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    Thread blueish display

    Hi i feel like LG g5se (h845) screen is to cold or bluish. There is no comfort view or reader mode like other LG phones. Even the cheap Stylus 2 have that option. What can i do to reduce this? I don't like overlays, please don't suggest me overlays. I already tried enabling night mode for...
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    Thread how to unroot nougat

    Hi, I installed Thor v2 rom, nougat. However, i can't find a way to unroot it, whether using SuperSU unroot menu, or installing other kernel. Upon boot, it shows samsung, but then back again to TWRP recovery, cannot go straight to OS. Please help. I really need to unroot since i wanted to use...
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    Thread Center clock Nougat

    Hi i make a little modification to SystemUI on nougat, just centering the clock and remove carrier text on lockscreen. I tested it in debloated to the bone (Thor v2) rom 7.0. It should work in other roms too. Just replace the SystemUI.apk using root explorer, set permission 644, reboot...
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    Thread Downgrade MM to LP?

    I know there are a lot of threads. I read it's impossible. But another says possible using pda file with pit info, but i can't file proper file for g920i. Are there any workaround to dowgrade? I googled everything, but no luck. Stuck on MM. Mm battery is bad for me. Can we install custom rom LP...
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    Thread Why I switched back to KK

    Hi..after a month using LP and MM, i went back to Kitkat. Here's my review. Btw i think MM is worse than LP in many aspect, so I just want to review LP. LP Rom : 1. Camera seems to be noisier a bit (maybe) 2. Dragging notif bar is painful. Sometimes lags. Reaching the quick settings is painful...
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    Thread Settings tabbed view

    Hi.. can someone help me. My settings view suddenly changed to tabbed view, like attached picture. First i think it's an xposed module causing it, but i uninstalled xposed but still the same. I cleared the setting app data, but still same. I long pressed recent to show menu, but no menu is...
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    Thread Loose magnetic cable

    Hi.. i recently bought a magnetic cable from an local online store for $5.5. It said to be original from sony. But the magnet is not so strong, so it's easily loose whenever i pick up the phone. Does the original one fits and tights properly? I think mine is not. How to differentiate the...
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    Thread Black bg on Aosp lockscreen jb 4.3

    Anyone succeeded to use aosp lockscreen for jb 4.3? I'm using stock deodexed .205, xperia T. When I deleted the xperia lockscreen. It's showing aosp lockscreen with black background. How can i change the bg? About the lockscreen targets, I've decompiled the framework and make it 3 targets.
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    Thread 2g 3g toggle in systemUI

    Hi.. is there anyway to add 2g-3g toggle in systemUI, with lidroid or without? I really need that. Xperia T, JB 4.1.2. I googled anywhere but cannot find it.. I found it for another Xperias, such as my old S and Arc. but not in T. Is there a guide for me to port from the toggle? Thanks.
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    Thread Aosp lockscreen - black area on JB

    Hi.. we know that, to revert to original aosp lockscreen on xperia JB 4.1.2.. we need to delete the lockscreen apk in system. I'm using xperia TL, with xperiment 3.5.. i know how to decompile apk. Does someone know how to make the lockscreen full? I've attached my screenshot, there is a black...
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    Thread On-Screen Button Alpha/Transparency

    Does anyone realize, that the on-screen button is not fully opaque. I've checked every png of the button in the SystemUI, for example ic_sysbar_home.png The color is 100% opaque and white (ffffff) (See screenshot #1) But, what appears on the screen, the color is b0b0b0 (see screenshot #2) I...
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    Thread Disable 270 Degree Rotation

    Anyone know how to disable 270 degree system rotation? I remember the old Symbian. And I feel weird with the 270. :D I know how to edit apk.. But I found nothing about this. please tell me which one.. Thanks! I'm on Xperia TL JB 4.1.2 Xperiment 3.1.1
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    Thread [Q] am pm on clock

    Hi.. how to add AM PM on clock (lockscreen and status bar) xperia T jelly bean? I've googled and found nothing.. I know how to edit apk.. Please help.. thx :)
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    Thread [Q] is OTG work on lt30?

    Hi.. i have lt30at. Plugging in flash disk via usb otg cable to my phone doesn't seem to work at all. The device doesn't give any power to the flash disk, the light won't light up. Plugging in mouse or keyboard gives the same result. I'm using xperimenT Rom, can someone help me? thanks.
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    Thread [Q] ask about

    Hi there. I have xperia arc S. I've tried many different roms and kernel. And the result is same, very slow IO scheduler benchmark.. only 1000-1100 in quadrant. While my LG Optimus black easily can reach 5000. The result is laggy UI in arc S, even in gingerbread. Can I use from...
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    Thread total ram is only 250MB??

    I have Xperia Arc S (Lt18i).. Installed Atomic GB 7, and I noticed that the TOTAL RAM (free+used) is only 250MB.. Is it normal depending the apps I used? Previously, using the same apps combination, using Xperia Ultimate HD 3, the TOTAL is 350MB.. Emm something wrong? Emm, btw, I modded this ROM...
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    Thread Atomic GB7 (or any GB .62) Pure Holo Theme

    Hi, I've modded the theme of GB .62 myself. It's an unified Holo ICS look for GB, including the Sony theme system! Features : - Holo background everywhere - Modified pop up window - Modified list divided be dimmer - Very lite framework-res package, only 4.4MB ! I emptied the trashes .pngs from...
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    Thread very slow I/O in xperia arc

    Hi.. After some days wondering why Xperia Arc S is really slow on ICS. Currently I'm using xperia ultimate hd 3. Before this, I'm using beautiful ICS 4. I compared Quadrant benchmark on Arc S with LG L7 (1ghz cpu). On thing that sucks : I/O speed Arc S only gives 940 score on I/O, while Lg L7...
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    Thread [Q] Very slow displaying recent apps

    Hi. I have a locked BL arc S. Whatever ROM i'm using (Jelly sandwich, xperia ultimate, Beautiful ICS), I always suffer 1 problem : Very slow when going to recent apps window. It takes about 2-3 seconds after long-pressing home button. Is it a fault of the ROM or my phone? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] activating bluetooth causing bootloop

    Hi.. I'm on Beautiful ICS 4 rom, using Xperia Arc S. Bluetooth works okay, but one day when activating bluetooth, my phone gets bootloop. Luckily, I can stop the bootloop by clearing cache and dalvik cache in recovery. I've seen this problem in many threads, especially Galaxy Nexus and other...
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    Thread [Q] How to take .13 libs to .587 (beautiful ICS rom)?

    As the title said. I see that there's an interesting update in .13 firmware, the libs. I'm using the Beautiful ICS v4, and now it's discontinued. Can I copy all the libs from .13 to this ROM? will it conflict or causing problems? thx.
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    Thread [Q] Flash mode always diconnected

    sorry I'm a newbie here.. previously I'm using LG p970.. I'm trying to connect my Arc S to flash mode, using holding back button then connect it to PC. (using Xperia flashing tool v0.9.8) After about 1 minute, the device always disconnected. what's happening? my configs : - stock 2.3.4 rom .62 -...
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    Thread [Q] remap search button to APP_SWITCH not working

    quick question, i'm on zeus 7.01 ROM, trying to modify every file in the system/usr/keylayout/, and change Key 217 (which is search button) to APP_SWITCH.. I wanted my search button to launch the recent apps window.. But after rebooting, seach button doesn't do anything.. Am I doing something...
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    Thread [Q] Change framework res background color

    How to change it in ICS Repack ROM? I really don't like white, I prefer it to be light gray (F7F7F7), and also stock black ICS color would be even better. which value in the framework res I should edit? and what tool is the best to edit apk? I've tried apk multi tool but sometimes some resources...
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    Thread LG Camera no sound taken from Zeus v20o

    - Shutter sound can be disabled in camera setting - no AF sound at all - taken from Zeus v20o, it's not my work - working on v20s also, currently I'm using Supressed ROM 7.2 to developers, emm I'm curious, is that any difference between camera in v20o and v20s? because I cannot rebuild the v20s...
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    Thread any launcher with good landscape support?

    I've tried many launchers including Xperia S, GO, holo, etc.. their landscape behavior is same : stretched widgets.. I wanted launcher like SPB shell or nokia belle home, where we can configure different layout for portrait and landscape.. but I don't like SPB, that's too heavy and not matched...
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    Thread Confirmed : no ICS for Optimus 2X and Black! source from GSMArena

    @Peter_Soi The Optimus Black will not be receiving the ICS upgrade. The original upgrade announcement was a general statement issued from HQ Thu Jul 26 14:24:03 via Twitter for Mac LG Canada read this ...
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    Thread ask about cpu freq

    As far as i know, there is max cpu freq which is 1ghz.. and when we sleep the device, the cpu running on min freq, which is usually 300mhz in some custom rom (correct me if i'm wrong).. and how about if the device is on wake lock, for example running IM with screen off, is the cpu is running...
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    Thread [TIP] Change System Font - Nokia Pure, WP7

    I found this mod in the Optimus 2x forum, and I've tried this also working on Optimus Black. Change system font : - Install using CWM (choose install from SD card) - Reboot - Change font via Settings - Display - Display font Available new fonts : Nokia pure, WP7, Segoe...
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    Thread [REQ] flashable via CWM : Latest original Froyo (v10g?)

    can I please request Froyo v10g (or later) Original ROM? (flashable via CWM, deodexed, zip aligned).. I found froyo is still interesting because better battery life (my opinion, how bout u guys?), and we can use g-button to wake up perfectly.. Please help guys, I wanna try that, because It's to...
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    Thread [Q] G-button to wake up on gingerbread

    As we know, G-button on OB is working to wake up the screen on any Froyo ROM.. but, in Gingerbread, waking up the screen not working anymore.. I'm getting frustrated using power button.. Any solution guys? I really need that g-button wake.. I can't find any solutions in the internet.. or should...
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    Thread [Q] remove wm sense copy paste?

    hi friends.. please help.. I'm using Xperia X1 sense ROM.. how to remove sense copy paste, and revert to original WM co-pas? It's to slow, and small cursor.. thx a lot..
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    Thread [Q] does cleartype slowing down the device?

    sorry stupid question.. as the title says.. I'm rather hesitate to enable the cleartype setting, because the default of Willy's ROM is off.. does it slowdown the device? and what is glyph cache is about? caching the cleartype font of the device? thanks..
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    Thread Real SOD/Charging freeze solution for Sense ROMs!

    hey guys.. I found a true SOD/CHARGING FREEZE SOLUTION!! before, I'll explain this thing : willy and some other friends said that reflashing stock ROM before flashing a custom ROM, and then never do task29, is also true to avoid SOD. but, I always do task29, and my ROM never SOD/charge freeze...
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    Thread [Q] x1 totally dead, related with IC power, help!

    friends, please help, share me your opinions/experience.. my X1 is totally dead now, my friend said that the IC power shorts and dead already.. is it okay to change a non-original IC power? because I must wait for so long to repair it in SE, whereas the non-original replacement only 3-4 days..
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    Thread [Q] Any WM theme with light gray background?

    hello there.. I need a WM theme with light gray background, which will perfectly fits Sense interface.. Themes I found so far only using white, black or almost black backgrounds.. I'm using X1 with 826x Sense 2019 ROM.. Thx before..