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  1. JesusWazBlack

    Thread I just bought this phone from the US, and I'm using it in Canada. No OTA updates?

    This is what my phone screen looks like:
  2. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Guys, how can i tell I have kate or kenzo?

    Bought from aliexpress. I'm in canada
  3. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Canada Variant: 4GB ram and 16GB 1.8Ghz...What do I need to know?

    So I am planning on purchasing this phone variant Could someone give me the compatibility breakdown in general of the zenfone 2 variants because there seem to be a ton of variants and tons of roms.
  4. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Isn't the 6045l also a canadian version?

    or is just an american
  5. JesusWazBlack

    Thread How would I go about porting a touch wi ROM from the gsm s2 to a carrier type?

    So I got my touchwiz base for my variant and I got the rom I want to port. Is there anything I should differently since this is touchwiz? any input is appreaciated. btw heres the guide im following right now: edit: touchwiz********
  6. JesusWazBlack

    Thread what do you guys think of the new nexus 7

    Curious I was thinking of getting one
  7. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Leaked 4.3 camera works perfect with our device ibcluding PHOTOSPHERE Should work on all 4.0+ aosp ROMs. Just delete/rename gallary2.apk in system/apps then install the apk like normal I'm posting this because I'm running it right now with zero issues on thddudes beanstalk rom
  8. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Skyrocket got 4.2.2 liquidsmooth, will we get it?

  9. JesusWazBlack

    Thread bricked phone by flashing the skyrocket ubuntu port

    I can still get into download mode tho. I'm just sharing If anyone tries it won't work
  10. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Does the linaro toolchain decrease overall battery life

    If it boosts performance does it also decrease battery life? Thanks
  11. JesusWazBlack

    Thread Why aren't we allowed to add mods to our ignore lists?

    This is injustice.