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    Thread Pixel 4 XL repair headaches

    Purchase UNLOCKED Pixel 4 XL 128GB Black from Best Buy on release day. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that the microphone wasn't working in headset mode. It would work in speakerphone, however, it still sounded garbled. Had it repaired at uBreakiFix and they replaced all of the microphones...
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    Thread [Q] Gmail icon - unread e-mails

    There is a number on the bottom right of my gmail icon. Is this a static number? It hasn't changed and I tried to find out where I can disable or update it. New to moto phones so I am not sure if it is a service or app on the phone doing this.
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    WARNING: FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK As always I am not responsible for any damage you do to your device. This is for folks to explore at this point and possible develop any root and/or bootloader exploits. Of course if you have an emergency this might be nice to have too. This should ideally...
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    Thread [LINK][ODIN][TAR][VZW] SCH-I545 VRUAMJ7 No-Wipe Factory Image

    Similiar to the file here this will update your device to MJ7 without wiping. However, always back-up your data. The bootloader is locked on this version and keeping root may or may not happen. Please do your research before updating. To use: Download the file below Extract the tar.md5...
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    Thread [MOD][GUIDE] ISIS patch for root - Can be used anywhere PayPass is used -1.9 and 2.0

    Update (7/11/14): Updated for the July 2014 version of ISIS - New mod is 3.1 Also if this has worked for you please at least hit the thanks button! Update (4/9/14): There are various versions below as you can see. Version 1 is meant to work with ISIS versions 1.9 and below. Version 2...
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    Thread [LINK][ODIN][TAR][VZW] SCH-I545 VRUAME7 Factory Image

    VRUAME7 is impervious to previous bootloader bypass methods. Proceed at your own discretion. I have not yet delved into the files to see exactly what is included here over MDK. A few users have reported Apps2SD being included and a change in phone status that now displays a "Secure Boot Status...
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    Thread [LINK][TAR][VZW]SCH-I545 VRUAME7 Update file

    Supposedly this update patches root and swaps the bootloader. Proceed at your own discretion. Most recent VZW update that was discovered today. I have not yet delved into the files to see exactly what this update updates. A few users have reported Apps2SD being included and a change in phone...
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    Thread SIM unlocked for VZW S4

    To clarify as I am sure this question will get asked. The VZW S4 is already unlocked for other SIMs (T-mobile verified - like the VZW GN2. I haven't checked the Add APNs section under mobile network settings but assume it is there and working as it now does on the VZW GN2. EDIT: To access...
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    Thread [MOD][ROOT] Add camera shutter sound option to stock TW camera menu

    Overview: Quick mod to enable the shutter sound menu under the stock TW camera options. This does so without removing or renaming the shutter sound files so that you may enable/disable these sounds easily. Also this allows all other system sounds to remain on whereas other methods just have...
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    Thread [MOD][ROOT] VZW GN2 GSM Unlock - Add APN Data - Remove Non-Verizon SIM Message

    Overview: There are a number of threads out there discussing if the VZW GN2 is carrier unlocked and what methods work, etc and I am creating this thread to pull it all together. First and foremost, the VZW GN2 comes SIM unlocked out of the box. It is global ready and you can technically put in...