phone I've ever had where I don't feel like I need to turn off the animations to make things snappier.
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    I don't agree the problem is just Maps. When I downloaded GPS Toobox, it showed the same compass offset as Maps until I calibrated. Thus far, 24 hours later, that calibration seems to have done the trick. I'll update this thread if it returns.
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    Post Note 3 Stutter, Lag, and Other Issues

    Here, in a nutshell, is the difference between IQ and EQ lol.
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    Post Does N5100 have NFC? Is there a black model?

    It has an active stylus, so yes. In fact, most drawing and writing programs can be set to recognize only the S-pen for inking.
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    Post Foxfi working on unrooted stock ATT Note 3

    Try freezing first. That way you don't have to worry about reinstalling it if removing it causes problems.