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  1. Calcobrena

    Thread Does the S-View cover have any features on the Note 8 that it doesn't have on the S8?

    Also, could anyone actually do a review with the Note 8? I'm still waiting on a good review with this cover and I always loved the S-views for carrying my phone in my purse.
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    Thread Content remvoed

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    Thread Anyone else getting their phone before their case? >.<

    So... with all the early shipments and possible early arrivals in 3 days... who else has to wait for their case to come in?.. The official Samsung case I ordered won't be here til around 9/12. I think I'll just leave the phone plugged into the DeX station that I got, today, until then.
  4. Calcobrena

    Thread Verizon says to expect delivery on 9/5.

    My phone is currently sitting in Memphis, TN. So... that's interesting...
  5. Calcobrena

    Thread Cannot get Samsung Pay to work :(

    I keep getting "Connection Error Failure to connect to server" whenever I try to add a card. My device is literally, out-of-the-box Verizon stock. I'm in the United States. I'm aware that it doesn't work on encrypted devices, but I didn't do any of that. Has anyone gotten it to work?
  6. Calcobrena

    Thread Handcent 4.0 Public BETA! ** UPDATE 2/16 Beta 7

    PLEASE READ THIS FULL POST BEFORE INSTALLING! :) Beta Version updated 2/16. Build 7 :) This is our 7th beta build of Handcent 4.0 and we're releasing it to the public. Because of the nature of BETA we expect you to be able to install an application manually without using the market...
  7. Calcobrena

    Thread [APP] Handcent 4.0 Beta Testing

    We're currently privately testing the next release of Handcent 4.0 and would like to gauge the interest of having a brief public beta test before we release it on the market. There might even be a special treat for one lucky beta tester. :) So, if you're interested, just post a "+1" in this...
  8. Calcobrena

    Thread Asus usb-bt211

    Basically it's an itsy bitsy super tiny Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR dongle that allows you to easily push files back and forth from your phone. I just bought this for 6.99 and now it's up to 14.99. In short, it works terrific but you have to get the latest drivers from ASUS. The ones on the mini disc...
  9. Calcobrena

    Thread P3Droid's Pre-rooted GB TORRENT

    Well, just about as soon as I download it from MyDroidWorld the link was dead. So... here's a torrent that I made that now has enough people that you should be able to download it as quickly as your connection lets you. If you have a torrent app, this will probably be the fastest way you can...
  10. Calcobrena

    Thread Droid X² Video Recording Stutter/Lag/Ghosting/Corruption *FIX*

    One of the key selling points for me on this phone was being able to record HD video. I was really disappointed when any videos I tried to make came out corrupted, such as this. Mine, too, would chop, stutter, and the sound would disappear completely after a few seconds. So, I scoured the...
  11. Calcobrena

    Thread Class 6 vs. Class 10 SDHC Replacement for Droid X²

    So, most of you probably noticed you have to have the Camera set to INTERNAL STORAGE in order for it to be even possible to shoot HD video as the external CLASS 4 SDHC card is incapable of writing fast enough. After searching all over the web I'm hearing about some successful upgrades to class...