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  1. Hitti2

    Thread Gmail app Android preview pane disable?

    how do I disable preview pane in Gmail Android app? I am on a Samsung tab s7 plus 5G when I open Gmail it automatically shows the email opened on the right hand side if title of a email is highlighted. I cannot post a screenshot cuz I got personal emails.
  2. Hitti2

    Thread my new nibs.

    my new nibs installed one works great read that gray ones are for more like typing the black ones are for drawing. old versus new. the wore outnib isn't all that old, original is a Samsung nip that's wore out in the picture. Samsung tab S7 plus 5G.
  3. Hitti2

    Thread watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    Samsung is sneaky about syncing their Samsung calendar from your Google account. when you open up Google calendar it shows in the screenshot below but it shows that you need to enable sync for your Google account calendar. when you enable this enable Samsung's calendar from your Google account...
  4. Hitti2

    Thread samsung eye comfort shield adb uninstall package name?

    samsung eye comfort shield adb uninstall package name? Samsung eye comfort shield keeps enabling after reboot. I like to uninstall this, does anybody have an idea or know the package name or if it's safe the uninstall through ADB if there is a way to uninstall it?
  5. Hitti2

    Thread [SOLVED]Samsung my files keep crashing anybody else have this problem?

    a lot of people are having the same problem and this is just shaking my head I cannot attach files through Gmail I cannot upload images using chrome and Firefox. I had to use quick share from my tablet to my S10 plus just to upload this screenshot to XDA. through regular Android setup and...
  6. Hitti2

    Thread c-port to usb to my headphones

    playing hardwire headphones from tab s7 plus 5g. usb-c to usb, usb to DAC, DAC to headphone amp, hp amp to vmodas. had to operate on the UAG case for the adapter to fit.
  7. Hitti2

    Thread wallpapers?

    2800 x 1752? tab s7+ 5g.
  8. Hitti2

    Thread S10 plus android 11

    my S10 plus is now updating to Android 11 Verizon USA.
  9. Hitti2

    Thread Samsung tab S7 plus 5G case?

    Anyways, so u read the title. OtterBox case for this phone comes with built in screen protector, don't want. UAG case has magnets that intercepts s pen. I might be going with Verizon rugged $49 piece of rubber just so I can have little protection. I'm so furious atm. Verizon sent a s7 book...
  10. Hitti2

    Thread I've got a little bubble pop up on my video within a video player

    I've got a little bubble pop up it's like a DOT on my video and within my video player I looked at xplayer settings and I cannot find anything does anybody know what this is or how to disable it I'm on a Samsung tab S7 plus 5G screenshot attached. This is a Christmas video of a party we had and...
  11. Hitti2

    Thread unlocked and unlocked needs a new meaning?

    sim unlocked? bootloader unlockable? so in question, amazon usa has an s10+ unlocked for $850. the ? is, can i unlock the bootloader to install twrp and root or is this just a phone to use on any carrier or both views of BL unlock n carriers? my unlocked Motorola x pure I was able to install...
  12. Hitti2

    Thread s10+ unlocked version from Amazon? and other questions

    what version is the S10 plus unlocked off of Amazon? by meaning that it's unlocked I could unlock it and root it correct? would it be a good choice to go with this phone for rooting?
  13. Hitti2

    Thread battery drain since one UI 2.5 update last night and [fixed] new icon wont go away

    I just woke up unplugged my phone 30-45 minutes ago I'm at 92% already battery. all I've been doing was using chrome to search why I have a battery icon with the speedometer. come to find out that one UI 2.5 added this icon when you're in high performance mode which 2.1 did not do this. any...
  14. Hitti2

    Thread Share your lock screen wallpaper videos

    Ice flowing Snow falling Ice flowing original vids ice flowing!QxInQQxK!EtwTlJxaHFlQFRLZ9tH_6K16Krc53I36Pspuy3XwMwQ snow falling...
  15. Hitti2

    Thread Themes that actually work android 10 oneUI 2.0?

    I've tried oneui makeup theme, dont work, even trying to apply that gap fix from bat icon to camera on the screen. & Flux does not work. Any working themes for android 10 & OneUI?
  16. Hitti2

    Thread What substratum themes are you using? "android 10"

    synergy, substratum and lite compatible with Android 10. What themes are you using? kinda hard to beat android 10 ui.
  17. Hitti2

    Thread Just learned I hate s10+ & android

    :eek::eek:I just learned I hate s10+ & android S10+: Uninstalled bixby using adb. Button still remains. The orientation of volume keys and that damn bixby button that i had to create a samsung account to disable it. While powering the device i need to grab the other side with my fingers and...
  18. Hitti2

    Thread android 10 vpn s10+ pin protected sim card

    I have a theory what's going on. I have a locked SIM card that I use a PIN to unlock after phone reboots. well i think the sim card does not connect in time to verizon while gear icon-settings/connections/more connection settings/vpn/gearicon-pia vpn/block connections without VPN setting on...
  19. Hitti2

    Thread what is this about?

    I have Samsung Verizon variant S10 plus and I came across this in one of the button menus when you boot up the phone. g795u
  20. Hitti2

    Thread Samsung s9+ Google account locked the phone

    my nephew has a s9+ that a friend gave him and the friend does not have the email or password for the permanent Google account lock out of the s9+. I have a Motorola x pure edition that's unlocked and rooted and I was locked out of Google account one day and I posted on the forms and this guy...
  21. Hitti2

    Thread google phone app for s10+!

    here is a Google phone LLC app for the S10+, tested and working on Snapdragon version.
  22. Hitti2

    Thread modded gcam for s10+ not for exynos

    works pretty well. google camera port for s10+, not for exynos
  23. Hitti2

    Thread helvetica neue ios7?

    so I'm using a Samsung s10+, lockton unrooted. long time ago I found this font helvetica neue ios7 font and flashed it to my mxpe, simce this s10+ is locked, anyone know how i can get helvetica font? for this s10. this is where i got the helvetica neue ios7...
  24. Hitti2

    Thread NFC rooted to unrooted vice versa

    I've got a locked Samsung S10 plus and a Motorola x pure edition unlocked and rooted and I cannot get NFC to transfer any files from one phone to the other vice versa is there a way around this?
  25. Hitti2

    Thread Forum says discussion so I'mma chat here

    My new used S10+. Father passed away so the phone was passed to me. Once I get everything situated with my computer and moving I'm a root this 10 + using this guide. https://www.the***********.com/samsung-galaxy-s10-root-guide/
  26. Hitti2

    Thread Solved navbar not responding

    So, my navbar on my MXPE stop responding, I restored many backups, only thing that would slightly work is have display at the largest. Then I came up with an idea I will us navigation gestures app granted root, went through the setup, disabled navbar and enabled the nav gestures app, navigation...
  27. Hitti2

    Thread MXPE XT1575 Nav bar not responding

    MXPE XT1575 Nav bar not responding in nougat, but works in twrp.
  28. Hitti2

    Thread [solved]disableflagsecure mtp windows 10 battery replacement

    MTP, nor my MXPE is not recognized by my pc, I am not sure the last time I tried mtp, been long time, could be windows 10, MXPE battery replacement, I dont know, I tried moto driver reinstall, my device manager in windows doesnt even pick up the phone, my phone does not pop up with a...
  29. Hitti2

    Thread Deleting files nougat vs twrp sd card

    Would anybody know why it takes so long to delete files in nougat off SD card versus twrp recovery which big files could be deleted in like 2 seconds?
  30. Hitti2

    Thread 3MB/s write for a Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC MB-MC128GA

    So if I ftps into my pc from my phone and have download location set to internal using wifi I get the max of what my router outputs which is between 21MB/s to 25MB/s or so, but if I set download location on the ftp client to the external sd card Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC...
  31. Hitti2

    Thread google phone app v30 keeps crashing

    My google phone app v30, once or twice a day making a call will crash, hearing the phone ring to the person I dialed without the speaker button, dialpad, end call button window which disappears but keeps ringing leaving me to reboot the phone MotoXPureEdition. Oh gosh this has been happening...
  32. Hitti2

    Thread Google phone v30

    My google phone app v30, once or twice a day making a call will crash, hearing the phone ring to the person I dialed without the speaker button, dialpad, end call button window which disappears but keeps ringing leaving me to reboot the phone MotoXPureEdition. Oh gosh this has been happening...
  33. Hitti2

    Thread Maxed out Wireless-N

    Maxing out my MXPE wifi on my new installed FIOS.
  34. Hitti2

    Thread Presidential alert

    If im going to die by a nuke or anything else in this category, I want to die in peace without knowing ima die. I frozed emergency alerts with titanium backup, will this prevent presidential alerts?
  35. Hitti2

    Thread [Solution]Google sneaky bastards, default download manager over taken by google

    My story on nougat stock rooted which is irrelevant. So one day Advance download manager app would not intercept downloads any longer using chrome or chrome beta or any other browser. This was driving me insane, factory reset showed to seem have fixed it where advance download manager would...
  36. Hitti2

    Thread Factory reset, nougat, twrp and other problems

    Nougat 7.0, twrp-3.2.3-0. When factory reset from the operating system "prior to reset I remove security lock & google account", the phone boots into twrp recovery at the main home screen. Isn't "if I recall correctly" twrp suppose to jump to the cmd window and do auto factory reset when...
  37. Hitti2

    Thread Dont support spectrum or luminous

    Jeremy beck likes to cut off paying end users of his apps and leaves us in the dust, his decision to end support on spectrum for nougat. Word of wise, once new os comes out passed pie, oreo will be nuked etc. :good:
  38. Hitti2

    Thread Spectrum theme not showing up

  39. Hitti2

    Thread I paid for spectrum but let it be known jermy beck

    Developers of spectrum is screwing ppl over. I paid for this theme and can't get a refund.
  40. Hitti2

    Thread Download list empty

    Download list is empty even after pulling down to refresh. Solution?
  41. Hitti2

    Thread Back m forth buttons gone

    How to get em back?
  42. Hitti2

    Thread Halloween icon pack?

    Is therr a Halloween icon pack that doesn't require stupid cm launcher?
  43. Hitti2

    Thread [solution] lockscreen timeout

    So my mxpe lockscreen wasnt timing out at all, using latest google phone wakes up the device leaving lockscreen opened and if plugging in the turbopower waking the lockscreen it would stay opened. I found this solution to work. Quote from another website user
  44. Hitti2

    Thread Request? For app/xposed or magisk module.

    Can i put in a request for an app or module to remove google redirects from there search engine on chrome n chrome beta? See the google url in the url bar where as it should link me to the actuall website? Google does the same for xda forums search, they put their redirect in the url bar.
  45. Hitti2

    Thread I cannot get any download manager to be default

    I cannot get any download manager to be default, I tried adm, other mangers, I do not get the popup about how I would like to download, chrome and chrome beta just over takes and wants to download. I cleared delvik cache and cache, I've cleared and uninstalled the two browsers chrome and chrome...
  46. Hitti2

    Thread After recent Moto actions update for pure

    After recent Moto actions update for pure, the lock screen timeout is longer than use to be. Example: I use hit power button so screen goes to Moto display, then plug my phone into turbo power and leave the phone alone, the lock screen timeout was 5-10 seconds. Now when I repeat this after...
  47. Hitti2

    Thread End-of-Life-of-MXPE - This product will no longer receive security updates.

    moto x pure edition (2015) Android 7 (Nougat) rollout began in November 2017. Click here to learn more about Android 7 (Nougat). Do you have the latest Motorola software? Find out. Security updates This product will no longer receive security updates...
  48. Hitti2

    Thread Need help asap please. Keeps booting to twrp.

    I am in a twrp boot loop except when I boot through fastboot>Start. It boots to OS. If I cold boot, it boots to twrp. I followed this guide. here I downloaded mfastboot Entered the cmd to clear. Still boots to trwp.
  49. Hitti2

    Thread samsung evo plus vs evo select?

    Which of the two is best? samsung evo plus vs evo select.
  50. Hitti2

    Thread Show off your nonupdatedapps

    Most are broken, pulls to much bandwidth or like youtube is patched by vanced.