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  1. _Burst_

    Thread Hello everyone!

    Hello all! Just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello. I have been with Sprint for a long time and have recently switched to AT&T so I see a lot of fresh faces. :D I been out of the game for a little bit and might be a little rusty but I'm always open to assist to the best of my...
  2. _Burst_

    Thread Odin tar for LI3, 8013

    Anyone have or know where I can get the odin file for the newest update? I guess i could odin to lh2 and just accept the update or is flashing the stock recovery an option?
  3. _Burst_

    Thread [Q] Stock system files for LGB

    Anyone have an unmodified 8013 with LGB? root is fine but I need a zip of the system apps. Can anyone provide that for me please? Not deodex. Thanks.
  4. _Burst_

    Thread Horn for GN10.1?

    Hey all. Like many others, I was excited about todays release of Horn by Phosphor on the Play Market. After some research, I found out it was only for Tegra 2 and 3s...? But on the Play Store website, it says it is compatible with the Galaxy Note 10.1. Has anyone purchased it? Does it work?
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    Thread [Q] Brick LTE radio?

    I'm just wondering about the safety of the phones in regards to the LTE radio. I'm not too clear on how it all works but I have known from past "4G" phones that people have been known to "bork" their stuff. Google search doesn't bring up anything. I know most may not have the US LTE ones...
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    Thread [Q] Stop Market from installing straight to SD

    Every time I download an app it installs directly to the SD. I do not want that to happen anymore. Does anyone know of a way to stop it? Is it ROM specific? Running Calk FC06 (Should I ask in that thread?) Thanks in advance. ^_^b
  7. _Burst_

    Thread Phone speeding ticket

    Is this phone too fast ?? Lol. Im just playing but DAMNNNNNNN
  8. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME][Burst] PlurStarAlpha [v8][Synergy][Updated:7August2011]

    This theme was built for Synergy. Get some. :D Includes: Modded HtcClockWidget Modded HtcContactsWidget Modded HtcDialer Modded Phone Modded Rosie Modded Bluetooth Modded Browser Modded PCSCII Modded SystemUI *Transparent Notification Bar/Shade *Inverted Text *Extra quick settings...
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    Thread [THEME][Burst] Leo [v1][Sense3.0]

    This theme is for Kingdom REVOlution b1.4. Also known as VirusRom Kingdom Nightly 6/23 Steps to install: Enter Recovery. Flash zip. Reboot. No need to do anything else. ;) Includes: Modded HTC_IME w/ Trace Modded HtcClock3dWidget Modded HtcCalendarWidgets3d Modded HtcDialer Modded...
  10. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME][Burst] B-Side [v2][Sense3.0][Updated:6.14.2011]

    What's good y'all? Here is a new theme for ya. I usually release this theme after my blue one but since there are already a bunch of blue themes, I went straight to this one. Enjoy! This theme was built off Virus Kingdom REVOlution Rom B1.3 but has been known to work on other roms based on...
  11. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME][Burst]Gator Boots[v3][Sense3.0][Updated-6.12.2011]

    Hello y'all! Here is another release of an updated theme for Sense 3. This theme was built off Virus Kingdom REVOlution Rom B1.3 but has been known to work on other roms based on it. Note: If you have updated your radios and aren't using a stock rom, it is probably in your best interest to be...
  12. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME][Burst] The Kanye [v4][Sense3.0][Updated-11June2011]

    Hey all! Here is my theme called "The Kanye." This had been one of my themes for awhile but been out of the game. Anyways, here is the updated version for Sense 3.0. Thanks to all, xda and sdx, donators, and peoples for the recent help/amazing rom. This theme is for Virus Kingdom REVOlution...
  13. _Burst_

    Thread [Q] [THEME] Sense 3.0 help

    Hey everyone! Can anyone help me finding these png's? See attached, red arrows. Basically the background to the clock widget and rosie portion. I tried to switch the ones in but it didn't change. I gone through most of all the apk's and am still stumped. Any advice?
  14. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME] [Burst] PlurStarAlpha

    I figured I would make a bit more of an official release on this theme since it is coming along nicely. Still a work in progress but just a little somethin' somethin' to make Sense a little bit better. Enjoys! ;) Made for Fresh but can be used on more? I dunno. (Willing to make more...
  15. _Burst_

    Thread [Q] Theme HtcDialer/Phone.apk

    Help! I am about to go bald pulling all my hair out over this. Why wont it theme??? I want to change the dialer buttons but they wont change in android mode. WTH? >_< (link may not work at first, still uploading)
  16. _Burst_

    Thread Adjust color levels on Novatec panel

    I read about how some development had been done with the nexus in regards to saving battery life by turning certain colors on and off. I was wondering or just wanted to see what y'all thought about this idea. Is it possible to adjust the RGB levels of the screen to reduce the "pink/purple" hue...
  17. _Burst_

    Thread [MetaMorph] [Burst] Gator Boots

    Hello all. Here is a little theme from me called Gator Boots. There is a lot of history behind this theme. Too much, but basically it was my touch up to Sense. Go easy on me, like most things, this is a work in progress. Hope y'all enjoys it. Thanks to many people so Ima just say...
  18. _Burst_

    Thread Remap the Rosie buttons

    I was reading up on some threads about rosie and I came across an archived thread that told about remapping the buttons so that "phone" was on the left, open and close the app drawer was center, and right was I think contacts. (Preferably I would have had Browser but whatevs...) Is something...
  19. _Burst_

    Thread [THEME] [Burst] Phoenix

    Hello everyone! Here is my first theme for the Evo. A little something I put together while testing stuffs out for another theme I am working on. This is my theme known as Phoenix. Some history behind it can be found here...
  20. _Burst_

    Thread [HOW-TO] Root your Evo and apply zip files with style

    Being that XDA has great info but 5x the garbage, here is some knowledge if you are interested in having root access on your HTC Evo 4G. This may change in the future. Brought to us by Toastcfh, so this has been known as the "Toast" method of root and is quickly becoming the only way to go if...
  21. _Burst_

    Thread Auto Memory Manager

    This was one app that I grew accustomed to seeing. That and it was the one app I would recommend to any android user. Being that it requires root, I'm assuming during android mode, will this work with Toast root method?
  22. _Burst_

    Thread Evo evowned my sd card

    So I plug my 16 gig in to format it and poof. Never even recognized it. Now nothing recognizes it, namely my previous phone. :( Any way to salvage it? I tried to plug it into the pc directly but no dice. Possible that the converter card was not sdhc compatible. Suggestions?
  23. _Burst_

    Thread Theme template ???

    Is there one around yet or am I gonna have to... get someone to do it. lol. Search brings nothing up. Basically need de-odex'd system and framework, stock.
  24. _Burst_

    Thread new home

    Ahhhhh! Hello themes thread. My new home. Yay! :D