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  1. anupash

    Thread Problem with notification for Gmail and some other apps

    I am into one week of using my new OnePlus 6. I observed side yesterday that I don't receive notifications from Gmail and Outlook. I tested that other apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts receive notification (sound and led) just alright. I double checked that the led notification settings and...
  2. anupash

    Thread [SGP611][Flashable Prerooted Firmware][FTF][23.4.A.1.200_R4C] Sony Xperia Z3TC

    I have downloaded and created a pre-rooted firmware flashable over XZDualRecovery for the firmware version (23.4.A.1.200). The firmware is based on the UK region and contains the SuperSU (v2.46) and XZDualRecovery (v2.8.21) along with BetterBatteryStats apk. I have tested this firmware with my...
  3. anupash

    Thread How do the security (drm) keys in Xperia Z3 Tablet compact look

    Today I tried to factory reset my xperia z3tc wifi with Sony Bridge for mac. I have a completely stock Sony Xperia z3tc SGP611. There was little confusion when selecting the device from the list .. there were (Sony Xperia Tablet compact, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Sony Xperia Z3 compact). So, I...
  4. anupash

    Thread 5 Ghz WiFi does not work anymore?

    Hi, I am no longer to scan any WiFi network in the 5Ghz band. I tried a few reboots. But still does not work. On the contrary, I can scan and connect to 2.4 Ghz channel without any issue. I am running Epinter's CM 10 with Nov 17 build. Any ideas?? Regards, Anupam
  5. anupash

    Thread CM9 disable noise reduction?

    Is there anyway to disable noise cancellation or reduction in CM9? The call quality is abysmal by default. I need to always carry headset or shout on the phone so that the other party can hear me. I am on Joker's CM9. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
  6. anupash

    Thread Problem modifying the call answer or decline slider

    Hi, I am a novice in Theming skills. I have just started with the basics. I was trying to modify the unlock slider and call answer/decline slider. I am running GingerMod#5 with the stock motoblur theme. I changed the following images in framework-res/res/drawable-hdpi...
  7. anupash

    Thread How to get Hindi font in Atrix?

    I have long wished for Hindi font support in Atrix? Please help . Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  8. anupash

    Thread Terrible battery life with the OTA update

    I have the stock 4.5.9 gingerbread update on my AT&T ATRIX. However I am observing a terrible battery life. There are too many solutions in the forum to follow. Can someone direct me to the appropriate one? I am rooted and unlocked. I used the unlocked 4.5.9 sbf for upgrading from from Froyo to...
  9. anupash

    Thread Atrix Notification drawer hangs

    I use Motoblur and no P-ROM. I have been observing since a few days that my notification drawer hangs when i do screen unlock. So when i swype down the screen is hung and unresponsive. However, when I use the capacitive touch buttons it again becomes responsive after few seconds. Also, the new...
  10. anupash

    Thread Can someone compare the Movistar Argentina SBF to the earlier ones?

    It would be great if you can deal with overall snappiness of the device. Bloatware getting installed. Battery life. Any lagginess improved or introduced etc.
  11. anupash

    Thread Youtube player app crash

    I installed the latest Flash Player 10.2 update from the market and now my youtube app crashes every time i try to open it ... Error it throws "The application Youtube (process has stopped unexpectedly" I tried clearing the data from the Manage...
  12. anupash

    Thread [Q] SIP application for Atrix 4g

    Please suggest some SIP Application which actually works on Atrix 4g... I have tried SIPdroid it connects but there is a loud crackling noise in the call ...
  13. anupash

    Thread Can't login to Twitter official app?

    Ever since I installed Gingerblur on my Atrix, I have not been able to login into twitter app. It always says "error while signing in. Please try again later " Does anyone have any idea? Already tried clear data/cache. Sent from my MB860 using XDA App
  14. anupash

    Thread Atrix no longer displays the carrier name

    I am no longer able to see the carrier name on the Notification bar... I can't see the carrier name in the notification bar ... I was able to see it earlier ... Any one as to what can correct this behavior?? Problem is that I live in the border of germany and netherlands and belgium are too...