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  1. jpatt

    Thread Disable Screen Wake

    A quick search turns up the same question for different devices. Most the answers dealt with rooted devices, mine is not. The screen will fire up on its own, randomly. I do have Greenify and grant certain apps to close once the screen is off. That doesn't appear to be my issue. No apps are...
  2. jpatt

    Thread How many times will I receive the default application message?

    I mean to clarify, how many times will I receive the default application message for my often repeated selection? I select youtube and 'always', the message appears that I can change it in my settings if I need to. I am at a different website, I choose a video. Hey, here's that crafty default...
  3. jpatt

    Thread [Q] S-note format issues

    Hi y'all. I upgraded from Note 2 to Note 4. Loving it. The S-note app has changed significantly. I am still adjusting because I am a heavy user. Whenever I create a new note, all digits added are hyperlinked so that they are underlined. When I select a digit for edit, it opens my dialer. I am...
  4. jpatt

    Thread [Completed] [Q] XDA app does not have 'new thread' or 'reply' capabilities

    I just upgraded from Note 2 to Note 4. I don't have the ability to create posts. What am I missing
  5. jpatt

    Thread Samsung Keyboard

    I'm wondering why 3rd party keyboard apps do not include a top numbers row. You have 3 generations of Galaxy Notes, Galaxy Mega, all sorts of tablets but no top row numeric row keyboards from anyone. Does Samsung have an exclusive patent? Sent from my SCH-I605 using XDA Free mobile app
  6. jpatt

    Thread System lock when attempt to install CWM or Rom Mgr

    I get the blasted "Verizon detected unauthorized software" screen forcing me to pull the battery and reboot. The result is that I am stuck with the worthless Android rom manager 3.0. I am stock 4.3, rooted. Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  7. jpatt

    Thread Verizon's new 80Mbps LTE network?

    AWS support was the term used for connections. A handful of devices are compatible like the Galaxy S4. Note 3 to be upgraded. They mentioned several new modems. My Note 2 would like the upgraded modem. Anybody know if the S4 modem can be ported...
  8. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Verizon will be at a snails pace to Kitkat upgrade?

    I read that Verizon will be the only carrier not to sell the Nexus 5. Reasoning? Likely it is highly integrated with Google apps such as the forbidden Wallet. Google plans to end fragmentation with this backward compatible version but we all know how Verizon likes to be in complete control...
  9. jpatt

    Thread Stock browser error

    I keep getting a new page that frustrates me. data:text/html,<script>window.close();</script> Anyone else see this and how do I rid myself of this? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  10. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Keytones & Dialer tone

    I have searched high and low for the answer without success. If already posted forgive me but XDA search blows. Keytone and dialer tone I haven't been able to change. Most of what is posted is for noobs, "how to turn them off." I've read if root, go to system/media/audio/ui and modify. Did...
  11. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Home screen/ App drawer screen in 2D?

    Hi y'all, When i move from screen to screen, the icons move to let me know i've reached the end. (See attached pics). I love the look and was wondering if it can be made to always show angled? Not just when I reach the end of scrolling. Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app...
  12. jpatt

    Thread Wanted: Ported S4 APKs for i605

    What's the deal, nobody with the i605 interested in S4 apks? Literally no S4 dumps that will work with Verizon. Currently, I have the S4 S-Voice on my i605. Nothing else seems to work. What I have seen is labelled Deox only, available from the AT&T forum. Specifically, I want the S4 SamsungIME...
  13. jpatt

    Thread Stock music app fails

    Somehow I deleted the stock music app. I downloaded the .apk and reinstalled. Unfortunately it fails to load with an error (see pic). I am trying to avoid a factory reset. Any suggestions? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  14. jpatt

    Thread Messaging App not showing pics

    The message arrives with a download button. Pressing download only gives a downloading indicator, no pic. If it worked where would the pic be downloaded to? Gallery? i605 Note 2 rooted with stock rom Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  15. jpatt

    Thread Kudos to the Pimp My Rom app

    I have a rooted N2 with a stock rom. After installing the pimp my rom app- alpha version from Google Play... I am getting tremendous battery life. 3 days without a charge (moderate to light use). Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  16. jpatt

    Thread Modal dialog insanity.

    I love my Note 2. I would love it even more if I didn't see a modal popup every gps, every mobile data, every maps exit and others. Verizon or stock 4.1.1 issue? Solutions? Mod? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  17. jpatt

    Thread Custom Multitasking Panel

    Rooting not enough to customize panel, must I add a new Rom? I thought Gmail and Youtube were added by Verizon, but no. Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app
  18. jpatt

    Thread Remove bloat apps without root?

    Possible? Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app. Stock G1 . Galaxy Vibrant w/SlimBean 4.1.2. Stock Galaxy Note 2
  19. jpatt

    Thread Frustration with prepaid.

    I was a 4 year subscriber to T-mobile. I had very good coverage but at the end of my contract i decided to go the prepaid route. First i went with Myfamily service from Walmart - powered by T-mobile. I didn't like the service. It didn't use typical the T-mobile APN network connection. I had...
  20. jpatt

    Thread Sealed Jar Running Phone - Dead

    My daughter hid my phone in a plastic jar and sealed it shut while the phone was running. I find it no charge, so I think. I plug in and nothing. I let it sit for 10 minutes, pop the battery back in and attempt charge. Nothing. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. What just happened? T959 1.8.5 ICZen
  21. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Bypass Bootloader Froyo to Gingerbread?

    I have upgraded Vibrants many times. I was upgrading a gingerbread bootloader to Froyo 2.2. Hard brick, sent out for JTAG Riff repair $30. I think I might of had a corrupt bootloader. My question: Can I just flash the entire gingerbread, will that automatically add the bootloader? Jay P T959V...
  22. jpatt

    Thread stock ics bookmarks

    my 3 x 2 bookmark widget only shows thumb pic for google. how to show thumb pics for all my saved bookmarks? ic zenwich 1.8.5 T959
  23. jpatt

    Thread [Q] ICS Passion auto rotate issue

    ICS Passion auto rotate issue auto rotate. Any suggestions? Is it just me or is browser page rendering a bit slow? T959 Vibrant Eclair to ICS Passion v9.2
  24. jpatt

    Thread [Q] fix accelerometer

    Horizontal calibration seems to help not. It only affects my Raging Thunder game play. Steering is permanent left turn. Suggestion, tips or tricks? Vibrant w/ 2.7 Simply Galaxy Sweet Honey, Overstock kernal.
  25. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Boot Error *Mail* But Everything Works

    This is an anomaly I'd like to rid my phone of on booting. Mail services seems to boot before it is ready and I get a dialog error warning. I have no other errors, everything including the email works great. Simply Galaxy V2.7 XE SweetHoney :D unreal battery life calibration by heartagramm
  26. jpatt

    Thread email error on reboot but everything works

    I think it is trying something to quickly. I would like to remove the annoyance. Simply Galaxy. SWEET Honey. Unreal battery life
  27. jpatt

    Thread incoming call error

    Incoming call results in no ring and system error. Triple checked all settings, nothing disabled, wrong options or unusual. It goes to voice mail and i do reveive an error message. Fix reset how? Simply galaxy simply honey
  28. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Latest stable fast MOD

    I have the Eugene 2.2 mod for about 6 months now. Either with age or third party crappy apps, my vibrant is starting to see more errors. I believe its time to flush and reinstall. Suggestions? Also, do i need to go back to stock 2.1 or can i just format?:(
  29. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Disadle forced power consumption

    I get annoyed if i have ten minutes of battery life and I am forced to go without music and video. Ten minutes before that, you get a repetative power consumption warning dialog. Any way to turn this power limitations off? Vibrant with eugenes 2.2
  30. jpatt

    Thread [Q] open browser full site instead of mobile

    I have read some Honeycomb trick to always open full sites. Apparently, all androids have some sort of switch. Please enlighten me.
  31. jpatt

    Thread [Q] This bookmark cannot be deleted

    I have Eugene's froyo with some stock bookmarks e.g. web2go. These are not starred and unable to delete. Not a big deal, just annoying. Suggestions?
  32. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Stock browser apk requirements

    I had an issue with deleting stock bookmarks. Using Titanium backup I deleted bookmarks without backing up. Subsequently it deleted my stock browser as well. Reinstalling browser.apk gave me a stock web icon but with errors fails to load. Do I need additional files? Other browsers work fine. I...
  33. jpatt

    Thread [Q] Issues after upgrade to Froyo

    I have Eugene_2E_JK2_Froyo installed Issues I'm having is bookmarks can't be deleted (saw thread but unable to access /dbdata/ to install fix- have a root manager) , bloatware cannot be removed (uninstall not successful), samsung keypad available but not android keypad option.