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    Post [Q] Bricked for good?

    I just figured it out. I was using Closeone's Downgrade Toolkit Live CD, but it didn't work for me. I thought that was the direction I needed to go, but apparently not. I had to run an Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD and then run the tools listed here...
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    Thread [Q] Bricked for good?

    Okay, so, I was at work and I was trying to run an RUU to go back to stock, and I heard I had to relock. Well like an idiot, I start running commands without reading the whole thread first. I ran 'fastboot oem writesecureflag 3', and now my phone is bricked. So. I'm S-Off with the earliest...
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    Post ATTENTION KC or oaklahoma city this may affect your service greatly

    I live in northern WV. The towers in this area are owned by Ntelos. My phone shows 3g signal just like it would anywhere else. I get service just like I would anywhere else. These roaming contracts are nothing new, and you probably use other carrier's towers every day, but you don't even...
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    Post [ROM] ▲▲▲SupraROM▲▲▲ [Dual ROMs!][Sense/AOSP Merge |v1.5| 8/23/11]

    only thing holding me back from using this is that I can't get exchange to sync properly...
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    Post [Q] Newly released Evo3D in UK (CarphoneWarehouse)

    its the best, just get it.
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    Post [Q] 3D all the time?

    Sorry, you're right. It does work in landscape. Its the camera that doesn't. Yeah, we might have some sort of a launcher that pops up that is in 3d. But I highly doubt sense will ever be ported to 3d, nor will the "whole phone" be in 3d.
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    Post [Q] 3D all the time?

    #1. the parallax barrier doesn't work unless the phone is in landscape. #2. the 3d effect is achieved only by two separate images, from slightly different perspectives, being shown at the same time. The phone's interface does not have this, and will not ever have this at any point in your...
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    Post IGO MY WAY-960 x 540

    Why imagine?
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    Post Is there a problem with flash?

    I haven't noticed anything
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    Post Gmail calendar not syncing....grrr.

    I had issues with my gmail account syncing, then I realized that, somehow, I had not checked the box to sync gmail. Check and make sure it's not something in your settings
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    Post Charging Port Not Working Right, light going on an off, and a burning smell!

    That's one HOT phone you've got there...
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    Thread SD card speeds

    How is everyone's SD card speed? Since this is a class 4 card, and the 16gb samsung card that came with my Epic is a class 2, I figured the card in this phone would be faster... However using SD Tools, I'm getting ~8MB/s read, ~17MB/s write with the Samsung card... but only ~5MB/s read...
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    Post Bluetooth Death Grip

    Just reporting back in... A2DP on this phone paired with my car's headunit is the most rock solid A2DP connection i've ever had. My epic would occasionally skip, and it was noticible that the driver sped up and slowed down to compensate for connection variations... but with the 3vo, you...
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    Post wireless Tether without Root?

    Posting this message via bluetooth wireless tether on a 3vo as we speak.
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    Post Print to wifi printer SWEET

    Yeah I made this mistake yesterday. Surely there has got the be some way to remove the 5 printers i added while trying to get the damn thing to work with a simple HP laserjet.
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    Post Bluetooth Death Grip

    Haven't tried to pair mine with my Sony head unit, I'll report back if i can remember to tonight
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    Post What a day...I'm on my 3rd EvO3D

    My first EVO 3d I got today was bad too. The digitizer had a mind of it's own, it was randomly clicking dead center in the middle of the screen, without even touching the phone. It made it almost impossible to navigate anywhere... At first the guy at the counter just blew it off, saying it...
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    Post How fast is the phone

    Precaching. Chrome does it. :D
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    Post Angry Birds 3d ?

    If you read carefully, you'll realize that by '3D' they mean 'not a side-scroller' They're not talking about stereoscopic gameplay. /thread
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    Post When will the 3D be rooted with S OFF?

    Saw this thread, Preordered my phone, and I ...........
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    Post [acs][how-to]hardware reset

    The indentation you all see is a mark from the injection molding process. No one has been able to produce a picture of a hole through the housing, nor a button on the motherboard. Not to mention that there are components on the board directly under where the rumored position is... I have a...
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    Post [ROM][ACS][STOCK] "Leaky Gingerbread" ED12 :: RFS ONLY :: Deodexed/Prerooted :: 4/27

    Battery sensors are like seat belts. You don't REALLY neeeeed them most of the time. But when you need them, you'll be glad you had them. Personally I haven't had my battery overheat on this phone, but on my Hero I did once when I wifi-tethered for an hour.
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    Post [ROM][ACS][STOCK] "Leaky Gingerbread" ED12 :: RFS ONLY :: Deodexed/Prerooted :: 4/27

    That was actually what I was thinking :( Unfortunately, the battery popups and screen constantly staying on are bad enough now that I'm restoring my last backup. Strange how problems never seem to show up in the first 24 hours.
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    Post [ROM][ACS][STOCK] "Leaky Gingerbread" ED12 :: RFS ONLY :: Deodexed/Prerooted :: 4/27

    Wow, this is really some great stuff. Just got the battery popups today for about 10 minutes constantly while not charging. The first time it happened I LOLed. I did a GPS fix via SGS tools before I tried the GPS. GPS then worked fine. Theres something goofy in the system that's causing...
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    Post [Q] Near Field Communications

    This is a development forum, 90% of anything discussed here isn't available yet.
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    Seems to work fine. Awesome transitions. The transparant task bar makes it difficult to read the time in apps with a white background, though Edit: using ext4, by the way Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA App
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    Post Samsung Epic 4G Cookbook

    A+ for effort, but, isn't this what the wiki is for?
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    Post Camera Firmware update... How

    LOL and what are they going to charge you for? I'm 100% sure it's a poorly translated message that really means "wireless data usage rates may apply" btw, I also got this message, then a FC after I clicked the button.
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    Post Wtf this will be my second phone epic piece of junk

    I've never had an issue. Pre-ordered mine a few weeks before release, and picked it up at Radioshack at noon on the release date. Flawless since day one. Edit: and I exclusively use Hong Kong batteries and chargers.
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    Post Ok, I'm just going to say it...

    It comes down to money, kids. So what if Samsung has gingerbread working on a similar phone? It is still going to cost them additional development and testing resources to get it working properly on the Epic. And for what rate of return? The majority of their users have no idea what version...
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    Post gingerbread is coming!!!

    Yeah, i'm sure that's a typo, somebody mixed up their horizontal with their vertical.
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    Post [Q] Waterproof Epic!!

    Turn it off and remove the battery now!!! Do not put the battery back in. You're going to mess it up by turning it on when things are shorting out! Take the battery and the phone. Put them (separately) in a zip lock bag full of rice. Wait a day or two. Then try it out. PS: Everyone...
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    Post [ROM] Froyo Beta V1.0.3 - WIFI Fixed-Devsforandroid 11-28-2010

    Could someone post the i9000 browser apk? I'd download the rom but I don't have a decent connection atm. Thanks! Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA App
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    Post backspace deleting entire text message

    yep, you hit function and then backspace.
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    Post backspace deleting entire text message

    You might be able to edit the keyboard mappings to do this, but I don't have any experience in that area. I just have gotten into the habit of holding modifier keys instead of tapping before the next key.
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    Post [Tutorial] Reconnect to 4G much faster!!!

    For those who don't have their MSL here's how: (I know it will be asked) 1. Download ConnectBot from the market. 2. Open it up. From the dropdown box, choose 'local'. You can give the connection a name. Then press 'enter' or 'done'. 3. type "getprop ril.MSL" and hit enter. There's your MSL.
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    Post here is leak

    Yep, he's looking at this thread and laughing right now. :D
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    Post here is leak

    I figure he'd change the filename then too? Everything inside looks like andromeda ROM
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    Post here is leak

    Confirmed :(
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    Post here is leak

    uh oh, now all hell breaks loose.
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    Post it's official our screen is scratch proof

    There is a Korean-language demonstration of this on youtube. They tried it on the i9000. It's pretty impressive. I think you can find it if you search 'galaxy s scratch test' or something similar
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    Post Custom Epic car mount w/ power?

    I made a lighter-outlet mount out of a free car charger, some stiff wire and super-glue. It's just a prototype for now, but when I've got some free time (college sucks) I'll probably make a write-up about how to make a nice looking one To me, car mounts are an essential part of owning an...
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    Post [STICKY WIKI] - All Available ROMs, Root, Recovery, Kernels - Read before posting!

    Both links work fine. Wave is on it's way out the door, not really a good idea to use it IMO
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    Post [STICKY WIKI] - All Available ROMs, Root, Recovery, Kernels - Read before posting!

    I'm not a mod, and I didn't keep up to date on the drama surrounding that ROM. But I feel it's safe to say that the same rules apply to the wiki as they do to the forums, so if for whatever reason a mod didn't allow something on the forums it wouldn't be allowed on the wiki either.
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    Post Epic Dailer Codes

    I've already added it to the sticky wiki
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    Thread [STICKY WIKI] - All Available ROMs, Root, Recovery, Kernels - Read before posting!

    CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WIKI Its starting to get a little cluttered in these forums, and I'm seeing more and more threads asking what ROMs/Kernels are available, so I figured we should start a Sticky Wiki. It has worked well in other forums, but everyone needs to get on board and update it...
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    Post Android market

    Works great. Just don't get confused by the filename. remove the '.zip' from the end, then install like a normal apk.