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  1. Field95

    Post [KERNEL]Radioactive Kernel V2.1.4 [2021.02.12][OOS/CUSTOM ROMS][UNIFIED OP8/OP8Pro/OP8T]

    Yes, although kernel sources aren't out yet but you're safe.
  2. Field95

    Post OP8P problems with root after a while

    I really don't know what's causing the issue you're having but I highly recommend to do a backup and then factory reset, it could fix all the issues ;)
  3. Field95

    Post What's your experience with OOS 11.0.2?

    It's probably a set-up issue/failure, 5g is working perfectly fine, I never had any crashing apps, my messages arrive quickly and just fine. Let's talk about the performance and battery life, the phone with Android 11 is blazing fast, incredibly smooth and offers really great battery life. I'd...
  4. Field95

    Post [TWRP][3.4.0-14][instantnoodle]Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 8/8 Pro Unified(Stable)

    It's very rude to tell someone what to do, especially someone who's developing and sacrificing his time just to make you enjoy the device's capabilities. This is not specifically directed to anyone but whoever thinks it fits him, can wear it. The phenomenon of rudely demanding development stuff...
  5. Field95

    Post No sound after upgrade to Andriod 11

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the update itself, I highly doubt it, but you can try downloading the update from Oxygen Updater and install it again, make sure you factory reset right after finishing. If it doesn't work, then I think it might be something with your hardware, couldn't...
  6. Field95

    Post What's your experience with OOS 11.0.2?

    I'm really enjoying every minute using, I'm running it along with Omega's latest build and it's smooth and fast. I'd suggest upgrading bud, or you could wait for the next stable version, it's coming out soon.
  7. Field95

    Post [KERNEL] [OOS] Omega Kernel OOS11 [March 23, 2021]

    Latest build is incredibly smooth, fast and even offering really great battery life. Hats off bud, thanks 😀