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    Post Download size cap

    Yes, bought at best buy but AT&T branded. All thr att stores were out of stock except for blue.
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    Post Please rate your AT&T Note 7

    disabled bloatware and facebook and misc stuff i dont use; SD820 AT&T version; ZERO lag, 16 hour battery life, 100% to 10%, with 4 hours SOT with location enabled, all -100 to -130 dB signal on 4G LTE (2-3 bars ie BAD signal), NO wifi (which saves about 8-12% battery life), no Bluetooth or NFC...
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    Post Download size cap

    LOL i downloaded a 30GB premiere pro file yesterday for export/rendering on a new test editing machine for a client; grandfathered unlimited data BOOYA
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    Post Promotions shipping fast!!

    Submitted Aug 28 for two 256GB MicroSD cards. Approved August 30th Tracking numbers arrived 9/9/16 (today) Estimated arrival 9/13/16 Fun fact; my purchases, AT&T versions, off contract, outright, at a local Best Buy did NOT qualify for the promo. I simply sent in a photo of the receipts with...
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    Post Android System 100% battery usage...

    ...obligatory "that's what SHE said!" Cleared the cache and all is well.
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    Thread Android System 100% battery usage...

    Um, also i doubt my battery is rated at 9.2 quadrillion amp hours...
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    Post Post Your Note 7 Homescreen

    Simple, clean, single page, every app i use daily on Nova launcher with other stuff launched by gesture or voice. Had a full dbrand concrete skin on silver N7 and took it off; corners didn't stick properly and it was thick and I ended up not liking it.
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    Post Promotions shipping fast!!

    NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS AT ALL... ATT, BEST BUY, ETC... THANK YOU XDA; Gear Fit 2 and 256GB mSD on the way for me and the GF!
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    Post Anyone Using "Do Not Disturb" Feature ?

    works perfectly for me; only exceptions are phone/text from GF.
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    Post Anybody used the package Disabler on the note 7?

    package disabler pro (samsung). 112 apps disabled.
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    Post Screen on time

    6 hours SOT with a total life of 37 hours, 100% to 3%, LOTS of stuff disabled, no AOD, no edge 'features', i dont use facebook so disabled and LOTS of other stuff disabled/set to sync on charge only, grennify, etc.
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    Post Anybody used the package Disabler on the note 7?

    104 apps disabled here; works great unrooted, same as on my S7 Active.
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    Post Galaxy S7 Active - Ask me anything

    i installed the following apps... greenify, paid tasker, paid app disabler pro (samsung), paid nova launcher, paid lux, paid gsam battery monitor (no root, as root is not possible) for regular phone settings, i did the following... (OPTIONAL APPS) google drive, sync over wifi on charge only...
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    Post Galaxy S7 Active - Ask me anything

    ATT store in the USA, i paid cash for a few units, and ATT unlocked them all for free. I have AT&T for 2 lines, BOTH with grandfathered unlimited data plans, so i HAVE to buy devices outright, and as a business user, i can buy as many as i like. As they are paid for and out of any contractual...
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    Post S7 active update

    wifi calling now available (eg wifi-only calling, BUT no wifi-only messaging :mad: so thats kinda stupid...) activity zone 'compass mode' with 'map mode' (which never worked, only said 'google services is updating' removed advanced messaging (separate balloon per text/attachment, and 'xxx is...
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    Post Anyone running a case?

    Cimo case here. love it. was getting rid of old phone stuff and came across some apple stickers; had to do it lol. nice slim tight fit, love it. also got glass screen protector which i highly suggest as the screen is polycarbonate plastic on top and WILL scratch easily...
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    Post S7 Active Thread

    there are pretty cheap (sub-$5) GLASS screen protectors that work pretty damn good and feel better to touch than the polycarb screen, and are replaceable. identical response characteristics to polycarb screen or regular S7 glass screen. thats what i use.
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    Post Galaxy S7 Active - Ask me anything

    Friend tried to install a rooted S7 (non-edge, USA Qualcomm 820) ROM and it simply bootloops, he managed to get it back to stock (ill try to find the stock S7 Active ROM for Odin/brick purposes and post a link). Root has not been achieved for S7 Active and likely never will, sadly. AT&T store...
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    Post EZ Packages Disabler or Packages Disbler Pro

    i have package disabler pro (samsung); works great; i imagine both do the same thing, which is completely disable apps and services you dont want. i have an S7 Active, which can not be rooted, so this was the easiest way to disable all the carrier stuff and facebook i didnt want and will never use.
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    Post Can one S7 charge another S7 via wireless ?

    nothing would happen so long as liquid didnt hit any contacts, and no, with wireless charging, the phones have receiver units without the circuitry to send power, although the technology does indeed exist, which would be interesting.
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    Post Lexar 128GB UHS-II cards not compatible with S7E

    hmm, ive had zero between 4 family/friends samsung phones/sandisk mSD cards. thanks for the info. i do know when shooting/filming the ONLY reliable stuff has been sandisk, even versus some OEM branded cards (im looking at you dropped-frame prone RED SSD...).
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    Post Fast Wireless Charger - Slow...

    yes, but it keeps topping it off/sensing if its fully charged or not.
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    Post Post your Battery life!!!

    44 Hours with 8 hours screen on time. AT&T with Greenify, Package Disabler Pro (AT&T bloatware disabled, Facebook app disabled), Galaxy S7 Active (4000mah battery). GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, 50/50% Wifi/LTE usage. LOTS of Google Maps, Camera, and Flashlight usage (camping/kayak trip)
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    Post TWRP won't remove encryption

    ...have you tried cursing/threatening/random acts of violence on inanimate objects? no? well BEFORE you do, advance wipe, wipe system/data/etc, reboot, or there are ways to reformat as ExFat with a PC too.
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    Post Fast Wireless Charger - Slow...

    agreed, but i would bet the system simply takes the AVERAGE time to charge per PERCENT of battery life, multiplied by PERCENT REMAINING, and displays that result in minutes. case in point; S7 Active Fast Wireless Charger, from 25 to 35% in about 4 minutes; phone says 9 minutes; first time i use...
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    Post [Q] Change csc without data wipe

    probably better to do a full wipe before any flashing however. or backup data, wipe/flash away, restore data.
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    Post Lexar 128GB UHS-II cards not compatible with S7E

    stick with SanDisk; i have sandisk microSD cards from back in the 512mb days and never an issue or failure; UHS1 from 32, 64, 128, and 200GB all work 100% fine. I work in film/photog advertising; from SD cards to SSD's to CF cards SanDisks are the only ones that consistently work reliably.
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    Post Fast Wireless Charger - Slow...

    its about battery heat vs lifetime; best 'fast charging' timefrae/chargeframe is between 20% and 80%; before 20 it will be slow, after about 80 it will be slow. slower as its closet to 100%, and the reciprocal is true from 20 to 0%.
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    Post No RAW-Photos with Adoptable Storage?

    no, not with adoptable. i tried this and every possibility on my S7 Active; only workaround is to use Camera F5-V
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    Post I think I bricked my Android phone, is this normal?

    did you perform a hash/md5 check before you flashed? also verified size was IDENTICAL?
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    Post Looking for a case for S7 (Standard). For my wife - styled with swarovski or similar

    i find that incredibly sexist; my GF wouldnt be caught DEAD with that gaudy-awful affair. on the other hand, tempted to buy it and use it now just to spite your comment lol
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    Post Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

    about 145 minutes in fast wireless charge on mine from 2% to 100%; but i have 4000Mah S7 Active not 3000mah s7 or 3500mah s7 edge. also tpu case but does not affect charge time
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    Post Stole blocked samsung s7

    in the US, small claims court if you have proof (messages etc) of such an agreement, otherwise you could attempt to have the police seize her (your former) car for fraud and argue that circumstantially she just SUDDENLY owns your car, you SUDDENLY have her phone, and she has it locked down...
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    Post 'N' icon in status bar

    ...Clearly then its witchcraft, Voodoo, or the 'Ghost of Near Field Communications Past'... Considering its a phone though, who you gonna call? In all seriousness, backup and try a full reset after you go through all Settings options fully; try restarting it as well before factory reset...
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    Post S7 Active Thread

    according to one user it is indeed removable and samsung apparently confirmed it to a user in the following thread. take your time with screen protectors or have someone else do it; mine are always spot on bubble free 100% but ill re-angle it 20 times; im OCD on that plus i have psychotically...
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    Post 'N' icon in status bar

    clearly you have it pointed north then.
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    Post Photo quality

    Galaxy S7 Active (Nikon D4, D3s, and D300 pro shooter, as well as RED, Kinefinity, and Blackmagic RAW video pro shooter). Excellent sensor, OIS works spectacularly, AF is CRAZY FAST (for a smartphone), and AF tracking works great.. All photos taken in RAW ( no sharpening or smoothing or...
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    Post S7 Active Thread

    44 hours battery with 8 hours screen on time, out hiking and kayaking with basically no signal; gps on the whole time. not too shabby and about 6 more hours than expected. just some tweaks, app disabler pro, greenify. expecting another 2-4 hours standby or 45-60 minutes screen time once some...
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    Post S7 Active Black dot at the corner of the screen

    that is VERY bizarre. i would factory reset (sigh, i know), either that or put a sticker over it...
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    Post S7 Active Thread

    not sure but i would assume so; his intention was to achieve root.
  41. Slade8525

    Post S7 Active Thread

    do NOT try that; firmware is different, hardware (active button) is different. dev buddy tried several times and all he managed to do was brick 2 units.
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    Post Activity Zone S7/S6

    Activity Zone apk force closes on S6 Active, S7, and S7 Edge. Ive sent that APK to at least 15 people now; zero success (but none was a dev either, and i do not have an S7/S7E to play with).
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    Post Galaxy S7 Active - Ask me anything

    No, Android System is closer to 15% and thats with literally EVERYTHING turned on (GPS, wifi, NFC, Bluetooth etc); with it stripped down and all excess services (google app, svoice, etc) its closer to 8%. Try backing up apps, install GSam battery monitor (not root version), and let it run for...
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    Post Galaxy S7 Active - Ask me anything

    doubtful root will be achieved.
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    Post The Galaxy S7 MicroSD card discussion thread

    Tried both; worked fine. I did have to try twice for it to correctly read proper amount of space, however. First as ExtSD, then adoptable, then back to ExtSD. adoptable has too many drawbacks for me, wo i wiped/factory reset, reinstalled and went on with my life. SanDisk basically invented...
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    Post Samsung S7 smart manger

    AT&T S7 Active it is indeed there; Settings>Device>Smart Manager
  47. Slade8525

    Post S7 Active Thread

    rinse it off; soap works well. i had sand and dirt in there; soapy water when i washed up got rid of it. same thing if you have a glass screen protector, or a cover, like i do. any crevices dirt/debris/etc will stick in there. its 2016 and its an Active; just rinse it off :good:
  48. Slade8525

    Post The Galaxy S7 MicroSD card discussion thread

    SanDisk Ultra UHS1 200GB here in an S7 Active; handles 4K just fine, WOULD handle RAW fine at lower frames per second. I have about 50GB in music and 20GB in apps and data i dumped on it; huge games take a bit longer (4-5 seconds more for FIFA 2016, installed just to test extSD card speed) to...
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    Post S7 Active Thread

    Ditto to the Screen Protector comment. If you have an Active, get a glass screen protector ASAP. Polycarbonate is great for durability, but NOT scuff or scratch resistance whatsoever. Heres my S7 Active in Gold, with an $8 Supershieldz (2 pack) glass screen protector and an $8 Cimo TPU clear...