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  1. Sounak@9434

    Thread [ROM][OREO][8.1] DirtyUnicorns v12.1 [VoLTE]

    About Us: Dirty Unicorns is a project that started out with no name. It was a project that was first based off AOKP back in the early days of Jelly Bean. In the early days it was just a one man show on one device, the EVO 3D. Since then, many others have joined the project and it has grown...
  2. Sounak@9434

    Thread [ROM][Oreo]NitrogenOS for VIBE K5/PLUS[8.1.0]

    Android OS version: 8.1.0 For devices: A6020 Source code: Kernel source: Google Apps: BeanGapps Recovery: TWRP The rich functionality is based on AOSP, development was begun in...
  3. Sounak@9434

    Thread [ROM] [OREO] [OFFICIAL] PixelExperience for VIBE K5/PLUS [VoLTE] [A6020] [8.1.0]

    PixelExperience for VIBE K5/PLUS [A6020] What is this? An AOSP based ROM, with gapps included, and all Pixel stuffs (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation). Based on android-8.1.0 Whats working? Wifi RIL Mobile data GPS Camera Flashlight Bluetooth FMRadio Lights Sound /...
  4. Sounak@9434

    Thread [Request] Substratum theme viewer

    It's a rather weird request I would say myself :eek: but wouldn't it be great if we had an way to see how themes would look before applying them. Many, I really mean many substratum themes nowdays has over 1000+ possible combination. To apply each of them manually to see how they would look is a...
  5. Sounak@9434

    Thread [REQUEST]Paranoid Android

    As AOSPA team recently released almost the complete source of Paranoid Android can anyone please make a build for this device? Thanks in advance :) Sincerely, Sounak