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  1. d3ck4rd

    Thread Mi 8 hard bricked but can get into EDL - What are my options?

    I have managed to brick my Mi 8, I think due to trying to flash a Chinese rom but not sure exactly what I did, I had ultimately been trying to install LineageOS. The phone will only go into a bootloop with the Mi symbol showing, I cannot get it into recovery or bootloader by holding the buttons...
  2. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] No signal after battery and flex cable change

    So I changed my battery and flex cable to get better battery life and the USB port was getting a bit ropy. Everything went well but now I have no signal at all. I have tried putting in the old flex cable back in but still no signal. I have tried reconnecting all the connectors. I have re...
  3. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] Replacing the home button?

    Having had my S2 for nearly 2 years now the home button has started to become unresponsive to normal presses and requires quite a hard press to make it work. Therefore I plan to buy the necessary parts on ebay and replace it myself. I replaced the usb port successfully myself previously so am...
  4. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] 16gb Nexus 4 thinks its an 8gb

    My 16gb nexus 4 is only showing as having 5.67gb of internal storage space instead of what should be around 12gb for the 16gb version. I'm running cm10.2. Has anyone come across this before and knows how to fix it?
  5. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] Which Bluetooth Car Stereo for Android?

    I am preparing my phone as the ultimate in car utility. I have uploaded all my music to Google Music and recently got on a sim only contract that gives me truly unlimited data. Now my issue is which car stereo should I get. I have never bought a bluetooth stereo before so am fairly ignorant as...
  6. d3ck4rd

    Thread Best Car dock?

    What is the best car dock when using the official Samsung SGS II case? I would really like to get the official Samsung car dock one but I have read that the phone doesn't fit it with the official case on :( Can anyone confirm this?
  7. d3ck4rd

    Thread SGS2 is auto switching network operator

    I have the choice of being on either the Orange network or T-mobile network here in the UK due to their signal sharing deal. My native network is Orange. On the SGS I was able to set which network I wanted and my phone would stay on it and it would not change. Alternatively I could set it on...
  8. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] Can I remove TW Launcher?

    I'm currently on Juwes 5.0 ROM and use Launcher PRO as my home screen launcher. I have noticed that TW Launcher is still running in the background and using quite alot of ram. Can I safely remove TW Launcher or will it mess up other parts of my phone that rely in it?
  9. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] Does your phone suffer from random reboots?

    For a long while now an on many different roms I have noticed my phone rebooting at what appears to be random atleast twice a week. It's never been when in a call and I often only notice it because I see the boot animation on my phone out of the corner of my eye while it was doing nothing but...
  10. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] Messaging app that has these two features?

    What I am after is a messaging app that has these two features. 1) That SMS messages are NOT converted to MMS messages when they get too long. 2) That the time when the SMS was SENT is displayed next to it rather than the time it was received. I've been using ChompSMS for a while which fixes...
  11. d3ck4rd

    Thread Help! Odin not seeing phone!?

    Ive got my phone into a boot loop state because I messed up when trying to restore a previous backup of CM7 that I had. Okay I thought, this is not a problem I will just do a clean flash of something via odin with my phone in download mode. This is where the problem lays. Odin can not see my...
  12. d3ck4rd

    Thread Google Music 3.0 FC

    Has anyone managed to get the new music 3.0 app from google working on their SGS? I just get a black screen then a FC when I try to open it. So far tried it on JVB and JVH custom ROMS. Heres a link to the app
  13. d3ck4rd

    Thread [Q] How to make the puzzle unlock screen work with chompSMS

    I'm currently using ChompSMS with Darkys ROM. I really like how when I use the stock messaging app and I get a message I have a message puzzle piece that I can drag into place and go straight to that message from the lock screen. Unfortunately when using chompSMS messaging app this shortcut is...