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    Thread SuperSU making /system read-only in TWRP and FlashFire?

    Hi, I'm running CyanogenMod13 on my galaxy S4 with TWRP and I wanted to flash XPosed. The xposed page says that it's only compatible with SuperSU so I installed latest Stable SuperSU 2.82 and deactivated root access on CM13 in developer options. Then I tried flashing Xposed framework...
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    Thread Wifi won't autoconnect anymore, just says scanning after upgrade to Lollipop 5.1.1

    Hi, Have something quite annoying. Since I upgraded my Xperia Z3 to latest pre-rooted Lollipop 5.1.1 it won't autoconnect to wi-fi networks anymore. Quite often I see that there's only LTE/4G and when I check the quick settings it says scanning. When I open Wi-Fi overview I see that the desired...
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    Thread Is there a leaked 4.3 ROM for the I-9295 int'l version (not AT&T)?

    Hi, Would like to know if there's some leaked 4.3 Rom for the int'l version of the S4 active, The rom I'v found so far is one for AT&T devices but not for int'l ones. Or does someone know when 4.3 for int'l is scheduled? Thanks a lot
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    Thread assign application to wheel button

    Does anyone know, how I can assign an application to the wheel button, because the wheel button can not be assigned in the button settings neither in wm5 nor in wm6. What I want to do is launch an application (TyTNDialer or may ContactBreeze) when I click on the wheel, is this doable? Thanks...
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    Thread AS 4.5 -> Internet passthrough (100s of solutions, but none is working???)

    Hi, Since AS 4.2 came out I have problems to use USB Internet passthrough in Activesync, als AS 4.5 did not solve this problem. I googled around a lot and also searched in xda forums but everyone is giving other instructions, some say this, some say it the other way. It also does not depend on...
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    Thread activesync reconnect after reset not possible?

    Hi, I tried lots of WM6 roms so far (black, lvsw, vp3g, faria, schaps) and I'm really puzzled about one thing. Why do WM6 roms not reconnect to activesync if they are soft rest. The problem that when I install certain software such as PhoneAlarm or Resco Keyboard Pro the devices perform a soft...
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    Thread how to downgrade ipl/spl for warranty reasons (currently running HardSPL)?

    Hi, I have the following question. I currently have installed HardSPLv7 (so the device shows IPL-1.04 / SPL-2.20Olipro. How exactly do I downgrade to my old IPL-1.00 / SPL-1.06 in case I have to hand-in my device for warranty reasons? I already searched through the forum and read that it can...
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    Thread Mainsplash / Subsplash rom extractor (for linux)

    Hi, This is for those folks which have a special mainsplash/subsplash on their device which is not available in any .nbh and want to backup them (for example because you want to load another rom and need them in case of warranty or you simply want to put them back onto the device after flashing...
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    Thread full rom reconstruction

    Hi everybody, I just bought me a TyTN and did the Rom reconstruction procedure, this all worked very well (thx for the great guides), but with this procedure only the Part02 file is transformed into a .nbh file. Is it possible to fully reconstruct the rom including, splash screen and most...
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    Thread German Keyboard setings for English AKU3.2 Roms

    Hi, I just installed Molski's AKU3.2 Rom and have big problems making my german keyboard work because the old "Locale" Registry key which did set the keyboard in AKU2 Roms, doesn't work anymore. I already found out that it has something to do with the "keyboard layout/Preload" settings which...