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  1. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread signal drop!

    i have problem, when i put my polaris into my pocket or in a bag, the signal bar turns to ! icon ("No Status"). is it hardware thing or radio? i had flash it into 3 different rom and dowbgrade radio but, still i got this experience.... i used rom ori WM6.1...
  2. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Latest Original ROM WM6.1 WWE_3.13.405.0

    as a tittle, please somebody? all link i check was dead. RUU_Polaris_HTC_WWE_3.13.405.0_radio_sign_25.85.30.07_1.59.42.15_Ship Base ROM: * New Official HTC Windows Mobile 6.1 release * Radio: - Official Radio * OEM: 3.13.405.0 + 3D Driver
  3. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread WTB

    somebody want to sell with low price...? please contact me ;)
  4. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread WTB

    somebody want to sell? please contact me :D with low price...
  5. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread ROM BA WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20275 (Build 20275.1.2.3 PV HBB)-V05 by Habubi

    ROM BA WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20275 (Build 20275.1.2.3 PV HBB)-V05 by Habubi ROM Dev Dvha79_ddt Core 5.2.20275 Build 20275.1.3.3 24MB PagePool 16MB and No ramdisk Rom date : 10 - Sep - 2008 Used RAM : 16 ÷ 18 MB Added: Clear Type Tuner Chỉnh độ mịn của chữ iContact 1.02 GS Finder 1.04 build...
  6. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Req. Helmi Kitchen ROM BA WM5 (Aku3.5) packet

    guys... is there someone have it ? i can't find it in this url : ftp://xda:[email protected]/BlueAngel/BA_WM5/Shipped_Extracted_Updates/Helmi/Helmi_BA_AKU3.5_Kitchen__R0.rar please.. re-upload it... Thanks
  7. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread MMS Folder ???

    greeting... Guys..after i upgrade my ROM with Helmi 3.2... where my MMS folder go :eek: ? i just have Outlook Email Folder and Text Messages Folder ??? :confused: FYI. i just installed my provider Telkomsel.CAB..
  8. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Upgrade My Radio ?

    Guys I Got : Siemens SX66 Opr ver. : AKU3.2 ROM. : 5.04.06 WWE Radio Ver : 1.02.10 ExtROM : 1.3 is there anyway a can upgrade my Radio... i just tried from Wiki pages but doesnt work... help plz :confused:
  9. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Safe Mode on WM5

    Guys.. i had BA SX66 with WM5 and Helmi AKU 3.2 1.3.2... how to run into Safe Mode without using SPB Pocket +3. thanks b4 :D PS. Thanks Helmi for u'r ROM
  10. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread sms utility

    hi guys... is anybody know software for securing sms in wm5. i don't want anybody to read or seing my sms...:(
  11. Stevo.Mksr

    Thread Help! How can i backup my SX66

    i got problem doing backup my Siemen SX66, how can i backup my contact, SMS, etc. to my PC so if i crush n Hard Reset my SX 66 i can stored back to my sx66 ???