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  1. nomaj

    Thread MIUI Global | Stable

    Hello, last night i received this update... still no notification fix... grrrrr!
  2. nomaj

    Thread MiUI v10.2.13.0 PFAMIXM Stable 368M - released

    MiUI v10.2.13.0 PFAMIXM Stable 368M - released Other: Optimized system performance Improved system security and stability
  3. nomaj

    Thread Camera stock - missing features

    HI, I'm on Global | Stable - and when i go in camera settings i found that there are missing features like camera sharpness etc. Just want to check with other users is it me only ;) or Xiaomi is removed that options. Also i wonder do you dudes have this option > HOW TO SHOT A MOON <...
  4. nomaj

    Thread GCam for HTC u12+

    Hello crew! I started this thread, to track on one place best working Gcam for HTCU12+. UPDATE #1 Just found version from developer potter of gcam for Moto G5+ that works nice on U12+ it's MGC_6.1.021 version with NIGHT SHIFT! ;) UPDATE#2 MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2.apk aux switch setting (if enabled...
  5. nomaj

    Thread GCam (Google Pixel camera) Github

    Hello! Here is Github link for Gcam (Google Pixel Camera). I'm posting this here in hope that somebody of devs will look and made dedicated port with HTC u11 parameters. Maybe and 60fps video recording before update ;) TNX!
  6. nomaj

    Thread Google Camera with HDR+ Ported to Snapdragon /// UPDATE with links to all versions!

    Just install this camera app... =) Less noise on pictures... Night shots just rulez! with it! News page XDA UPDATE : LINK to all versions and new to come LINK Enjoy!
  7. nomaj

    Thread Samsung Camera 7.0.68 - UPDATE! S8 interface / Icon

    Just installed from APKMirror Works better... than first version... but still with bugs on swipe left right =(
  8. nomaj

    Thread More stock android on S7 (no root)

    Hello! I love hardware of S7 but some touchwizz stuff i found boring and slow... so... I gather some stuff across XDA to make S7 more vanila. Keyboard (slow and without features) Replacement: Gboard - the Google Keyboard > PLayStore Messages Replacement: Android Messages > Google Playstore...
  9. nomaj

    Thread Launcher from Nokia 6 (without google pill) ;)

    Can somebody extract needed APK ? and share it ;)
  10. nomaj

    Thread Galaxy Labs ? Nougat ?

    Somebody know where is it on Nougat!?
  11. nomaj

    Thread EDIT! Install OnePlus5 camera apk!

    EDIT! EDIT! Just install OnePLus5 camera apk form this thread No more sharpen edges ;) After several tests i figureout that HTC apk.... don't take any better photo =) In my samples on HTC cam apk HDR was turned on... and on...
  12. nomaj

    Thread Replacing S7 camera libraries with S6 - to avoid over sharpening?

    I was wondering is it there possibility to port or replace camera library with S6 to somehow get less oversharpening in auto mode. Any ideas ? tnx!
  13. nomaj

    Thread Note 5 Duos SM-N9208 sim cards problem?!

    Hello! I'm new to Note.. today i bought phone... (local dude - phone is from Taiwan) and on first sim slot only works 2D !?!?!? If i' select 2G/3G i just can make a call.. ony when is switched to 2G. Doe anybody have any clue how to get at least 3G working? Is there way to somehow change band...
  14. nomaj

    Thread Note4 / Snapdragon or Exynos for better camera?

    Hello! I will buy a Note4 but i have dilemma for going on Exinos or Snapdragon because i'm mostly interested in best camera quality i can get? Does anybody have some experience which one to buy regarding that matter? TNX!
  15. nomaj

    Thread HwLauncher EMUI 3.0

    Hello Huawei fans! I need deodexed stock EMUI 3.0 launcher =) like it =) Can be someone be so cind to PM with apk. TNX in advance!
  16. nomaj

    Thread 23.0.1.A.3.9 Is on the way ...

    It's seams that we have new thingy for DL. Right now O2-Germany. Hope that Sony will keep it coming.
  17. nomaj

    Thread CM Privacy Guard

    Hello... I was wondering how hard is to implement CM Privacy Guard to stock 4.4.4? I konw that OpenPDroid has an autopacher tool... is it possible to do it in same manner? tnx.
  18. nomaj

    Thread APUS Launcher / Best NO-APK-DRAWER launcher

    APUS Launcher - small - fast - no apk drawer (like MIUI and iOS) - widget support - inegrated notification toolbar - wallpaper blur - quick settings - smart folders - Apus wallpapers - swipe to switch folders - photo story UPDATE: APUS v1.3.3 Update 1.APUS Wallpaper, providing beautiful...
  19. nomaj

    Thread LG G3 Keyboard

    Hello .... this great keyboard works on NEXUS 5 ;) TNX! go to Cloudyfa for port!
  20. nomaj

    Thread MiUi with XXUFME7 base

    Is there any specific problem using samsung base rom for porting MiUi. I'm asking this because there is samy based 4.1.1 and CM 10.1 based roms but no rom with samy 4.2.2 leaked base. Also if someone has any tut. how to do it - i will gladly like to see it ;) Thanks! in advance
  21. nomaj

    Thread image & video stabilization

    Hello! is there any rom (not samy) that support touchwiz like camera image & video stabilization feature? TNX! in advance!
  22. nomaj

    Thread Social life [APP] Modded Socialife for all ICS/JB phones Working great on our phone - can be used as better replacement for Social+ from stock ICS rom of O4X.
  23. nomaj

    Thread JB frozen apk/service list

    Hello... just want to share my list of frozen apks/services on JB. If you think that something is risky or some apk's to add on list please do so... With Nova-launcher i have now around 400MB free and phone is speedy. AAT Application Manager Backup Camera Test Cell broadcast Chrome...
  24. nomaj

    Thread Moded stock LG ICS laucnher

    Hi! First i think that stock LG launcher is one of the best ;) I found that on this thread is moded version with tutorial how to achieve 5 rows in our launcher and remove search bar!!! I tried (version from thread)it but doesn't work...
  25. nomaj

    Thread [Q] Problem? or normal?

    Hi O4X lovers! Is it normal that when i go on POWER OF AND RESTART - my phone restarts and after 10sec. shutdowns!!! - and i need to hold longer power to start up and after that works OK? Im on v10f EUR. Is this normal or how to fix this ? Regards!