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    Post [STABLE] HAVOC OS ROM [Q|Android 10.0] [OFFICIAL] [MI A2 Lite]

    Yes I was on Vanilla and yes after the flash y fllased OpenGapps. Now I am using Havoc GApps version with no error.
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    Post [STABLE] HAVOC OS ROM [Q|Android 10.0] [OFFICIAL] [MI A2 Lite]

    Hello guys, I tried to do a dirty flash of the last release and everything went well except the GApps (Gmail doesn''t work, neither does contacts, and so on). After that I tried to reflash GApps with no results so finally I made a clean flash and all went well. Is there any way for doing a...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0][treble][mido] LineageOS 15.1 [Weeklies]

    For this: or if any one had some sound issues like : Volume sound does not work No sound in call (internal speaker) No keyboard sound I fixed it by doing: - Download the latest firmware from here...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][MIDO][Weekly] LineageOS 14.1

    Hello, I have this rom installed in my Mido and with the last update my system partition is 5GB, is this normal? I think its a lot of memory ocupied for the OS. Maybe there are the GApps installed under system or something like that? I have a friend with the same ROM but for the Xiaomi Redmi 5...
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    Post ROM] 18/11 Eragon v1.0 P6000 Pro | Android 5.1 |Google / AOSP | Mods

    Hi, I'm a unlucky owner of a P6000 Pro, I'm tired of waiting for the "oficial Android 6 Update" so I have some questions: ¿Do you have plans to port the P8000 Android 6 ROM or port Eragon Android 6 Rom if it is released?, ¿If not , can you describe the port method?,¿You touched the base rom...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][5.0.2][WIP][LOLLIPOP][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX LP 5.2.5

    My GPS doesn't work, I think is because CM blocks the GPS (in stock) but i don't know. Someone knows how to fix that? Thanks, and by the way very nice ROM.
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    Post [Q] Emmc Brick Bug CM 9 Final Stable question

    Thanks for all the answers, If is a safe kernel I think I will flash CM 10.1 early.
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    Post [Q] Emmc Brick Bug CM 9 Final Stable question

    Thank you for you very usefull answer. I have already read about the eMMC brick bug, I'm just writing because I want to be sure. I know the bug only happend if the kernel is based on stock kernel(and with CWM) but for example I'm not sure if blinky ghost is stock based.
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    Thread [Q] Emmc Brick Bug CM 9 Final Stable question

    Hi to all , i'm new on the forum and I have open this thread looking for some help. I have a Galaxy S 2 GT-i9100 with CM9 Final Stable (Android version 4.0.4) , and I have the kernel 3.0.32-CM-ge9cef6c [email protected]#1 the problem is I have a eMMC chip 0x19 so my chip is vulnerable...