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    Post Flutter | Huawei Auth Service (Authorization With Email)

    Useful and easy.
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    Post Implementing SMS Verification with Huawei SMS Retriever

    Very interesting feature.
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    Post Aqua Mail on HMS vs Gmail on GMS

    Nice alternative.
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    Post Flapp on HMS Vs. GMS

    Very interesting.
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    Post WPS Office vs MS Office on HMS

    WPS seems interesting and it will be great to know more about. Could you give a link ?
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    Post WPS Office vs MS Office on HMS

    Very nice alternative.
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    Post Why Does the Gradient Style Not Take Effect for the Image Background?

    Interesting and could be useful.
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    Post Huawei Health vs Google Fit

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    Post HTML5 Quick App Website Internationalization

    It's an easy and useful code.
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    Post Upload Files to Huawei Drive with WorkManager

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    Post Development Guide for Integrating Share Kit on Huawei Phones

    Very nice integration.
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    Post Getting Latest Corona News with Huawei Search Kit

    It's a very nice example.
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    Post How to Implement the FIDO SDK

    Very nice and useful with FIDO.
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    Post HUAWEI HiAI Enables SketchAR with Exclusive Enhanced Drawing Experiences

    I didn't know but it looks very interesting.
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    Post Flutter | Huawei Auth Service (Authorization With Email)

    Useful if you have memory problems.
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    Post Are you wearing Face Mask? Let's detect using HUAWEI Face Detection ML Kit and AI engine MindSpore

    Nice and useful to know it in the time of COVID-19.
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    Post More Cool Features in the All-new Petal Search

    I didn't know it but it seems interesting.
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    Post Developing A Game for the Android Platform with Huawei Game service-Part 1

    Can be useful for online games.
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    Post How to Integrate Unity IAP for a Game to Be Released on HUAWEI AppGallery

    Very useful if you use unity.
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    Post HUAWEI AR Engine: The Whys, Hows and What’s Next

    Very nice upgrade of AR Engine. It's very nice.
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    Post Developing Calorie Tracker App with Huawei Health Kit

    Very nice features in covid time.
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    Post HiAi - Scene Detection, How to categorize images by identifying scenes of your images

    If you have a big library is very useful. It will be very awesome if you could use it with movies.
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    Post Huawei Music vs YouTube Music

    The feature called Running Music seems very interesting.
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    Post Win a Huawei P Smart 2021 [Open to all Countries]

    I hope I can win it. It looks very nice.
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    Post Huawei Browser vs Google Chrome

    Perhaps a good alternative if full English, but Firefox is probably a better alternative.
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    Post Huawei Quick App Center International Edition Unveiled

    It's a very good news.
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    Post Example of Automatic Speech Recognition without Pickup UI

    Very useful with a translator if you need to travel in another country.
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    Post AppGallery Auth service using Mobile Number [Android]

    Interesting feature. It seems easy to integrate it.
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    Post Smart Shopping Cart using Scan Kit (Native iOS Swift)

    Very nice and useful for many applications with an online database.
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    Post What is Huawei HiAI?

    AI is very Interesting and it can be useful in many applications.
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    Post Koshelek App Reduced Transaction Risks When It Integrated the SysIntegrity Function

    Can it be used with Visa, Mastercard and American Express ?
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    Post Be part of the All-in-One Wallet digital lifestyle

    Interesting and can be useful. Can Cryptocurrencies be supported ?
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    Post HMS Huawei Celia vs GMS Google assistant

    Very nice alternative.
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    Post Dear Translate on HMS vs Google Translate on GMS

    Interesting and useful. I didn't know it.
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    Post HMS Core 5.0.5 Launch Announcement

    Nice update.
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    Post How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity? - Part1

    Interesting to know it if you want to make a game with unity.