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  1. DarthD

    Thread Hardware / software problems since OTA update.

    My phone was updated to 4.1.1 by the normal update. Since that time battery drains faster and WiFi looses the session. I have connection at first and after screen off for a few minutes WiFi signal is still there but I can't internet. HTC tells me warranty is lost by unlocking which I did for...
  2. DarthD

    Thread How can i backup current baseband?

    Im posting this in dev section because here are the people who maybe know how to do this. My optimus has a older baseband but i was wondering how i could backup this 1 before flashing the latest version Im experiencing bad standby lags but need to be able to revert to old baseband if i deside...
  3. DarthD

    Thread Battery use mobile standby

    Hi, I have a question about mobile standby. The last few days i noticed batterydrain and tried to find the problem. Standby uses about 48% of the battery ( 1 hour 10% battery from which 48% is standby) This isnt normal i hope. My HTC Hero has about 2-3% the phone isnt rooted because i wanted...
  4. DarthD

    Thread Error when checking for updates

    Hi everybody, my O2X arrived yesterday and i have a little error. if i check for updates i get the error: cant connect validation failed. i translated the error from dutch but it seems something is wrong. the phone isnt rooted (yet) because i wanted to make sure hardware works for a few days...
  5. DarthD

    Thread Howto unroot Optimus 2x Speed

    Maybe someone who knows how to unroot can make a small unrootguide. You never know if warrenty is needed. Sent from my Hero using XDA App
  6. DarthD

    Thread What did i do wrong is my Hero bricked now :S HELP me plz

    Hi, Today i made a nandroid backup (its add my computer now) i forgot to wipe but that isnt needed then i flashed a custom rom villain 5.2 flashing went ok and then i rebooted the phone startup the following things happend - Hero on screen - HTC brilliant logo on screen - Hero logo with the 2...