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  1. Stevo.Mksr

    Post DroidSansFallback.ttf + Softbank Emoji font

    emoji is hopeless for android :((
  2. Stevo.Mksr

    Post signal drop!

    for a week from now.... try to up and downgarde but still same problem.... try gsm mode or turn off HSDPA..... i have no idea... but today got worst, suddenly no simcard detected... reset it, replace simcard... it turn up many time.
  3. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    well, we cant get RS link.... :confused:
  4. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread signal drop!

    i have problem, when i put my polaris into my pocket or in a bag, the signal bar turns to ! icon ("No Status"). is it hardware thing or radio? i had flash it into 3 different rom and dowbgrade radio but, still i got this experience.... i used rom ori WM6.1...
  5. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    Kostas244_ROM3g_23016_FINAL_A at 24/9/09 (with 3g dialer for video calls). <--- Any RS link? its always discconected at end of download. :confused:
  6. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [22-Sep-09] PDAVIET ROM WM 6.5 CE OS 5.2.23414 By TranMinhMan - link added

    i had a troublesome downloaded from 4hared, its always disconnected from server, if someone could make a mirror to that would be nice. thx
  7. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    making video call i mean.. coz every cooked rom i use it cannot making video call.... thx kosta for tour rom, i give it try :D
  8. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Latest Original ROM WM6.1 WWE_3.13.405.0

    cant download it, its show error like this Error This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached. To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's...
  9. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Lightest, fastest 6.1 WWE ROM for Polaris?

    rom that can Video Call?:confused:
  10. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [1 July 08] 3LIT3 VIII-[FRA|GER|ITA|NLD|PTG|RUS|WWE][Full|Lite|Clean|Naked]

    video call is these rom can make video call?
  11. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Latest Original ROM WM6.1 WWE_3.13.405.0

    as a tittle, please somebody? all link i check was dead. RUU_Polaris_HTC_WWE_3.13.405.0_radio_sign_25.85.30.07_1.59.42.15_Ship Base ROM: * New Official HTC Windows Mobile 6.1 release * Radio: - Official Radio * OEM: 3.13.405.0 + 3D Driver
  12. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread WTB

    somebody want to sell with low price...? please contact me ;)
  13. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread WTB

    somebody want to sell? please contact me :D with low price...
  14. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Blue angel giveaway

    check yout PM
  15. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Speed of BA w/WM2003?

    @egzthunder1: did back to original rom wm2003 02XDAIIs and other cooked rom in wm2003, but it failed due to physical logic reason when im runnig repart_doc.exe. but when im expand my SX66 its work!! weird thing.
  16. Stevo.Mksr

    Post WM 6.1 build 19199 aku 1.0.0 ITA Black Vista Edition Michy 1.13

    michy, is there chance we have a WWE version? :D
  17. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [New]Gloomy´s Win Mobile6.5(BETA1) Pro(QVGA)For_HTC BlueAngel

    nice work gloomy, trying soon your work, any mirror on RS?
  18. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Blue Angel newbie

    yess usinf select your provider and wait a minute it configure you GPRS setting automatic. than soft reset
  19. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Upgrading from WM 6.1Pro to WM6.5 Pro

    i suggest not to upgrade to wm6.5
  20. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Blue Angel help

    hmm... something wrong with your screen.... did you try to Hard Reset? maybe rom issue.
  21. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Speed of BA w/WM2003?

    explode... i have 02 XDAIIs, what your advice for ROM on my IIs? and btw i cant expand my extrom to 128K using tools on XDA-DEV ( and Repart_doc.exe) had any idea?
  22. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [BlueAngel OEM2010] 28237 Aku5.3.8 DefaultWWE+CHS-X

    quick drain battery and so slowly.... touchflow not working.
  23. Stevo.Mksr

    Post BlueAngel WM6 CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2)

    @jujakorek: Cooked BA rom cant use STK..sorry.
  24. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [BlueAngel OEM2010] 28237 Aku5.3.8 DefaultWWE+CHS-X

    someone had a mirror BlueAngel WM6.5 please, cant download from admin edit: link removed due to copyright complaint, see post 1 for complete complaint.
  25. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Help with instaling WM 6

    just execute HELMI_BA_WM6_R0_.EXE and follow the step, for other lake cab.rar put it in folder EXTROM on your storage card it will automatic execute when your finish flash. there's alot custom rom for BA, like Explode, Sun_dream, Swampy n PDA_Viet depend which one your like and added software...
  26. Stevo.Mksr

    Post ma_upgrade doesnt work

    as long i upgrade or reflash any type of BA ROM (wm5,wm6,wm6.1) it did not show my current device version, usually when you through this option there is nothing wrong just klick upgrade and your device will flash.
  27. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [Dec 11] FEWidgets 1.0.0b8 (Widgets for Windows Mobile)

    im using XDA2s, i can use it?
  28. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Hard Reset?

    WM6 deep FROZED -> check/replace your battery
  29. Stevo.Mksr

    Post [APP] ObexInboxEx 0.93 for receiving bluetooth in card even in standby

    @TS: not working on my BA, its not start saving beam to SC but saved in Main Storage
  30. Stevo.Mksr

    Post New HTC camera 6.8

    how about BlueAngel?
  31. Stevo.Mksr

    Post PPCContactsMgr v1.6

    Hi Fred, how are you.... i was wondering if there's update for PPCContactsMgr. greeting from Indonesia Steve
  32. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Gprs,gprs Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    i'm using BA n wm6.1 but don't have your problem... my radio ver is 1.15
  33. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Spb Backup Problem

    i have the same thing was... one thing i do is Hard Reset my BA, after that it's backup as usual.
  34. Stevo.Mksr

    Post ROM WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20226 (Build 20226.1.3.0 PV DVH)

    maybe you have to unlock your device CID first
  35. Stevo.Mksr

    Post noob help

    what/who's rom you use?
  36. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread ROM BA WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20275 (Build 20275.1.2.3 PV HBB)-V05 by Habubi

    ROM BA WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20275 (Build 20275.1.2.3 PV HBB)-V05 by Habubi ROM Dev Dvha79_ddt Core 5.2.20275 Build 20275.1.3.3 24MB PagePool 16MB and No ramdisk Rom date : 10 - Sep - 2008 Used RAM : 16 ÷ 18 MB Added: Clear Type Tuner Chỉnh độ mịn của chữ iContact 1.02 GS Finder 1.04 build...
  37. Stevo.Mksr

    Post ROM WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20226 (Build 20226.1.3.0 PV DVH)

    you should try cab file from helmi's wm5 rom there's a file named it's quiet helpful
  38. Stevo.Mksr

    Post Help upgrading my ROM

    did try to Hard Reset? RECORD+CAMERA+SOFT RESET ? btw when you flash did you enter BOOT LOADER Mode first?