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  1. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Update to Android 10 on magisk & Edxposed?

    What are the steps to be able to update to Android 10? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Coming from pie. Thank you.
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    Thread After rooting with magisk, notification mutes media ?

    Good evening, So I decided to finally root my Pixel 3 XL. After successfully rooting it with magisk, I've notice all the time now that when I receive a notification regularly it mutes whatever I'm watching. YouTube vids, videos or any media I'm looking at. But the thing is it doesn't unmute...
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    Thread Google Pixel 3 XL OEM unlocking greyed out ?

    So I just got my Google pixel 3 XL straight from Google. First thing I wanted to do was root my phone. I've tried everything from restarting device and updating my phone to the latest updated ( I was told that it needs to update before OEM unlock is enabled) but still it's greyed out. Does...
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    Thread play store keeps closing when searching

    Hey y'all So I went back to 6.0 from 7.0 , flashed everything properly and when I go to play store it first was working good but when I search for anything now it just closes. Does anyone know what's going on ? I've even forced stopped and cleared cache Still no go Version is 7.6.07 N...
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    Thread Marshmallow over nougat? who still uses 6.0 !?

    What's up everyone ! I just wanted to ask a simple question, who here still use marshmallow ROMs , which ones and why ? The reason why I ask because for some time now I've been wanting to go back for xposed of course and other features like theme engines and so on. Has anyone felt like this...
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    Thread CM14 vendor img ?

    So CM14 is out for the nexus 5x. But i have 6.0.1 DU on my nexus, and wanted to know which vendor img do i flash on it to have no issues booting up? thank you in advance!:eek:
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    Thread My Ross after 7.0 update?

    Quick question. Would I be able to flash 6.0 roms even after I've updated to 7.0? Or would I have to completely revert back to 6.0 completely? :confused: BTW the title was a typo. "MM after 7.0 update " is what I meant lol
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    Thread [Q] Radio/4GLTE problems T-Mobile

    So lately, for awhile now I've been having major issues with my 4G LTE. My speeds on LTE when I check on speedtest would go as far as 1.00 MBps (Not kidding) and im forced to disable 4LTE and leave it to 3G or HSPA+. When I enable H I get speeds up to 10.00 mbps. Now I've done many things to try...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia Z does not read internal sotrage!

    Hi. i have a xperia z from tmobile which i rooted and installed the dual boot recoverys! I usually use the twrp recovery since the cwm doesnt work for me , i dont know why but thats not the problem. It's a locked bootloader. well i was flashing a zip file using the twrp and everytime i flash...
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    Thread Freeze while using youtube or any other media player

    Hi y'all , so finally let go of my htc one s for the s3 and I just recently rooted it. Im using the stock rom still but I keep having this weird issue that everytime on any video I play on any media player, in fullscreen, would freeze once the HUD would go away. But it will continue to play...
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    Thread [Q] Emojis on CM 10 Based ROMS ?

    Has anyone enabled the emojis successfully on the CM10 or JB keyboard ? I keep asking and trying and I find no answer . The only way I can use them is on the dark holo MMS.apk I came across by pressing menu and adding an emoji. If I wanna type it on let's say instagram, I have to go to the MMS...
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    Thread Jelly Bean Emojis

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do emojis on the job keyboard. I saw on a couple places like phandroid to install them I must go to the keyboard settings and install it but I did and it says install but it doesn't do anything and when I go back its not install it tells me to do it...
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    Thread [Q]Screencast..not working ?

    Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone has screencast pro working on their HTC one s . For some weird reason every time I try to use it to record ,just me slide through my phone it always like skips or lags. I remember having it on my G2 and it wouldn't lag whatsoever. But it seems like with any...
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    Thread Just to make sure..

    Is this the right dev section to root the galaxy tab GT-P1010 ? Have been rooting phones ,and I know the models but Samsung is always confusing me with the model numbers. This will be my first tablet rooting attempt. So just wanna make sure if I'm on the right sections. Thanks :D Sent from...
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    Thread Official CM9 or 10 ?

    Will there be an official CM for the HTC One S ? Sent from HTC One S , man.
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    Thread Aurora (kang o Rama) live wallpaper?

    Is there a possible way to make that thiis live wallpaper work with out device? It force closes..:( It's my all time favorite wallpaper that came with the galaxy s supposedly and I had it on my G2. Im sure it has something to do with the firmware since it came from I think froyo? Forgot Will...
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    Thread HTC keyboard without arrows ?

    I'm running the latest trickdroid now, which is quite amazing by the way, and I would like to know if its possible to have the HTC keyboard without the arrows..and if possible without the voice icon..I find myself hitting it very often when I mean to type a symbol down below. I don't wanna try...
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    Thread [Q] What is the best rom,kernel, or mod for excellent battery life?

    I'm running EnergyROM right now, and honestly I'm not really impressed with the battery life. Looking for something that I can actually see improvement or better battery life. Thanks :cyclops:
  19. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Is it the end of TrackPad/Trackball devices?

    I've always wondered why recently..well for awhile now why have there been so many new releases of Android devices with touchscreen without qwerty keyboards and with touch screens with qwerty keyboards..but no trackpads or trackballs? I've always find it very useful. Since The G1, Nexus one and...
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    Thread Galaxy Nexus System Dump Leak Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA App
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    Thread G2 screen broken? Not cracked.

    So I had this phone for 8 months and I never dropped it and it always had the cover protection on it. Out of nowhere the screen disapeared.. The screen lights up, boots up, but shows nothing except for the light.. I dont know what happened had my sister to give me a g2x..but I love my g2. Can I...
  22. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread What's going on with my 4G/3G speed?

    So, for the past week or two weeks my G2's Internet/data speed has gon' tremondously slow. I'm talking about,I feel like I got a metro phone unless I have wi-fi. My G2 has always bin running excellent ,until now its bin acting like its on edge. I've switched my Radio,ROM and Kernels and still...
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    Thread [Q] Partition SD card ?

    quick question about Partitioning my sd card... does it make my G2 work faster with sense and other ROMS...or what does it really do for my phone?
  24. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread [Q] Best HD Wallpapers APP

    Wassup everybody, Im here looking to see if anybody knows if there is any app that has HD wallpapers that fit well on the G2 withouth having it look a little weird or too close to the wallpaper picture. I know there is a lot of HD wallpaper apps in the market but, the thing is it all says the...
  25. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Nightlies !

    So, I've always wondered. What exactly are updated in the CM nightlies? Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA App
  26. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Vituous/sense themes

    Anybody got sense themes I can have on my virtuous rom, please post here...or show me the way to a couple links. Thank youu! :P Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA App
  27. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread [Q]Over clocking G2 on a sense rom.

    Alright, I'm in need of help how to set up the best overclocking settings for a sense rom like virtous. One that doesn't cause any trouble or damage. I'm the type of guy who used to ignore it, but now I wanna get into it and see if it helps the sense imrpove. I need a step by step help on how to...
  28. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread MIUI Messaging App/Mms.Apk

    I don't know bout you guys,but I sure as hek fell inlove with the Messaging app the MIUI comes with . I was wondering if anybody had the apk or is it possible to install it in CM6/7/stock or other roms besides MIUI itself. I kinda like that Mms.apk better than......(gulp) handcent and chomp...
  29. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Real hd wallpapers?

    Does anybody know where I can find an app with REAL HD wallpapers? It seems as if all the ones that say HD wallpapers, lie ! I see the wallpapers looking good, but when I set them as my wallpaper on my G2 the wallpapers looks so uglyy. Like if they where to small, with little blocks and all...
  30. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Weak !! 4G signal/service on custom roms ,not on stock.

    I've bin pretty disapointed with the roms signal and service strength on my G2 lately. When I bought my fone I had full 4G bars all the time in my area and at home, so it can't be that "towers" moved or network error. I can explain why. First with stock rom I got it all bars, rooted and...
  31. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Delete apps using terminal emu on sense rom?

    How do you delete/uninstall apps that came with the rom on sense ui roms using the terminal emu? I've done it on the cm roms and such but I wanted to know how to do it on the sense roms. I'm running virtuous latest rom. Thanks ! Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA App
  32. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread New Android Market Update Unofficially Available for Download I Can confirm the new market update works on Virtuous v0.7.4 ROM. the link will tell more about the new update. The whole UI of the new market is pretty bad A** Haven't came across any force...
  33. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Put Swype back on a Sense ROM?

    Is there anyway i can put Swype back on my G2? I am running a Sense Rom , Virtuous v0.7.2 , fell for swype...need it back.. tried this, . but it only finds it for the cm roms. thanks.
  34. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Froyo cause Unknown Reboots?

    I'm not sure if its bin answered or if the only one but... Everytime I use any FROYO rom I always have these unknown reboots. Like for example,5 minutes before this post I was on my tumblr app,and it froze for like 5 seconds and reboots. It can't be the tumblr app,cause it happened before with...
  35. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread [Q] FROYO Market, onEclair roms?

    is there any way, us eclair rom users will be able to install the FROYO market on the rom without havin' to flash froyo? i'm just askin' because, to me the 2.1 roms are much more stable and faster with no problems than froyo. i love the market though, so i was wonderin'... thanks.
  36. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Good for sense UI roms?

    quick question, and im sorry if it has bin answered but... is a 16 gig class 2 sd card stable enough for a sense ui rom to work on a G1 with no problems?? or what a good sd card for the sense ui roms to work as good as the cupcake or the eclair roms? thanks
  37. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread HTC Fav Contacts widget?

    Does anyone know or is there an app thats like the HTC HERO roms, the fav contacts widget. or is there one it?:cool: thanks.
  38. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Led & keyboard lights for g1 work on hero,legen etc roms?

    does the LED & KEYBOARD lights on the g1 work with any of these roms? i had asked and i seem to not get any answers,also some guy told me on youtube this "there is a thing you can enter in console to make them work tho.. ' is it true? if so...can someone help me please? thankss!:D
  39. GunToYoMouth123

    Thread Eclair Hero Lockscreen

    is there an app or any way i can have the same lockscreen as the eclair hero, for example like KiNgxKxKlair's Eclair Hero 2.1 rom? id really love to have that as my lockscreen, if im in the wrong thread let me know. (scratches head) idk to me, its a theme...kinda thing...heh...right?