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  1. the_naxhoo

    Thread [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Disclaimer Installation Guide Download Known Issues Update Guide XDA:DevDB Information Resurrection Remix v6.2.1/v7.0.2 Oreo/Pie for the LG G4 Contributors *LineageOS & Resurrection Team *Suicide team: kessaras, steadfasterX, ThePiGuy ROM Source Code...
  2. the_naxhoo

    Thread [BL Lock][TOT] Genisys UX 5.0 [Android 6.0 MM][H815 All Variants]

    Hello, I share the image (system.img) modified for the H815 model (all variants) and Bootloader LOCKED. This "system" DO NOT HAVE ROOT. Requirements: - Have installed the same version of the "system" (same letter; v20a, v20c, etc). CHANGELOG: 30/10: Changed icon Wi-Fi by G5/AOSP Added...
  3. the_naxhoo

    Thread Help! Compile CM 12.1

    Hi everyone. I've managed to compile CM 12.1 and BlissPop for my P768, but does not work me anything about the kernel (vibration, baseband, brightness...) :( I used my github account for code. ( ) . If anyone knows anything, please help me in this. Thanks :)