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  1. humdrum2009

    Thread relock bootloader

    is it safe to relock bootloader,im going to sell my phone on swappa.
  2. humdrum2009

    Thread safety net fails

    I'm rooted android 11 But safety net fails And magisk manager has no settings to hide root from apps. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. humdrum2009

    Thread hi all

    I currently on the pixel 2XL Verizon bootloader unlocked I have a sweet deal to purchase a pixel 4xl 128gb with cracked screen for $220 shipping include Google store edition 128gb My question is what are the major differences. Going from 2xl to 4xl
  4. humdrum2009

    Thread any custom 10 roms

    Does anyone know if any custom Android 10 time at if yet. My phone keeps freezing on stock. Rebooting may at well backup and try something fresh.
  5. humdrum2009

    Thread Wow

    Rumor had it the 4xl will cost $1200 bucks if so I'm out The 2 is just fine.
  6. humdrum2009

    Thread im trying to factory reset 2xl

    I'm trying to reset 2xl, fails to mount I:confused: have twrp it will not wipe deuces does not work either any ideas
  7. humdrum2009

    Thread Galaxy S10

    Bought a Galaxy S10 off letgo $100 Guy bought it with his tax money No case ? no insurance Broken glass back I replaced for $6.50 Used for 4 days Couldn't wait to get back to my pixel 2xl The pixel is easier to hold Seems just as fast. The Samsung is okay, but once you taste the Pixel...
  8. humdrum2009

    Thread call screening apk

    Does anyone have the dialer with call screening apk,or if I pulled it from a stick Pixel 3xl image would it work.
  9. humdrum2009

    Thread call screening apk

    Does anyone have the dialer with call screening apk,or if I pulled it from a stick Pixel 3xl image would it work. Or is it phone specific right now?
  10. humdrum2009

    Thread Been thinking of grabbing the Pixel 3 XL.

    $333 for trade in on a device I paid VZW $960 for send like a complete money grab. I'm not surprised, I don't need to just want it, adblock etc. But that trade in is an insult,too my wallet. I think I'll wait and see if bootloader unlock becomes available. Then but one bootloader unlocked from...
  11. humdrum2009

    Thread Google is killing inbox

    Wow really it's the best email count I've ever used, and now they decide to kill it off. Just like the original Google home page that most of us loved.
  12. humdrum2009

    Thread Puzzled

    I have lost the ability to transfer files,in usb mode tried different cables and different computers. Running Aquarios Rom just bstarted happening yesterday any ideas as to whats going on? i can transfer pictures but not data':confused:
  13. humdrum2009

    Thread $20 donation

    $20 donation to someone who can remote into my pc and help me fix my phone im stumped at this point updated sdk and many more things even reinstalled windows to get a fresh start just need my phone working archive does not contain 'boot.sig' archive does not contain 'recovery.img' thats what...
  14. humdrum2009

    Thread fingerprint sensor

    Anyone one else having trouble work the biometric Fingerprint sensor? Mine is slow to recognize my fingers. My hands are clean, no lotion Or oils.
  15. humdrum2009

    Thread question

    The current version of twrp didn't work for Android Oreo correct? I mean permanent install! I
  16. humdrum2009

    Thread any suggestions

    used factory image to wipe phone success. But when the phone was rooted i can only boot to the bouncing google balls. cannot get into bootloader or recovery,i had this issue a few months back just forgot how i resolved it. I get a ramdisk writing to ext4 file message then boots to bouncing...
  17. humdrum2009

    Thread had anyone had luck

    Had anyone had luck repairing microphone issued on Their pixel or pixel XL? I'm hearing the heat trick works. But I am very skiddish about trying it. Unlocked boot loader on Verizon. Got replacement phone a few days ago works flawlessly.
  18. humdrum2009

    Thread Replacement Pixel XL?

    Has anyone who's had the calls not being heard, had it fixed with a New pixel or are you still having the issue. Calls dropping You can hear the other end but they can't hear you. No signal etc. Just got a new replacement and it is u.1.1 Bootloader locked So I'm probably going to send it back...
  19. humdrum2009

    Thread Just a quick viewpoint.

    Most of us are having trouble with the pixel xl or pixel. I'm thinking it's Android N causing these issues not our phones. Dropped calls No dial tone Scrambled text Random reboots Freezing Data loss Horrible call quality Android N is due for 7.1.1 hope it fixes these issues. Any other problem I...
  20. humdrum2009

    Thread Calling problem

    Has anyone whom had calling problems, seen them stop after updating to the new release? Meaning no more dropped calls Or having issues where the other caller couldn't hear you.
  21. humdrum2009

    Thread latest update?

    Has anyone on the latest update, experienced dropped calls?
  22. humdrum2009

    Thread dropping calls

    Is anyone else on Verizon Dropping calls. I mean lots of calls Thought it was because of root. Not unrooted stock still drops calls. Need to RMA before bootloader Patch. Thought maybe it could be my Sim card acting up as sometimes I lose cell signal:confused:
  23. humdrum2009

    Thread question

    Currently running nde63p Need to update to newest build. But don't want to lose root or twrp Is there a way, or do I need to update to fresh build then start procedure for twrp and root again?
  24. humdrum2009

    Thread Daydream VR?

    Got my Daydream VR today, man phone got so hot it scared me silly. It was so hot, I turned it off and place it under a desktop fan. The merge VR that I bought for $17.00 at a pawn shop, heats up the phone but nothing like the Google daydream does. This needs to be addressed by Google asap...
  25. humdrum2009

    Thread hello everyone

    Wanted to know how many xda members with the Pixel XL , are on cricket? What kind of coverage and reception do you have. And voice quality. Unlimited data looks real nice at $65 monthly taxes included. May pay off Verizon and jump ship. But need advice first.
  26. humdrum2009

    Thread Clockwork mod

    While we patiently await TWRP for our Pixel phones. Whatever happens to CWM and Josh?
  27. humdrum2009

    Thread we got next

    LG v20 has full root and TWRP Seems each variant of nougat has different issues with TWRP from what I read. Some easy to bypass some not.
  28. humdrum2009

    Thread wow Google apps size

    It's getting crazy that Google apps are so large OK we really appreciate the level of performance this phone provides. But please optimize the storage of Google apps I mean play really Google play services take almost half a GB of storage. And the rest of the Google apps aren't that much better...
  29. humdrum2009

    Thread Hmmmm

    If my nexus6p is rooted and running Google assistant, and build prop is edited will i get free photo storage? I mean unchanged resolution backupo?:confused:
  30. humdrum2009

    Thread Smooth

    Just installed android N preview on a brand new Nexus 6P. Had to return the other due to sound problems,Amazon refunded the entire price of the phone $462.72 with tax 32 GB Gold model. Seems like i got a much Faster 64 GB model or maybe it has different internals. This new phone screams along...
  31. humdrum2009

    Thread i really need help

    I really want to run PA on my nexus 6p. Everytime i install i get 2 corrupt system warnings one in yellow one in red. Phone doesnt work correctly other members are running this rom just fine flashed super su,updated vendor image,tried new download what in the world could be the problem. Freezes...
  32. humdrum2009

    Thread Sound problems

    Having an issue with people hearing me unless phone is at full volume. this includes speakerphone as well. is this hardware or software.kernel related. currently using stock rooted,tried other roms same thing not being heard:confused: clearly.
  33. humdrum2009

    Thread Rooted but can't install certain romd

    I'm Stock rooted latest twrp, but can install aosp based Roms, well it lets me install the Roms but no gapps package works none of them. Forgot the error something about modified image needed. Just trying to install an aosp based ROM not sure what's going on. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  34. humdrum2009

    Thread Speed increase?

    I have noticed a considerable speed increase over lollipop,especially when booting up. Has anyone else seen the speed increase?:
  35. humdrum2009

    Thread Wanam exposed

    Anyone know of a beta version That works with our phones?
  36. humdrum2009

    Thread [HELP]Cannot get Google wallet to function

    Cannot get Google wallet to function I'm rooted. Running cm 12
  37. humdrum2009

    Thread [Q] HI everyone

    Getting a nexus 6 today coming straight from google play store. Currently have a verizon note 3 needto activate on my currrent number any tips or tricks i need to know ? Seems some people get the runaround from verizon trying to activate on thier service. Is it really as simple as trimmimg my...
  38. humdrum2009

    Thread need a helping hand.

    bought a nook hd plus off cl it was already rooted. wiped the blasted thing now im booting into cwm on every start. had a copy of cm11 ovation on the sd card but chrome corrupted it without me knowing. cant install new rom from internal either. adb isnt my specialty but ill gladly reward whom...
  39. humdrum2009

    Thread help if you can

    bought a nook hd plus off cl it was already rooted. wiped the blasted thing now im booting into cwm on every start. had a copy of cm11 ovation on the sd card but chrome corrupted it without me knowing. cant install new rom from internal either. adb isnt my specialty but ill gladly reward whom...
  40. humdrum2009

    Thread Need advice

    I'm looking for an app that will send out A text to maybe 100 or more contacts. I have Wanam mods installed so my text limit is 999. But I can't seem to send mass text from any sms program.
  41. humdrum2009

    Thread Off topic

    I really miss CM and MIUI lol.
  42. humdrum2009

    Thread Question

    Been thinking of leaving Verizon for T-mobile,how is the coverage. customer service etc.
  43. humdrum2009

    Thread [Q] Hi all

    I bought a nexus 7 from a pawn shop yesterday its secure boot locked only paid $40.00 for it . But is there any way to reset with secure boot locked. they sold it as is becuae they didnt have the passowrd from the original owner. and they couldnt get in contact with them. I can go to recovery...
  44. humdrum2009

    Thread Question or quick poll

    Who among us went back to mje based ROMs after the leak. NC2 And why did you go back? Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  45. humdrum2009

    Thread Reward

    i need someone to teamviewer remote into my desktop, and root 2 kindle fires having all kinds of issues with drivers and such. reward is a 64 GB micro sd sandisk memory card. it will be around 11am Eastern time i will be available. new card not used. just pm me for my email we can hook up and...
  46. humdrum2009

    Thread sweet

    Went to storage auction over the weekend old cell phone store storage unit . thought i could get a few phones or odd case here and there. got mostly old BlackBerry batteries old Nokia accessories one clean imei htc my touch 4 g a few broken i phones and the sweetest part 20 sandisk class 10...
  47. humdrum2009

    Thread Wondering

    I know verizon note 3 can be used on tmobile but is it possible to run tmobile unocked note 3 on verizon?:confused:
  48. humdrum2009

    Thread Mj4

    Is there an mj4 stock Odin tar? Sent from my SM-N900P using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  49. humdrum2009

    Thread Last samsung phone

    Sadly this is probably my last samsung phone. Seems the carriers are going the way of locked bootloaders and other things(knox). Its been a great ride but Sprint will start locking bootloaders as well just wait and see. Nexus line isnt looking to bad right now.
  50. humdrum2009

    Thread Custom ROM with working 4g

    I need to flash a ROM with working 4 g Anyone can suggest a good one Even a stock rooted would be nice Currently I'm in the hospital using the horrible WiFi. Reallu need my 4g in here. I'm currently using carbon ROM but no options exist for 4g Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda premium