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    Thread whatsapp didn't wake lock screen on nougat

    Hi, B182 whatsapp wake on lock screen first message but B361 didnt wake. I see (if i dont read first) second message wake lock screen. Is this a bug or nougat feature?
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    Thread A6010 mic issue

    We have no 6010 sections so i write this area. I have an A6010 model. When i install custom roms for 6000 ( miui, cm etc...) mic wont work, i dont make a call. I want to use specially miui roms, how can i do? ( also front camera seen inverted but its not important for me )
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    Thread 6.0 Concept Rom MRA58K.Z1.2099 official ftf file

    Official Sony Z3 Compact Concept marshmallow 6.0 edition build 2099 ftf file Fix file link!v9gFDSrY!ZoJJDPDgU0dLIP7qrhF9yDm4x3CiWMRVye-XHe_jw0o Thanks Jozinek for first release
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    Thread 6.0 Concept Rom Z3 Compact Unlocked Bootloader 2099 Build (twrp restore only)

    First i'm not a developer. Who use this backup, know to what he's doing :) This is Concept 6.0 rom build-2099 Z3 Compact twrp backup file for unlocked bootloaders only!S1pwxBqY!jZPYj18LDAo2TPuVrYp2IuTpD71lt9QhiG0D9CC5NAs How to: Extract file, copy to TWRP backup folder...
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    Thread 16gb remaning memory for user?

    Hi; Anybody use 16gb g2, how many remaining memory to the user? Sorry for my bad english.
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    Thread i cant remove adwlauncher on cm7

    Hi there; I'm using cm7 #5 with launcherpro and i want to delete adwlauncher. On terminal emulator typing $ su # mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system # rm -r /system/app/ADWLauncher.apk then write on emulator "cant remove app because folder is not empty" What can i do? Thanks in...