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    Thread Note 9 Pie Alpha/Beta (updates on the XDA Portal)

    Hey guys. The Pie alpha for the Snapdragon Note 9 is coming soon. This will be the same as the S9 but for us Note users. You can expect a video and a couple articles on the XDA Portal, We will have install guides and files. There might be files going around in the forums from...
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    Thread [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    Introducing the first Oreo ROM for the S8 and S8+, its basic don't complain. First of all, before you go any lower read this: THIS IS NOT ROOT! This is a custom system image that I modded and allows me to add or remove files and still have it boot and keep Knox intact along with Saftey Net...
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    Thread [HOW TO] Flash U1 firmware to U device

    First of all, thanks to Raymonf (I dont know his XDA Username) for making these Odin files. This new version of modded Odin allows for flashing custom and official tars AND also compressed binaries, which Samsung will be using in all Odin firmwares from Oreo on. Oh and doing this doesnt wipe...
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    Thread GCam for S9

    So I was looking through all the current GCam builds, by that I mean all those modded ones, and I think I found the best one for Snapdragon phones. The Pixel2Mod one is the best, but requires a device...
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    Thread G965U System Dump This is a system dump of the G965U launch firmware, ARB7. I extracted it from the Odin files for this. If anyone wants anything else dumped, just let me know. Vendor partition:!ApPnLQFmZRD0s1wvekRhNGmNKJes
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    Thread New Messenger Icon S9

    These are the new icons for messenger and anything else if you notice it.
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    Thread [HOW TO] Install Android OREO!!!!! (Snapdragon Only)

    Hey, Here is a link to the Android Oreo OTA Before you can do this build you will need to be on 2BQK2, so to get to that you need this build...
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    Thread Snapdragon OTA Updates (G955U/G950U/N950U) Here is a website that was made by /u/thesbros, i don't know if he has an XDA. On this website you can select your phone version and then an OTA build and check which updates are available on the ATT server for you to download and update from recovery. These...
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    Thread Snapdragon OTA Updates (G955U/G950U/N950U) Here is a website that was made by /u/thesbros, i don't know if he has an XDA. On this website you can select your phone version and then an OTA build and check which updates are available on the ATT server for you to download and update from recovery. This...
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    Thread *Discussion* Oreo Beta

    This is just a discussion on the Oreo beta. Official Oreo for Exynos: Official Oreo for Snapdragon:
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    Thread S8 safe from BlueBorne

    I just updated BlueBorne scanner and checked. My S8 from TMobile on the latest July update (so far behind, but apparently Korea is getting 7.1.1 soon) is not affected. Well here are some screenshots. Test it on your phones too. S8 Blueborne
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    Thread [HOW TO] Install Live Drawings from Note8 without Root

    So I just figured this out today, I have made Live Messages/Live Drawings work on the S8 without root. *This might work on any Samsung phone on nougat, I don't have any other devices to test it with, if someone tests it, let me know* ashokmor007 made a video tutorial on how to install this...
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    Thread [HOW TO] Install Note8 APKs no root

    I was at BestBuy today and decided to extract some APKs from the Note8. I can confirm most of these work, like the Camera. If you have that install error factory reset your phone and don't set a screen lock method then install then ASAP. Stuff built for API 25/Android 7.1.1 wont install. Most...
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    Thread New Samsung UI? Samsung wide RCS? New updates soonTM?

    I was watching the Samsung Unpacked event today and I noticed something, the Samsung Messeges app has a new Blue UI and video and voice calling available in the top bar. I think this will be part of Samsung Experience 8.5/Android 7.1.1. I think that the S8 will be getting these because I know...
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    Thread Bixby Voice Official Release

    I contacted samsung today to see if see when the Bixby voice beta was going to be released. With no definitive answers I did hear it should be out today, June 21st. The Official release as confirmed by Samsung is to be by the end of this month, June. I was even told a specific date of June 28th...
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    Thread Bixby Voice Beta

    Samsung is starting a Bixby Voice beta in the US. Here is a link to sign up. There is a limited amount of spots.
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    Thread S8 US Unlocked Software Update

    Hey guys, I was checking for a new software update for the G950U1. I just saw one come through. I will download and flash it when its done, but it will be out soon. I will keep checking CSC codes too see if I can find one. But anyways this update should be out later today or tomorrow. In the...
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    Thread Carrier Switch Snapdragon

    Here is the Eng Boot for the SM-G955U. I did not get this, unitz0mbie posted it. I am just posting it here. This is instructions for how to switch carriers. G955U1 firmware is the US firmware. It has the CSC info of each carrier but does NOT have any of the bloat or boot logos. For T-Mobile it...
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    Thread ENG Boot + Root

    Thread on how to root S8! Here is the Eng Boot for the SM-G950U. I did not get this, unitz0mbie posted it. I am just posting it here. I will write a tutorial to root with this after it is done. We...
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    Thread S8 Daydream Ready

    At Google I/O, they just announced that the S8 is daydream ready. We will get an update this summer getting the compatibility. I do not have a source for this yet but when people start posting it I will add a link.
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    Thread G950USQU1AQDE System Dump

    Hey guys, I decided to do a system dump of the latest version of the S8. This contains every part of the System Partition. I dont know if this will be useful for anyone but I hope it is. Maybe it can even help get root. Doubt it though. Thanks to sniper7kills for teaching me how to extract the...
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    Thread Red Tint Update Broke Camera Filters

    After today/yesterday's update, the Snapchat filters that are built into the camera app crashes the camera app. I first noticed this a couple minutes ago. This sucks. I kinda wanted to use them but they are broken. I will report this to T-Mobile, if you experience this issue report it to Samsung...
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    Thread Fingerprint Scanner Issue

    Has anyone noticed a issue with the fingerprint scanner just not working? I have had it twice. I have a friend on a S8+ with the same issue. It requires a restart to fix it.
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    Thread Gear VR Pre-Order Room

    I was part of the T-Mobile S8 preorder and decided to make this. We can discuss the gear VR and shipping around it. Has everyone submitted their order and how did you submit it? I did it with the Samsung Shop app.
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    Thread Bixby English delayed

    The Wall Street Journal just posted an article. The voice recondition was not good so they delayed it until spring. They said it would be out by the end of May. Here are links to it from the WSJ and pastebin so you dont have to pay. This is sad for us BUT it will still be available in Korean...
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    Thread Full System Dump SM-G950N

    To start this off I DID NOT extract this. I am just re-uploading a file I found on this forum. This contains everything for the S8's system. I also have some links to ODIN files from The 3rd link from Mega and google drive contain EVERY system file. This is every APK and the framework-res.apk...
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    Thread Bixby and New TouchWiz Home

    I found a thing. On apkmirror I saw that the S8's apps were being extracts. Two of those being the new touchwiz home and Bixby Hello. So here is a guide for it. 1. download Bixby Hello apk and touchwiz home apk. (linked below) 2. Install touchwiz home and Bixby 3. swipe to the left to activate...
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    Thread Nougat Beta Framework-res.apk

    Can someone provide me with the framework-res.apk from the beta so that I can build a modded version of the google app with assistant.
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    Thread S7 Edge T-Mobile BETA NOUGAT

    Tomorrow, 11-9-16, there will be a app released onto the galaxy apps store to let you download the app to download android 7.0 beta onto your phone to beta test it. Once it starts it will allow you to register and if you are selected you are able to download the beta. I an posting a link to the...
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    Thread Pixel Boot Logo

    Is it possible to get the pixel xl boot logo from the nexus 6p. I have the white boot animation and it looks weird having it change. So can someone get the logo.bin and port it to the Nexus 6P and make it flushable.
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    Thread Always on Display APK

    So I was trying to install the note7 AOD APK on my S7 edge in the /system/priv-app/AODService and deleted the AODService.apk and I lost my AOD. Could somebody with root copy the apk and post a link to it so I can get my AOD back without having to reflash. Thanks.
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    Thread New LTE-A update

    I saw on the T-Mobile website that this week we will be getting the August and September Security updates plus LTE-A support to get is 194mbps downloads and uploads with a maximum of 400mbps on the network possible. SO we will be getting an update with faster network speeds. Also there will also...
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    Thread Remix OS not working with WiFi

    I have a MacBook Pro boot camped and remix os is running in the windows partition. When I try to connect to wifi it doesn't show up with any networks almost like my wireless card is not there. Any way to fix that?
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    Thread Galaxy Apps downloading apps

    Does anyone else have a problem downloading apps from the Galaxy Apps store. It only lets me download apps over WiFi and not cellular. The download starts then stops. I have always had this problem. I have checked all of the settings to check to see if there is anything that I have stopping it...
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    Thread computer wont boot to windows after remix os

    After I installed remix os, my computer wont boot to windows. Every time I press the button to go to windows it goes right back to the page. can i have the paramiters for the windows boot in remix os and see if i can fix it.
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    Thread Samsung Confirms Note 7

    Samsung has confimed the Note 7 to me on the phone. I was asking about updates and the guy was like, they wont tell us anything we cant tell to the public like the Note 7 or the Nougat release date. So he called it the note 7 and said it would run Marshmallow. It will also becoming out in July...
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    Thread Google Now Launcher and Themes

    How can I get icons from my themes and change the icons on my third party launcher. I hate the TouchWiz launcher and I like themes but I like the stock android icons from themes. How can I get the theme on the launcher. Is that possible.