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    Thread Preview CM14 on n7100

    Hi! No support, no help, no...all that you want. I am not a Team, I AM ALONE!! It's just the first preview: this is the first boot of cm14 on N7100, lots of crashes/random reboot, lots of bugs.!dREj1AqS!jGeoXdeDP4qt9ZWl0iRzoe66WFgaSilCtfqTivCgkDk Only kernel has beeen pushed...
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    Thread Driver mali r6p0 on pour kernel

    Hi guys, Anyone has tried to switch r3p2 mali driver to r6p0 version? I try to port it atm, kernel boot, but driver is not load correctly. If you want try you can take kernel exynos from Google repo. And port mali_osk_locks.c files from r3p2 driver. I will push my first try (which boot) on...
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    Thread [ROM] CyanoBiz - CM-13.0 - Doze enable - n7100 / Galaxy Notes2

    /!\Thread will be moved in Android dev section by moderator..../!\ Hi! I share you my own build based on Ivan andI9300's works with my works. This ROM will NOT work if: [fix in next build] - you have partitonned your system (less of 1GB of free espace) /* * Your warranty is now void. * *...
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    Thread [DEV] KitKat starts on Gen8

    Hi guy! After some days without any answer, i have worked on Kitkat. It seems that it boots on my tab.... :angel: Wait the fist release on 2.6.29 kernel And 2.6.37 for A70S2 (HC and FROYO) :good::fingers-crossed::good: Bizcuite
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    Thread CYANOBIZ - BASED ON GEN9 KERNEL 2.6.37 - A43-A101-A70S2Froyo-HoneyComb - WIP FOR A70S

    BASED ON CM9.1.0 - A70 USERS MUST WAIT A LITTLE THAT I CONFIGURE THE KERNEL (board configuration file) For A101, just the TS doesn't worked For A43, it must work, i need a confirmation... [/COLOR]Image file:
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    Thread [Q] GEN9 / GEN8 Is it possible to start/add/include adb with initramfs.cpio.gz

    Hi guys, I prefer post this question here, there are more active dev. I have successfully boot the kernel Gen9 on my A70S2 (froyo-gen8). I can boot kernel and run initramfs.cpio.gz, but partitions seems to be different than on my tab. (mmcblk1p1 not found) Is there any possibility to include...
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    Thread [Q] Navigation Buttons in Firefox OS??

    Hi Guys, I have ported successfully Firefox OS to my Archos Gen8 (Omap3 CPU). But i haven't any buttons, except power and volume buttons, to return to the home screen. Are there any options or a line to put in the to activate the navigation bar? Is it configure by the DPI like...
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    Thread CM9 - ICS Bizcuite for users who has less than 10 post

    Hi! Please write here your reports, problems, ideas to help me and i will help you if i can :D Bizcuite Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q] - Binaries file compile like Sharedlib - after CM10 Compilation success

    PS: Sorry wrong section i thank that i was on Question forum. :s Hi everybody!! I have a problem with my compilation of CM10 (For archos gen8 but i don't think that has any relation with my pb). I can compile correctly CM9 from Cyanogen sources, but i have a pb with binaries include in bin...
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    Thread /!\ OLD THREAD 16-10-2013 /!\ -- CYANOBIZ - ICS for GEN8 based on CM9 - BETA2.6

    The system is stable now on my tab, don't forget, you have only 256MB of RAM, i cannot make the impossible ;) Lots of tweaks are include into the kernel and the ROM to have a fast tab...! If you have any problem, go there: Sources: Github: Kernel sources is...
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    Thread [kernel] - compiled with linaro gcc4.7.1 -- cm7 / archos - for a43/70/101 only atm

    Hi Guys, I am back with a new Kernel to try. I have compile it with last Linaro Toolchain after lots of problems to compress a zImage :) This is a 1100MHz version with all Tweaks from my own first kernel. I attach too my initramfs.cpio.gz modify. Time passed 20 to 5 seconde, 20 is too...
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    Thread Kernel - cm7-bull / archos -- for test/fun - oc 1100-1150-1200-sio-bfq - 5 steps freq

    New UPDATE 13-07-2012: Youtube fixed, CleanCache include, Gov Optimisation, include Interactive Sched., remove SIO Sched (unstable ATM) => PLEASE REPORT :) Hi guy, I would like to share my work and try to see if my hardware is limited to OC. I can OC with great stability to 1080 and 1100...