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  1. Black_Eyes

    Post [ROM] [H830/H850/RS988] [UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 - Pie

    Oh, sad to hear that. I hope you get them working. Good luck brother. And thank you for keeping RR alive for g5
  2. Black_Eyes

    Post [ROM] [H830/H850/RS988] [UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 - Pie

    Can you just update this rom? It's a great rom so far.
  3. Black_Eyes

    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r46] AospExtended ROM V6.7 [OFFICIAL]

    Hi, This rom stucks sometimes and automatically restarts its UI and i've to open all the applications again. Secondly, sometimes apps didn't work properly. Like if i open an App a white screen appears nothing else. 3rdly, can anyone help me in finding the "App Lock in recent menu" section...
  4. Black_Eyes

    Post [ROOT] Manual Video mode and other features on Oreo

    jc9896 mind sharing your work?
  5. Black_Eyes

    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    Lg g5 h830 oreo Hello Arnova8G2 , First i want to say Thanks for your efforts on making this port possible for our community. However, i have a problem, Your Apk crashes right after start. attached is my Camera2 Info file. If you can look that would be appreciated. G5 has both lens, Normal/wide.
  6. Black_Eyes

    Thread Android Pie?

    Is anyone working on Android Pie Rom for our G5?
  7. Black_Eyes

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][H850] H-ROM G7 PORT V1.1 [Full UX7][v30a]

    Hope someone will port this amazing Rom to our G5 H830. Thanks for your work.
  8. Black_Eyes

    Post a big problem after upgrading to oreo (caused by my mistake)

    I believe you can simply downgrade to nougat? Or can flash oreo firmware again in download mode?
  9. Black_Eyes

    Thread Bootloader unlocked T-Mobile LG G5 H830

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to Lg mobiles. I have just unlocked my G5 H830 BOOTLOADER via Fastboot and it worked. I'm on latest 30c Oreo Firmware, now my question is, How do i install twrp? I'm a little confused with nougat firmware like you need to downgrade and then install twrp and hence root...
  10. Black_Eyes

    Post [Guide] Repartition Nexus5 to increase system partition - Space for Rom & Stock Gapps

    Can anyone post detailed instructions for Windows 10?
  11. Black_Eyes

    Post [APP] [7.0+] Volume Keys Scroll (No Root) **PROMO CODES**

    Would love to have a promo code :)
  12. Black_Eyes

    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    magisk module need to be flashed first?
  13. Black_Eyes

    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    Myself5 Welcome to Pixel Community :angel: Hope you will be building for Pixel soon :D
  14. Black_Eyes

    Post Chargers

    Will it work with Pixel?
  15. Black_Eyes

    Post [ODIN] Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat) SM-G930F/FD Nougat Beta (G930FXXU1ZPK4)

    Quinny899 Hello, your app work flawlessly on beta Nougat
  16. Black_Eyes

    Thread Disadvantages of Knox Trip.

    Are there any disadvantages of tripping Knox, other than void warranty??
  17. Black_Eyes

    Post OFFICIAL STOCK Firmware-update (Odin) thread Samsung GALAXY S7 SM-G930F

    henklbr if i want to use this NEE firmware on UK(H3G), will it work? in that case, which HOME_CSC should i use?
  18. Black_Eyes

    Post BTU Firmware

    Does CP/AP doesn't matter if i want to flash any other firmware? Only model matter, like both firmwares should be for G930F?
  19. Black_Eyes

    Thread BTU Firmware

    Hello, I'm new to Samsung community. I currently own an S7 G930F UK (H3G). It's currently on August Security Patch. I want to know if i can flash the Latest BTU Firmware? If so, Which should i flash? AP : G930FXXU1BPH6 CP : G930FXXU1BPH1 CSC : G930FH3G1BPH1 I hope someone can point me to right...
  20. Black_Eyes

    Post OFFICIAL STOCK Firmware-update (Odin) thread Samsung GALAXY S7 SM-G930F

    Latest Firmware Can someone give me the latest firmware. See screenshot, I'm on august security patch by the way.
  21. Black_Eyes

    Post HTC Flagships - Mega Tech Discussion Thread [ HTC One | HTC 10 | U11 / U11+ | U12+]

    Indeed the Google Pixel is a very good attempt from the Android Maker, Except for the build quality. Received mine today, Absolutely Loving the Camera ❤
  22. Black_Eyes

    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    guitardedhero any news on Magisk support?
  23. Black_Eyes

    Post HTC 10 updates thread

    Preparation update for Android Nougat :D
  24. Black_Eyes

    Post [MOD] [APP] [MM 6.0+] [UPDATE : 13-10-2016] Google Pixel Contact and Dialer

    Working on Htc 10. Great work, thanks. Can you also mod Google Camera 4.2 to support MM? It's only ported to 7.0+ as of yet.
  25. Black_Eyes

    Post [GUIDE][NON-ROOT] Google Assistant for Marshmallow (no build.prop editing)

    It's working for me, Htc 10 arm64. Placed in system though.
  26. Black_Eyes

    Post [APP][5.0+]Snap Camera Mod

    Didn't work on Htc 10 (Arm64)
  27. Black_Eyes

    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    Leviticus doesn't include Arisa Music Player. Update to numbers 3.5 to get it :)
  28. Black_Eyes

    Post [KERNEL] [May 10] ElementalX-HTC10-3.03 (Oreo)

    I'm also having Tianma Panel, and not having any problem.
  29. Black_Eyes

    Post WWE HTC 10 Stock Rom RUU

    Do you have access to the new RUU 1.95.401.3 ? djluisbento
  30. Black_Eyes

    Post HTC 10 Camera Thread

    S7 performs well in low-light condition where Our 10 doesn't perform that much. Might be fixed with upcoming updates..
  31. Black_Eyes

    Post [Kernel] Advanced / Standard V7.2.2 [20170201]

    My SD card is formatted as vfat, and i don't have any issue
  32. Black_Eyes

    Post HTC 10 Camera Thread

    If you have TWRP installed, then you can just flash it in recovery. You can't just flash the mod with stock recovery.
  33. Black_Eyes

    Post [Tutorial] Manage System Permissions in Android Marshmallow

    Nice Tutorial. Keep them coming :)
  34. Black_Eyes

    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    Permissive is needed on nougat anyway(For Dolby).
  35. Black_Eyes

    Thread Vulkan API for Htc 10

    Any chance of Vulkan API on our Beloved 10?
  36. Black_Eyes

    Post [Kernel] Advanced / Standard V7.2.2 [20170201]

    Nice to see another Kernel for our beloved 10 :) Keep up mate. #PowerOf10
  37. Black_Eyes

    Post HTC 10 updates thread

    later this month.