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    Thread Custom ROM thread

    Hi guys, i was thinking of making a custom ROM for the P8 since this phone deserves more to be the nexus 5x than the actual 5x :). Nothing too complicated though, just a stock 5.0.1 AOSP with a reizable nav bar, just to be a stock experience. Anyone interrested ? Devs ? I notice that bootloader...
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    Thread USB Debugging not working

    Hello. when i connect my cable to computer the usb debugging is not appearing on my phone, although it is checked under developer options. I have not changed anything at my computer. My phone has kit kat+2.0+google stock package+init.d scripts+twrp Any thaughts ? Basically i am trying to...
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    Thread Touchscreen sensitivity lagging

    Anyone else seem like touchscreen sensitivity on P6 i a bit laggy ? But to understand by what i mean with laggy you must have had a snappy phone before that... It's like for example on the app drawer (i use apex launcher), or anywhere that you have to scroll, you move your finger like 1 cm...