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    Thread Finally given up trying to connect phone to PC. Help!

    OK, so for months now I have done everything from buying a new cable, battery, fully erasing both internal and external (I have a card reader I can put my micro SD card in), reformatted everything, tried using other computers to connect the phone, and the list goes on. I never thought about...
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    Thread Flashing back to the original stock ROM?

    OK, after trying everything that I could think of, including suggestions to get my phone to be recognized by the computer on USB and the fast charging working again (only thing I have not done is replace the battery). I am on the Deodoxed [ROM] [Touchwiz-PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No...
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    Thread Help with booting problems?

    Hello, I just noticed something the other day and I do not know if this has any effect on my problem with the phone getting a usb not recognized error so I wanted inquire! So I did a completely clean install of the [ROM] [Touchwiz-PC1,PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No Itson] [4/5/2016]...
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    Thread PC Will No Longer Detect Note 4. Gives Unknown Device/USB Device Not Recognized Error

    Hello Everyone. Hopefully someone can help. I have searched and found people with some similar issues, however this one is stumping me good. So a couple days ago the cable that came with my Note 4 crapped out. It shorted out and burned a small hole through the cable and now sparks if you try...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy S 2.3.3 update in UK, when in US?

    Saw it on engadget. If there is a RC of 2.3.3 do you think we shall see it soon?
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    Thread epic 4g Problems with charging (should i get a nexus?)

    Ok I just got a Epic4G and I LOVE IT :) However from day 1 I had issues with charging and having to jiggle the cord to get it to start charging and now the connection is pretty much screwed. I have also had numerous problems when connecting it to a pc. I went out and bought a good USB cord for...
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    Thread Circular battery for CM 6.1 Final?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? I have tried the mods on the original thread that faded away a couple months ago and all I get is a continuous boot loop. I have also tried to cook me a custom mod and it worked but it also put my phone into roaming and won't go out of it...
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    Thread Network draining battery?

    Tonight I noticed my battery was draining incredibly fast 30% in less than 4 hours. So i rebooted my phone then noticed my battery didn't drain 1% for 2 hours. I then noticed I had to do the update profile & prl to get a network connection. After this my battery begin to trickle down again. I...
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    Thread 1.5 Music App for 2.1?

    Does anyone know if the Music player from 1.5 would work on 2.1? If so does anyone have the apk? Ever since 2.1 was released I am unable to play larger dj sets. At first I thought it was a length issue but now I am led to believe it is a file size issue. I have longer sets encoded at a lower...